Is The OA season 3 coming back on Netflix?

the OA season 3
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If you are working your way up from Fantasy-based dramas to supernatural creatures and science fiction, you must pause and binge-watch Netflix’s outstanding creation “The OA.” After dropping two successful seasons, The OA season 3 is on the line. However, after the reunion of Steve, Prairie, and Hap in the finale of season 2, will there be a third season of The OA?

To begin with, the OA season 1 came out on Netflix in 2016. For the viewers, The OA science fiction was highly satisfying compared to other highly rated science fiction of today. For the most part, The OA stood in the competition of Legacies concerning the supernatural element. Furthermore, it outscored the Handmaid’s Tale in the context of science fiction. 

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For the first-time viewers of The OA. in the name, OA stands for Original Angel who is Prairie Johnson. In the story, OA was lost for a long time. Her return brings out many questions among the FBI. On the other hand, Prairie does not trust her adoptive parents enough to tell them where has she been? The OA brings a lot of suspicion factor for the entertainment of its viewers. 

So, Will, there be The OA season 3? Let’s find out:

What is “The OA season 3” Release Date?

It is no doubt that Netflix cancels shows for which the ratings drop from season to season. Therefore, that is the same case with “The OA Tv series.” According to recent updates, Netflix has canceled the OA season 3 for its come back. But, it is not the choice of Marling and Zal, the creators of the show.

 In one of the interviews in 2017, Marling said that he and Zal had figured out the storyline of the show up to its season 5. In his words, he mentioned, “I’m so invested in seeing it as a fan that I hope to god that people like the show as much as I do because we’d like to get a season three, four and five.” 

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But, unfortunately, Netflix has its priorities set. Unlike the OA, Netflix has earlier picked up several canceled shows including Lucifer and potentially Designated Survivor in the future. 

Therefore, let’s keep your hopes up that Netflix may pick up The OA season 3 for one last time, that’s a BIG MAY STATEMENT!

The OA Season 1 and Season 2 List of Episodes

Till then, let’s check out the list of episodes available to watch on Netflix at the moment.  

  1. Homecoming
  2. New Colossus
  3. Champion
  4. Away
  5. Paradise
  6. Forking Paths
  7. Empire of Light
  8. Invisible Self

The OA season 2

  1. Angel of Death
  2. Treasure Island
  3. Magic Mirror
  5. The Medium & the Engineer
  6. Mirror Mirror
  7. Nina Azarova
  8. Overview

Hence, for now, the show “The OA” is a total finale within 16 episodes. You can download them for free at Movie4k.

What is “The OA” plot?

“The OA” revolves around the story of Prairie Johnson (starring Brit Marling) who is also acknowledged as the Original Angel. Prairie Johnson is an Orphan who was adopted by Abel Johnson starring Scott Wilson and Nancy Johnson starring Alice Krige. According to the plot, P.J. is blind. 

One day, Prairie disappears. The story takes its audience 7 years after Prairie comes back. Without a doubt, the comeback of Prairie brings a lot of questions concerning her existence and her past as well. Prairie J. declines to tell either the FBI or her parents about her disappearance and where she has been. The OA puts her trust into four of her high school friends and a teacher. She further asks for their help.

has Netflix canceled the OA season 3
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In the second season of the OA, P.J. is desperate to find her captor Hap. Thus, she travels to San Francisco unknowingly while she was trying to reach into another dimension. 

To begin with, the OA season 2 depicts two worlds of Original Angel. One in real life where OA’s five friends are facing some complicated events while trying to reach OA in another dimension. Whereas of course, there is the other dimension where OA is finding her captor and another girl who disappeared like her. 


In conclusion, The OA season 1 and season 2 has been a great journey for its fans. However, the show may not come back for its next season. Although, there are chances that other television networks may pick up the show for renovation. Let’s just keep our hopes up and come back to this reading for further updates!


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