Jennifer Hudson Cats “Memory” Is The Most Beautiful Thing You’ll Hear


Music to our ears!

No one has powerhouse vocals to accentuate hair on your arms like Jennifer Hudson. The singer performed the classic song “Memory” for the new Cats film and is beautiful.

He starred in the original movie along with other amazing actors including Jason Derulo, Taylor Swift and Rebel Wilson.

Jennifer’s version of “Memory” will be concentrated on the Cat’s soundtrack, and from what we’ve heard, this may be the song to add to the buzz for the highly anticipated film.

Jennifer previously won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Dreamgirls in 2007, and also sang the powerhouse ballad “And I’m Telling You’re Not Going.” Who knows, maybe cats and “memory” will bring him home another trophy!

Jennifer Hudson Cats "Memory" Is The Most Beautiful Thing You'll Hear
Jennifer Hudson Cats “Memory” Is The Most Beautiful Thing You’ll Hear

Trophy or trophy, Jennifer had the time of her life filming the project. She has recently sat down with her co-star Francesca Hayward to talk with E! The news about working on the film and the set was like going to Cat’s School.

“I think the first thing in all our minds was, ‘Well how are we supposed to be a cat?” “She shared learning the ropes of the feline world.” What is cat school then? Once we started, it was a lot of fun, and we got to learn a lot about cats. ”

She learned a lot; she considers herself somewhat expert. “Now, I have a new understanding and appreciation of cats,” she explained. “And I have to go now. I sit and look at them, and I feel like I can understand them better.”

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