‘It Chapter Two’ Most Disgusting Scene: says Horror King James Ransone

'It Chapter Two' Most Disgusting Scene: says Horror King James Ransone
'It Chapter Two' Most Disgusting Scene: says Horror King James Ransone

Movies of the horror genre are all about the blood or even bloodshed. So naturally, it is extremely terrifying to think about one scene in It Chapter Two which is being hailed as potentially the “goriest” in horror history.

Frankly, it will take more than simple buckets of the blood to top the disgusting river of blood that poured out of the lift in The Shining, which will have its own sequel returning in November. Stephen King’s latest film is certainly not joker-ing around, however, with one scarring scene drenched in blood.

Horror movie characters are invariably splattered and drowned in blood, but It Chapter Two promises something more gruesome.

'It Chapter Two' Most Disgusting Scene: says Horror King James Ransone

Jessica Chastain plays the now Beverly when the Losers Club decides to reunite 27 years later, after their first terrifying encounter with Pennywise.

Poor Beverley had to endure some horrific scenes in the first movie but it is expected to get far worse this time in the sequel.

Chastain revealed that In the film, there is a part that someone said on the set that it’s the most blood that’s been in a horror film in a scene ever.

“I’ll tell you, the next day I had to spend my time pulling blood out of my eyeballs.”

It will be difficult to beat the scenes in the first film when a bathroom literally erupts in huge spurts of blood while gushing upwards to soak the ceiling and walls, as well as the terrifying entity kneeling in terror.

When director Andy Muschietti displayed the first footage from his sequel last year at San Diego Comic-Con he assured and made it a point to promise that the sequel will “crank up the horror aspects.”

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He boasted It Chapter 2 would be “ much scarier and twice the intensity” and joked that the fans should wear their adult diapers to the theatre.

Film critics who attended the screenings have already confirmed the sequel is bloodier and more gruesome. However, they disagree over whether it is actually scarier as a whole.


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