Is the coronavirus changing our sex lives?

this is US season

Online services within India’s sex industry are on the rise due to the COVID-19 pandemic making it impossible to carry out this kind of work in person.

Lots of girls have been savvy enough to take advantage of online tools during this time. They have become independent workers offering their services over the internet, whether via webcams or on specialised portals where they can interact with users directly.

This services enable call girls to work in a safe space and additionally offer an excellent alternative for enjoying a fun, personalised experience with no risk at all both for workers and for consumers of these services.

To have a great experience and relieve tension with seductive call girls in Chennai, Delhi or Bangalore, all you have to do is go with the flow, forget your insecurities and be responsible.

Lots of people’s intimate lives have been affected by COVID-19. For this reason, many are opting for alternative ways to “find pleasure” through other means. There are even internet portals dedicated to adult entertainment that have offered free content, and general statistics show a significant increase in their traffic.

In Spain, for example, there has been a 61% increase, while in France the figure is 38%. The same phenomenon is spreading throughout India, where the virus has had an impact on varying economic sectors, including the services of call girls.

The current situation offers a positive financial opportunity for women who work in this profession, particularly because a large percentage of users are looking for a genuine and personalised remote experience.

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In addition, call girls have noticed an exponential increase in their earnings in recent months. This is an indicator of how the consumption of adult services has not only adapted to the current situation, but there are also a greater number of people using them.

Several studies have been done into how the virus has transformed sexual activity between people, but is there really any change? The evidence shows that yes, there has been a change, and its impact is easy to see.

Currently, many people are suffering from raised levels of anxiety – not just in India, but worldwide. This situation can lead to strong passionate desire. For some, anxiety and stress boost their libido, so they turn to sex as a mechanism for facing certain circumstances. Men’s Health magazine has coined the term apocalyptic hornies for this particular phenomenon.

Sex is part of human nature, and during this period of confinement it is important to have an outlet for this need. COVID-19 has many people stuck at home, avoiding human contact and shaking up their daily routines. 

It is clear that the pandemic has changed the sexual habits of large swathes of the population, and people are opting for digital terrain, a safer and simpler alternative.


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