Jas Mathur- An Entrepreneur, Who Reinvented His Life


A positive attitude, some healthy habits, and a keen dedication to reinventing his life are some of the things that are helping Jas Mathur to live his best life. But things were not always been that way. According to him, he weighed 450 pounds when he was at the peak of his career in his 20s. Besides, he had a 68-inch waist and used to wear 6XL shirts. At that time, he thought of making a life change by changing himself and he did.

As a result, he lost 88 pounds within 3 months and after that, he devoted himself to health and wellness and started inspiring others. He often mentions that most people in the present society are hesitant to take the right step toward achieving their dreams and goals as they are afraid of falling. But Jas Mathur was an exception and this thing helped him to drop more than 250 pounds. Then he used this motivation and started the celeb-friendly fitness company Limitless. He always says that it is important to overcome fear and have the required confidence by believing in yourself and knowing that you will be able to do it.

Being an early pioneer in website creation and Internet advertising, Jas obtained success in creating and selling media properties when he was just a teenager. In a conversation with Dr. Oz, Jaspreet Jas Mathur also talked about the negative sides of his early success as well as the health consequences that he faced during that time.

Jas Mathur- the exceptional story of an entrepreneur:

Jas Mathur is an Indian descent, Canadian venture capitalist, industrialist, and investor with a record of developing several brands in the spaces of health and wellness and marketing generating millions of dollars of revenue every year. Besides, the branding and digital marketing company he built, Limitless Performance INC., has launched different industry best products in the sectors of CBD and dietary supplements like NZT-48, Divatrim, etc. His ventures made him a trendsetter with around 7 million Instagram followers. Apart from that, he also collaborates frequently with several leaders in the entertainment and sports industries to help them to embark on their health journeys.

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His works helped him to get featured in TMZ, MSN, Inquisitr, Independent and Radar Online, HipHopDX, etc. along with some reputable publications like Men’s Journal, Forbes, Life and Style, Entrepreneur, Muscle and Fitness, OK Magazine, Star, In Touch Weekly, US weekly, etc. Apart from that, he was also featured in an interview on Cheddar TV where he took part in a discussion about the vision of his business.

Here are some of the words that he had about this brand Limitless.

  1. People are impressed with the brand Limitless, but people, who are not yet familiar with your brand name, what are the things that you can share with them about your doings, and also what are the things that set you apart from other brands?

We blueprint some prospective services for Limitless and these include life coaching, personality development, and educational platforms along with our portfolio of lifestyle brands. And things that set us apart are R&D, dosages, and formulations– products that work as per my belief. The industry experts, biochemists, and engineers of our company with several years of experience ensure the products we offer can successfully deliver and resonate with the customers. Although presentation and marketing are two things that we give importance to, our clientele is most impressed by the follow-through.

  1. How did the story begin?

Earlier, there was a limited option to get daily updates on the wrestling world. So, people used to call 1800 to get the latest news. At that time, I purchased my first 

“.com” at CAD 250 and followed the grassroots method to attract people to my website to inform them about the latest news regarding wrestling, social media, or sans SEO. This business grew fast and I ended up bringing around $30k every month.

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I sold the website to a major media company at the age of 16 and throughout the years, built and reinvented several companies in different industries like digital surveillance, satellite TV, online dating, downloadable media, online gambling, etc.

Now my focus is Limitless, which is my brand house of health experts formulated beauty and health and wellness brands, which I aim to expand globally and take public. Besides, recently I have partnered with HealthCorps, Dr. Oz’s nonprofit. With this partnership, I aim to jumpstart different types of health and wellness programs for young adults and teens to support programming both in and out of schools. This initiative empowers teens to take full control of their health while having an impact on the health of their communities through education and civic management.

The partnership between Limitless X and HealthCorps:

The latest venture of Limitless X founder Jas Mathur is the partnership with HealthCorps- a national nonprofit organization. This partnership offers support to programs aimed to deal with health inequities in young adults and teens.

HealthCorps aims to save the lives of people by dealing with all the social determinants of health in at-risk communities through service learning, programming, and educational leadership. This organization offers support to the school and out-of-school programming for empowering teens to take charge of their health as well as to impact the health of the communities through civic engagement and education.

According to Jas, he reinvented his mindset to reinvent himself. And now he is supporting HealthCorps to guide others, who don’t have the access to good training programs or proper nutrition to avail the same opportunity or are finding them stuck in wrong health choices. During a recent interview, he shared that once he reinvented his life as a health and wellness expert from the teen tech mogul, he thought it is the right opportunity to advocate for HealthCorp’s mission by working with them on their key initiatives. He also mentioned that what he has done in his life to reinvent it will also help others to accomplish the similar along their health journeys.


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