Italian PM Steps Down From Position Due to Covid Relief Crisis

Italian PM Giuseppe Conte

Italian PM Giuseppe Conte resigns from his position, and people are unsure if he will create or lead a government in a coalition. The political parties have a different perspective regarding the coronavirus crisis.

Italy was the epicenter of the coronavirus and killed more than 85,000 people in the country. The numbers are strikingly dreadful, and the people in power must make appropriate decisions to help the citizens.

Italian PM is in talks with the President

Conte met Sergio Mattarella, the President of Italy, who might have asked him to form and lead a stronger government. Moreover, last week, he lost the Senate majority. In such a case, someone gets elected as the new PM of Italy or calls in for a snap election.

The law professor, who lead the coalition governments since 2018, resigned from his position and sent the document to the President. Currently, PM Conte is discussing the crisis with Elisabetta Casellati, the Senate President.

Sergio Mattarella will supposedly spend a couple of days talking with leaders of different parties. He is liable to choose the next move since the PM has stepped down.

Renzi vs. Conte

Centrist coalition government went into a crisis two weeks earlier when former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi took his party, Italia Viva, out of it. He wants Conte to accept a long list of demands before he reenters.

Conte garnered one vote of confidence at the lower house, Chamber of Deputies, a week earlier. Moreover, he won a Senate, even though without an absolute majority.

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Due to the lack of a majority, the government’s business remains restricted. Thus, the situation is leading to an absolute political shake-up.

Renzi objects to Conte’s decision for spending €209 billion, approximately $254 billion, from European Union recovery funds. It is a big part of the €750 billion EU rescue funds for the coronavirus crisis.

According to Renzi, the EU funds must be invested in sectors like green technology, digital, and more. These are promising sectors that need to be monitored by MPs for funding and not by technocrats. Renzi also wants Italy to invest in their health sector, which received a massive blow during the pandemic.

Currently, Italy is facing a major recession and is one of the first places in Europe to get severely hit due to the virus spread. Renzi governed in Italy between 2014 and 2016, but his party polls around 3% or less right now.


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