Why pay attention to IT outsourcing in Ukraine?

IT outsourcing in Ukraine

In 2020, IT outsourcing in Ukraine became even more popular than in 2019. The growth of companies working on international projects is explained by relatively low labor costs and highly qualified developers. Outsourcing in Ukraine is also supported by local legislation. Government regulators have simplified the collaboration of local software development companies with startups from the US or Western Europe. Industry every year is actively developing, allowing you to implement bold ideas and solutions.

How to find the best outsourcing company in Ukraine?

Ukraine IT outsourcing companies work on various models of customer interaction. Each company also has areas of activity in which it has excelled more. This is evidenced by a portfolio with a description of cases and schemes for their solution.

But when choosing, you should also rely on some general criteria that guarantee the productivity and safety of remote work:

  • Year of foundation and uptime;
  • Team size;
  • Reputation in the market;
  • Technical equipment;
  • Industry specialization;
  • Qualification levels of engineers;
  • Participation in thematic conferences;
  • Reviews on Clutch.co, GoodFirms.

In the list of popular and reliable Ukrainian teams for several years remain:


The main fields of activity of the company’s specialists:

  • Technological expertise and implementation of scalable databases;
  • Implementation of projects on the Blockchain;
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning;
  • Creation of virtual reality;
  • DevOps.

The team managed to work on more than 250 projects in 30 countries. Among regular customers are companies from the USA, UK, and Canada.

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The team consists of only 0 people, but all of them are highly qualified and have extensive practical experience in software development. The main activities are:

  • Scalable and flexible technologies using ASP.NET;
  • Creation of mobile and web applications;
  • UI / UX design;
  • Business analytics.


The team specializes in software consulting. Offices are located in Ukraine and the USA. Company strengths:

  • Business strategy;
  • Development of large-scale software for the automation of warehouse processes and sales;
  • UI / UX design.

Three outsourcing models used by Ukrainian brands

When making a decision, consider each of these types. Depending on the direction and scale of the future project, each of these methods may be useful:

  1. Acceptance of new remote employees to the staff during the development and support of the project. This model is also called outstaffing.
  2. The Pay-as-You-Go scheme means that there is an hourly wage for employees. This is an ideal model for long-term projects. Its plus is that you do not need to train beginners consistently, and developers work on the project for several years and know exactly the methodology and business requirements.
  3. Compensation for the result is often used in relatively simple short-term tasks. The faster the performers complete the task, the sooner they can proceed to the next.

What conclusion can be made on the issue of outsourcing to Ukraine?

A joint project will be a great idea if the time zone allows you to communicate with specialists from Eastern Europe comfortably. Large customers will be able to significantly save the budget and get high-quality and innovative IT solutions. To ensure the competence of the selected team, seek free advice as part of your business analysis. Demanding companies, such as Mangosoft, are conducting a preliminary assessment of the situation. You will receive competent information and will be able to decide how to proceed.

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