Isabella Damon: Everything you need to know about Matt Damon’s outspoken daughter

Isabella Damon
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Matt Damon is one of the most prominent American Hollywood Actors as well as a screenwriter. Not only this, but he is also one of the richest of all Hollywood personalities. In the past few months, Matt Damon’s daughter Isabella Damon has caught the spotlight thanks to her father’s interview, where he acknowledged how Isabella is very outspoken about his use of inappropriate slurs.

All the talk about Isabella Damon in the words of her father has raised curiosity about her among Matt Damon’s fans. Are you here to know more about Isabella Damon? Well! You are on the right platform. Here’s everything you need to know about her: 

#1: Isabella Damon’s Birth and Age

According to inside sources, it has been revealed that in the month of June of 2021, Isabella turned 15. She is the daughter of Lucina Barroso (wife) and Matt Damon. To the reader’s surprise, Isabella is Matt’s first daughter. Whereas Isabella also has a stepsister named Alexia, who is the daughter of Luciana from her first marriage with Alfred Barosso.

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Alexia is seven years older than Isabella. Both live in the same house in LA with their parents Matt and Luciana. On Instagram, all four daughters of Luciana and Matt seem pretty close, which makes fans just drop “Awws and hearts” in the comment section. Check out!

#2: She is an LGBTQ-Community Supporter

Fifteen years old Isabella Damon was born and brought up in the world of the internet and open social interactions. During an interview, Matt Damon revealed that her daughter Isabella is one of his most sophisticated kids. Not only this, but Matt Davis fans couldn’t handle the emotional outbreak when he continued talking about how Isabella got him to stop using homophobic slurs in order to set out gay people!

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According to the inside story, Matt Damon and Isabella Damon were having dinner at the table with other family members when Matt Damon used a homophobic slur as a joke. Damon told the interviewee that Isabella immediately left the table without saying a word which sent Matt a message of what he had done wrong!

#3: Isabella Damon Net Worth

According to Google FAQs, many users are wondering what Isabella Damon’s Net Worth is. However, we regret to inform you that, akin to many kid celebrities who have entered the Hollywood industry too early, Isabella is still focusing on her studies away from all the spotlight, thanks to Matt Damon’s public stature and prominence. 

Thus, we can say that for now, Isabella Damon does not have a net worth. 

In comparison, Isabella Damon’s father, Matt, is quite rich. Not only this, but according to Forbes, one of the most trusted magazine content sources in the world, he is also one of the most bankable Hollywood celebrities. 

Isabella Damon
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To the reader’s surprise, Matt Damon’s estimated Net Worth in the current year is up to $3.8 Billion as per Forbes. At the same time, other less trustable sources mention that Matt Damon’s net worth is only $170 million, which is more than any recognized celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, and Will Smith

In comparison, Isabella Damon’s mother, Luciana Barroso’s estimated net worth is $1.5 Million. Luciana is currently a housewife who is well-known for the fame of her husband, Matt Damon. She is a 45 years old woman who originally comes from Salta, Argentina. 

According to a few sources, it has concluded that before meeting Matt Damon, Luciana was a part-time bartender and was pursuing an education course in furniture designing. 

#4: It is nearly impossible to find her on social media

Apart from being spotted in public with parents, Isabella’s social media presence is unknown. According to our research, Isabella Damon does use Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. However, her username is unknown, thanks to which no Matt Damon’s fans can contact her. 

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#5: Who is Isabella Damon boyfriend? 

Isabella Damon is a 15-year-old daughter of a famous actor from Mystic Pizza, Matt Damon. Her current relationship status is single. According to Matt’s public interview, her daughters are very much into academics and sports. Hence, it do not give them enough time to focus on anything. 

Isabella Damon
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To the reader’s surprise, during one of the interviews, Isabella Damon’s Father, Matt Damon, also mentioned how he keeps his children away from being spoiled? They enjoy luxury only based on their merits and grades and how they discipline like any common child in the world. 

#6: Matt Damon’s daughter Isabella Damon is a miracle 

As Matt Damon is a prominent celebrity, he has been on many public interviews during which he told a sobbing story about his second daughter Isabella Damon is a miracle. According to the insights, Luciana Barroso was having a hard time during labour because of complications. The couple had almost lost all hopes until Matt Damon sat down and prayed. He then said that God saved Isabella. However, the couple’s apartment got completely damaged due to the flood. 

Later that year, after Isabella’s birth, the couple redid the apartment. And after two years, I moved out in order to move to Los Angeles. 

#7: She does not watch her father’s movies

Akin to many celebrity kids, Isabella Damon also does not like to watch her father’s movies. This had also revealed by Matt Damon during an interview. In his words, Isabella likes to keep Matt’s feet firmly on the ground by not hiking likeness about his movies.

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One time, Matt Damon also revealed that Isabella didn’t like her movies. She struck a conversation by saying, “Hey Dad, remember the movie you were in, THE WALLS?” To which Matt replied, “yes, THE GREAT WALL.” Then, Isabella said, “there’s nothing great about that movie!” 


Thanks to Matt Damon’s many interviews, fans have got to know much more about Isabella. Tho, she is not on social media, the last time Isabella was spotted in public, she was only 11 years old. She was having a pretty luxurious and adventurous vacation with her parents. 

To know more about your favourite and glorious celebrities and their family members, keep us in your bookmarks. Drop comments for any queries at your end. Thank you!


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