James Marsden Called Out by People On The Street For His ‘Notebook’ Character


James Paul Marsden is an American singer, model, and actor. He was born on 18 September 1973 in Oklahoma, United States. Marsden started his acting career in a TV show called Saved by the Bell: The New Class.

Notebook Movie – Rachel McAdams plays young Allie Hamilton; Ryan Gosling appears as young Noah Calhoun; James Marsden as Lon. The movie is a love story between the three.

  • James Marsden talks about his movie experience. He recalls his character in the movie as Lon.
  • You will not know when you are filming. Marsden said, “Nobody will know that a movie will be a massive hit “. The chemistry between Allie and Noah was so dam good and people just forgot it was a Movie. After the movie become so famous and make a phenomenon performance people would come up to me on the streets and say like, ‘Why were to trying come between Allie and Noah? They are destined to be together, James recalled.
  • I was like, yeah I didn’t do anything. It was part of my job. I don’t know. Marsden responded. After all, Audiences never expected the movie to become the phenomenon that it did.
  • Marsden says -It’s very common not to forget your first love and Allie Hamilton’s second.
  • Notebook – The fictional pair of Noah and Allie have been melting hearts of the audiences ever since the movie was released. Viewers were aware of the story. 2004 release drama quickly became one of the worlds loved romantic stories: A rich girl meets the poor boy, both fall in love, love birds are unknowingly kept apart from each other by her mom, girl falls in love with a new boy (rich), girl finds his old love and girl has to choose. Most of the audience knows she ended up picking her teenage love over her new love who was fabulously wealthy.
  • Marsden said – “I am really glad I played a character of Lon in the Movie – Notebook, very special thing to be a part of the movie”.
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