Jeans for Every Body: knowing denim styles, which ones suit you and how to style them up?

knowing denim styles

Every wardrobe needs a good pair of jeans, a clothing item that is iconic yet classy and always in style. No one likes to spend hours trying out pair after pair of jeans, feeling overwhelmed with choice and not finding what they need. Various cuts, washes, and how low or high you wear it on the waist changes your whole silhouette. A smart shopper will look for a pair of jeans tailored for their body instead of trying to fit into one that might have looked good on someone else with a different body type Mavi skinny jeans. If you want to take attention away from your waist, a mid-rise would be good for you. If you have a petite body and long legs, skinny white jeans are your go-to. If you are plus size, high-waisted, light wash skinny jeans with pockets will enhance your features perfectly. Check out Mavi skinny jeans for a great fit and knowing denim styles. In this blog, you will know about Jeans for Every Body: knowing denim styles, which ones suit you, and how to style them up.

To find the perfect pair of jeans, you have to know the available options and understand which is best for your physique. In this article, you will learn about diverse jean styles and which ones will complement your body type. Knowing denim styles- 

Skinny Jeans

Stretchable skinny jeans that hug your features perfectly are not difficult to find. If you have a pear-shaped or an hourglass body, you naturally have rounded hips, so a darker shade of skinny high-rise jeans is a good choice. 

If you want to take attention away from your waist, a mid-rise would be good for you. If you have a petite body and long legs, skinny white jeans are your go-to. If you are plus size, high-waisted, light wash skinny jeans with pockets will enhance your features perfectly. Check out Mavi skinny jeans for a great fit. 

Style Tip

You can style your skinny jeans with button-downs and accessories of your choice. Wear a white T-shirt with any of your medium-dark wash skinny jeans with heels of your choice for a trendy look. If you want a laid-back look, switch to pumps with a matching cross-body bag.

Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are loose-fit, relaxed straight-cut jeans that are fit for the pear or apple-shaped bodies. If you have a bulky figure, you can always go for chic plus size boyfriend jeans . For a more formal look, you can choose a slim cut with a blazer and heels. Although boyfriend jeans are a more relaxed and loose fit on the butt and thigh area, make sure not to pick out an extremely loose cut, or it will make you look larger. There are options like high-rise straight cut, mid-rise, distressed jeans in dark-mid-wash, etc. 

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Style Tip

You can style it in so many ways, with tank tops, turtle neck sweaters, and leather jackets, fold the cuffs from the ankles to achieve a trendy look. For a more edgy touch, go for the distressed boyfriend jeans in the medium-dark wash. One great thing about boyfriend jeans is that they go well with everything, so if you haven’t got a pair yet, go ahead and invest in one.

Straight Cut

If you think skinny jeans require too much effort but at the same time want to go for a fitted cut, straight cut jeans are just for you. Laid back, comfortable and perfect for all body shapes, these jeans are a keeper. A mid-rise straight cut will accentuate your waist if you are someone with a rectangular body shape. On the other hand, if you are petite, a high-rise straight cut creates a more voluptuous structure to your body.

Style Tip

If you want a laid-back look, pick a pair of light wash straight cut jeans with a black or white top and head out into the world with confidence. You can also experiment here with the necklines and sleeves for a more eye-catching look. Tuck in your cardigan or a graphic tee shirt with a leather jacket over your straight cut light wash jeans and make an effortless style statement. 

Bootcut Jeans

Although bootcut jeans might sound outdated to some, it’s still a classic cut that suits you if you have an hourglass or pear-shaped body. Bootcut is slim around the hips and thighs, widens at the knee below, with a slight flare at the hem. If you have short and slender legs, it can give an illusion of a longer, more sculpted shape and its good in fashion brands

Style Tip

You can style your medium-light wash bootcut jeans with short heels or wedges or even white boots to give it a more Gen Z look. Although bootcut jeans are easily styled with ankle-length boots (and that’s how they got their name), you can style and experiment with any of your favorite shoes.

Flared Jeans 

Every tall girl should own a pair of flared cut jeans. Petite and slim girls with tiny waists who want to take attention away from their upper body need to consider this a wardrobe staple. It brings more attention to your waistline and makes your legs appear longer. Although the flare width can vary, the wider flared cut is a good choice if you have round hips and want to take attention away from them. If you want to show off, your curves go for a light wash skinny flare and exude those trendy and flirty vibes. 

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Style Tip

One good thing about styling up flared jeans is that you won’t have to try too hard. The jeans themselves are a statement on their own. Style it up with an off-shoulder top or a white button-down. You can wear heels too! The higher the heels, the better it will make the flare look. 

Mom Jeans

Mom jeans are loose-fit, high-waisted, ankle-length denim that middle-aged women often wore in the 80s and 90s. These are back in trend and worn by almost any age group. It gives a more laid-back look for someone who is confident and prefers comfort over style. Every new mom should invest in good mom jeans. Those are the days when you aren’t worried about what makes your hips look good, or your waist appear smaller.  

Style Tip

Here is a style tip for people who want to flaunt their mom jeans, a silk top will make your look more formal. Ripped mom jeans with a denim jacket can work wonders for your styling image for an edgier look. 


You can’t go wrong with a pair of wide-legged denim; this is another cut made for all the wonderful body types. If you cannot find the right fit that hugs your hip area as you want, or you want to keep the attention away from your thighs, the wide-legged cut is for you. It’s always in style and comfortable compared to all other cuts. 

Style Tip

You can style your dark wash wide-legged jeans with a simple white t-shirt and look classy or throw in some accessories for a more chic look. A turtleneck over a light wash wide-legged jeans will look flawless and is a perfect autumn look.


There is no perfect pair of jeans that suits everyone, but there are pairs that will suit specific body types, and for that, you have to know your category for knowing denim styles. Try experimenting with looks of various cuts, and remember it’s your own choice whether you pick comfort over style or are just following the latest trends. Be confident in your own body, and you will find the perfect pair in no time. 


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