Japan Flood and Mudslides Lead to 50 Casualties and Few Missing

Japan Flood

Japan is facing severe rainfall from last Friday. Heavy rains have caused disastrous flooding in the southern region of Kyushu. The disaster management authorities have reported that the number of death due to the Japan flood has increased to 50 from 34 and around 12 people are missing.

There are presumptions that more mudslides could take place. The rescue activities on Sunday were not operated properly due to presumptions of more fatalities in southern Japan. There were more than a dozen deaths in elderly house establishments. The confirmation of the death toll is yet to come.

The fire brigade and Coast guard authorities put more than 40,000 troops who are rescuing the victims. Boats and helicopters were put to rescue the residents of Kumamoto Region.

The disastrous Japan flood has destroyed several buildings, many housings, and a lot of area around the Kuma River. People had to go to the rooftops signaling the rescuing troop to save their lives.

People from an elderly home were presumed dead

The rescuing team reached an elderly home facility on Saturday in Kuma village and rescued 14 elderly housemates from there. They had assumed that people in the caregiving organization along with the elderly women might have died. However, they were able to rescue dozens of elderly women and also their caregivers. The rescue operations went on till Sunday.

Deadly mudslides and floodwaters had trapped 65 people and 30 caregivers at a caregiving establishment around the riverside Senjuen. Boats have taken the rest of the 51 people to rescue, among them three residents had hypothermia. Authorities said that all of them would be taking into treatment in hospitals by Sunday afternoon.

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Data related to the Japan flood

There were 18 confirmed deaths and 16 more deaths were presumed. It included people who were at the nursing home. The whereabouts of 14 people were unknown till Sunday afternoon. Fire and Disaster Management said that many were still trapped waiting for the rescue team

The flood-water swallowed almost all the houses around Hitoyoshi City’s main train station. A 55-year-old woman said that she was there to visit her relatives and saw the water level reached up to the 2nd floor of the house at full speed. She was absolutely panic-stricken.

The old woman and her family members reached upstairs and could save their lives by swimming through a window. They waited at a rooftop until the rescue team came.

There were mud wrecked cars and vending machines found in the streets on Sunday after the flood came to rest in some areas of Kumamoto. Residents were cleaning their homes after the major damage.

The Japan authorities have requested over 200,000 people of Kumamoto city to evacuate due to heavy rainfall on Friday evening and into Saturday. The people though did not leave their homes as the evacuation was not mandatory. They had fear of getting coronavirus infection if they go out of their house. The governments assured them though that there proper safety measures and shelters were arranged for them.

Mudslides destroyed all the communication lines as there were power cuts all over. This delayed and hampered the rescue process even further. Kyushu Electricity Power Co. informed us that there is no electricity in almost 6,000 houses even as of now.

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Current scenario

The weather has improved a bit as the rainfall has reduced. Earlier it crossed 100 millimeters and the Japan Meteorological Agency warned people about mudslides into various areas. There could be more rain, so the places are still on high alert.


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