Jack Oscar Statham: Everything you need to know about the Statham Family

Jack Oscar Statham
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Isn’t it beautiful that our favourite superstars from the 1900s have moved on to produce a new generation of Hollywood stars? Well! After the Kardashian’s kids, Jack Oscar Statham, a charming four-year-old star kid, seems to attract attention. In a world where Hollywood stars love to keep their kids out of the limelight in order to build years of suspense, Jason Oscar, Jack Oscar Statham’s father, is often captured by paparazzi in public. 

Jack Oscar Statham
Source: Instagram

To begin with, Jack Oscar Statham was born on 24th June 2017. Rosie Huntington Whitley and Jason Oscar Statham welcomed the baby, who was only 8.8lbs. It’s 2021 already, and Jack has turned four. He is a rather stylish star kid. So, today we brought you some micro details about Jack Oscar Statham and his parents Jason and Rosie Huntington. Let’s get started: 

#1: Jack Oscar Statham is an only child, but not for long!

That’s right! Rumours are Jason and Rosie are awaiting another child. Not only this, but a few days ago, Rosie confirmed the rumours to be true by disclosing her baby bump in an Instagram picture. It seems like the couple cannot wait for their second child or Jack Oscar Statham’s brother/sister to be born. We wish them good luck. 

#2: Jack Oscar Statham’s parents are famous

Without a doubt, Jack has been born into a wealthy family. He is the only child of Jason Statham, who is an English American Actor with a pre-evident career in movies like Revolver, The Transporter, Death Race, and Fast & Furious series. 

Apart from Jack’s father’s success, his mother is quite well-known for her professional modelling skills. In inclusion to this, she is also an actress. You may have seen her in Transporters, Mad Max Fury Road, Love Me Tender… or Else, and Pirelli Calendar 2010. 

Source: Instagram

After Jack’s birth in 2017, mother Rosie dropped her modelling career in-between. From the time period 2009 to 2016, she won over 11 awards and recognitions for her Modelling, including the Elle Style Awards, Glamour Awards, and Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year Award. 

#3: Jack brought up out of wedlock

It is rather controversial to point out, however, Rosie and Jason, after four years of Jack’s birth, haven’t tied knots yet. According to the inside details, Jason Oscar Statham indeed met Rosie in 2010 while both were attending a high-profile music festival. From thereafter, they remained friends for a long time. 

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Source: Instagram

When their ways crossed again in shooting for Transformers, the love came in-between eventually. Afterwards, the couple dated for six years. Since the couple hasn’t planned a wedding or pronounced any engagement anytime soon, it is logical to say that Jack Oscar Statham’s birth was a surprise. And it is worth saying, what a beautiful surprise!

#4: Jason Oscar and Rosie Whitney are Afterall engaged? 

Since both Jason and Rosie aren’t going anywhere with their years of relationship, it is comprehensive to the media that something is not right! However, here’s what the media missed – in 2016, when Jason Oscar Statham found out that Rosie is pregnant with Jack. Jason has made up his mind. To the reader’s surprise, both Jason and Rosie have been engaged since then. 

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Here’s a big one! Jason also put out a 5-carat diamond ring which, according to the rumours, is worth 3.5 Million USD. Not only this but in 2016, at the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony, Ms Huntington was seen showcasing the ring all the way. Check out: 

At last, let’s just hope we will witness the couple walk down the aisle soon after the birth of their second baby. 

#5: Jack Oscar Statham is in for a badass father

For the most part, having the best and badass father is every kid’s dream. Well! Jack Oscar’s dream came true at the time he was born. Jason Oscar, well-known for his stunts and action-loaded movies, will be an idol for his son. According to the career history of Jason Statham, his commencement into Hollywood was not rushed at all. 

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To the reader’s surprise, at the beginning of his career, he was handed the role of a con man in a low-budgeted movie. For years, he worked his way to cast in movies like Fast & Furious six. 

#6: Jack’s father is a Professional Athlete

Surprise! Surprise! Here’s a fun fact about Jack Oscar Statham: His father was an Athlete (particularly, professional diver) before he made his debut in Hollywood. Therefore, time is not far when the audience will see pictures of Jack and Jason diving together or one teaching another some action stunts. 

As cute as four years old Jack Oscar Statham appears fingers crossed he may be the next to win the world championship for XYZ. Anyway! Jack’s father in the 1900s was a diver by profession. According to the records, he was also a part of the Commonwealth Games held in Auckland in New Zealand. 

Jack Oscar Statham
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However, after encountering a rejection for the Olympics, Jason Oscar Statham dropped his professional diving career in diving. He instead skipped to Modelling in 1995, where he collaborated with French Connection. 

#7: Jason Statham, Jack’s Father, was once VIRAL for wrong reasons

Believe it or not, but growing up and leaning forward in life, we all do something embarrassing that we wouldn’t want our children to witness. However, Jason’s son Jack Oscar Statham is in for such embarrassment. In the early 2000s, Jason signed up for a role in The Shaman’s music video Coming’ On, where he was seen 90% naked dancing in the background. 

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Even though the song wasn’t so good, it received millions of audiences. Thanks to Jason’s sizzling body and curious dancing moves. The world of the internet will remember it for generations. 

#8: Jack Oscar Statham is the youngest star kid with social media presence

As mentioned before, Celebrities love to keep their kids away from the limelight. However, Jack Oscar Statham’s family is somewhat different. In 2018, Jack’s parents signed up for a private Instagram account by the handle @jackoscarstatham_. Even though the account doesn’t contain many pictures, it definitely gives a slight glimpse into the life of Jason and Rosie with their son Jack. 

Jack Oscar Statham
Source: Instagram

#9: Jason Oscar Statham Net Worth

Sometimes it is worth it to feel envious of star kids. Jack Oscar Statham is the only lucky kid to be born to parents with millions of combined net worth. To the reader’s surprise, Jason Oscar estimated net worth of 2021 is 90 Million USD. In comparison, Victoria Secret’s former model, Rosie Huntington’s estimated Net Worth, is $30 Million USD. 

Currently, Jason Oscar Statham’s Net Worth is Zero because he is only a four years old child. 

#10: Jack Oscar Statham’s Father had some rough years

Do you know? Jason Oscar, the actor’s first-ever film, wasn’t a big deal for the public. However, for Jason, it was the beginning of something great. After Jason’s Diving and Modelling career went downhill in 1998, he was stuck in a hole of poverty. According to the inside source, he was unemployed and was selling knocked off jewellery on the streets to get through the day. 

Thankfully, Director Ritchie came to his rescue. He cast him in the movie called “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.” From then and there, his commencement in Hollywood was destined.

Jack Oscar Statham
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Here’s a fun fact: Do you know? Director Ritchie had written a separate role for Jason just because he wanted to help him. Coincidence? Or, God’s Angel at work? 

#11: Jack Oscar Statham lives in a 13 Million USD mansion

According to the inside details, Jason Oscar Statham and Rosie Huntington own a mansion in Beverly hills. Viewing YouTube Videos suggested that the mansion is worth over 13 Million Dollars. Famous Entertainment also gave a tour of the celebrities’ houses in 2020. 

It is rather surprising how celebrities go from poor to rich. Do you know? Jack’s father, Jason, owns a Jaguar XJR, which cost over $50K. Sounds impossible? Well! Nothing is impossible for the Statham’s family. 

#12: Jason and Rosie are far-apart in the context of Age

Jason Oscar Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whitney have an age difference of 20 years. It is impossible to understand how these two managed to stick together through thick and thin such a gap. Luckily, this works best for Jack Oscar and his awaiting sibling. 

Currently, Jack’s mom is 36, and their father is 56 years old. However, Jason’s stunting skills just make up for it. Doesn’t it? 

#13: Jack’s Parents are full of controversies

No matter how far-far Jack Oscar Statham is away from Hollywood, his parents will always be under the shadow of controversies crafted in the past few years. Before leaving Victoria Secret, the largest platform that any model out there could have, Rosie Huntington publically pronounced that the Victoria Secret brand is not running parallel to a cultural shift in society. In her words, they have “missed the boat.”

Source: Instagram

In comparison, Jack’s Father Jason has also been part of controversies overcast feuds related to the upcoming Fast & Furious movie. 


So, are you wondering what it’s going to be? Boy or Girl for Jack Oscar Statham’s sibling? Let us know your outlook in the comment section. For regular information on your favourite celebrities who aren’t very transparent to their fans, bookmark us! We will always let you know what’s going on. Thank you!


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