“IT Chapter Two” Supplies More Laughs Than Screams….Fans Review and reactions


It has been twenty-seven years since the events of “It,” and most of our main leads — the lovely Losers’ Club — have left Derry and do not recall all about Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård). That is, till the attacks on Derry’s population begin again and one of the members, Mike (Isaiah Mustafa), calls upon them all back once again.

In the years since almost all have discovered lives outside of Derry. Stuttering, sensitive Bill (James McAvoy) is now the author of novels, Ben who was romantic (Jay Ryan) has modified into an architect, bad-mouthed Richie (Bill Hader) is a comedian and anxiety-addicted Eddie (James Ransone) is a risk analyzer. Beverley (Jessica Chastain) and Stanley (Andy Bean) have unclear backstories, but rest assured, they play important roles nonetheless.

“IT Chapter Two” Supplies More Laughs Than Screams....Fans Review and reactions

The first scenes are all about collecting up our actors. The camera displays Mike calling and then carefully analyzing each character off a list of many names, in an “Avengers”-style reassembly of the old crew.

This scene sets the scene for the whole movie, which makes it feel more like a triumphant superhero film than a truly weird horror film. In “IT Chapter Two,” scary clips end in laughter and heartfelt appeals about the strength of friendship — a little extra Stan Lee than Stephen King.

In opposition to the intensity of the film’s predecessor, “IT Chapter Two” was not particularly dark at all — mostly the horror came from somewhat predictable jump scares in contrary to the more scary, sinister tone inculcated by the subtleties of “It.”

In this second part, directed by Andy Muschietti, the focus is all on the laughter scenes and catharsis built by an evaluation of every character’s childhood experience.

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The cast is just amazingly perfect, and critical agreeableness is that Bill Hader draws all the attention.


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