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First-appeared on Big Screen in 2006, Jennifer Lawrence stole everyone’s heart with her outstanding acting skills and beauty. But did you know? From 2015 to 2016, she was declared one of the highest-paid Hollywood Actresses, crediting her role in Winter’s Bone, making it to the Oscars nomination. Not only this, but she also starred in fantasy-based movies, including The Hunger Games series, X-Men series, and later released Red Sparrow. Without a doubt, JL’s career is one fire till today. 


To begin with, shortly known as JLaw among her fan-followings and social media, Jennifer has also received the honor of Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Satellite, and Saturn Awards mind-blowing work in the best-acknowledged films like Silver Linings Playbook and The Hunger Games Series. So, by now, you must have become one of Jen’s biggest fans. But, if we ask, which Jennifer Lawrence movies would you prefer to watch if this is your last breath of entertainment? Could you choose one? 

Well! Most probably, it is challenging to pick one JLaw movie over the other. Hence, today, we represent the top 10 Jennifer Lawrence Movies that you must watch before you die. The reason being, these movies contain emotions, drama, challenges, and whatnot that will give a refreshing view of the world. Therefore, without any further ado, let’s get started:


When it comes to movies that give you chills, Winter’s Bone, including Jennifer’s performance, ranks first. This movie, initially released in 2010, is still widely streamed online. Yes! It does not leave the movie list of teenagers who take a keen interest in drama. Although, the movie has remained R-rated with drug-use exploitation and violent content. But, Winter’s Bone is still a winner due to its great moral and a sense of responsibility that it offers to today’s teenager. So, here’s a glimpse of Winter’s bone official trailer:

Plot info: The mentioned movie follows the storyline of Ree Dolly, who struggles to take care of her siblings in a challenging environment as a consequence of her mother is nowhere to be in her senses. On the other hand, her father is a drug dealer. Hence, in order to root a strong and enhance the lifestyle for herself and her siblings, she goes beyond her power and outcasts her father. 

Silver Linings Playbook: Jennifer Lawrence Oscars list

Initially released in 2012, Silver Linings Playbook is prominent today for its combined directory of romance, comedy, and drama on the same line and the same screen. You cannot take your eyes off the romantic moments between Jennifer Lawrence and Brad Lee Cooper for first-time viewers. Although, the movie utters a strict warning against sexual content and nudity. Yet, the plot of the film has accomplished big applause in various award ceremonies. Not only this, but Jennifer Lawrence Oscars’ list is also complemented with major awards honoring the movie “Silver Linings Playbook.”

Plot Info: The movie keenly follows the story of Pat Solatano, who wants to reunite with his wife. On the other hand, he also wants to get rid of his parents, who are forcing him into a passion of their own. Between all this, Tiffany comes as a solution for both situations. Pat and Tiffany make a deal to give each other what they want? But, the consequences are not as imagined. 


Appearing to receive over 90% fans’ approval on Rotten Tomatoes, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire from The Hunger Games film series has left us jaw-dropping. To begin with, action-lovers without a doubt have loved the performance of Jennifer Lawrence in the “Catching Fire” part. For the most part, the film follows the 75th Hunger Games plot, where Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mallark return to the spot of victory as they sense a rebellion vibe in the surrounding when they come into the bloom after the 74th Hunger Games. 

 You can rent or purchase all the Hunger Games film series on Amazon Prime OR Youtube for online streaming. Also Read: Where can I watch TV shows online free: 10 best streaming websites.


In the event that you have forgotten what it’s like to watch your life-transforming upside-down during a small journey; you should watch PASSENGERS (2016) by Morten Tyldum. To begin with, the film is a complete thriller and quite mysterious. It has a unique plot according to its release timeline. 

To the reader’s surprise, Passengers put two “passengers” as the ruler of the journey. The storyline goes back to 90 years in the past when two passengers wake up. They realize that they have 90 years together to complete this journey from scratch. However, later they realized that they are not alone. Indeed, 5,000 other passengers who are still sleeping. Not only this but the ship is also going to crash soon. Hence, their one move can either save or destroy everyone’s life. 

AMERICAN HUSTLE: Jennifer Lawrence Oscars Nominated

When it comes to the “fun” factor in the movies, Jennifer Lawrence’s performance and role is enough. Today, we are introducing you to one of the biggest box office hits of year 2013, i.e.., American Hustle. The movie revolves around Irving Rosenfeld who is an activator of persuasive violence. It takes a big turn when Sydney Prosser and Irving start to fall in love. Meanwhile, Richie DiMaso, an FBI Agent, causes Irving and Sydney to work as undercover agents for him in order to release them from their criminal consequences. Jennifer Lawrance is playing the role of Irving’s wife who is quite jealous and insecure. To the reader’s surprise, JLaw’s role in the movie is the root of the original story. Moreover, the movie is based on Abscam that happened somewhere around the 1970s. 

The movie includes the surprisingly amazing performance of Christian Bale, Amy Adams, and Bradley Cooper. It definitely gives a 1900s vibe. 

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Just in case you have not recognized the fuss that the X-men film series made in Hollywood, review the amazing thriller from a new perspective. Indeed, the best way is to start with watching X-Men: Days of the Future Past online. The movie is one of the world-class science fiction starring Hugh Jackson and Peter Dinklage at the top by Marvels. Watch out the trailer below:

Plot Info: The storyline starts where Dr. Bolivar Trask creates Sentinels (robotic weapons) to fight against the mutants who are the potential villains and may harm humanity anytime soon. Times are gone and Sentinels are no longer the protectors of humanity. Mutants are swiftly extincting, and Sentinels are now trying to take over the world. To reverse the Dr. Bolivar Trask’s action, Wolverine desires to time-travel and protect the future of the world. 

For the most part, Jennifer Lawrence is playing the part of Mystique in the movie. After the movie, Jennifer Lawrence net worth increased up to $130 million. 

DARK PHOENIX: Jennifer Lawrence Marvel Movies

So, here’s the moment all Jennifer Lawrence fans wait for: Dark Phoenix. In the event that you want to watch your favourite actress playing one of the boldest characters, Dark Phoenix stands first in the line. It is an intense science fiction with amazing gunplay and strong language. It is one of the prominent parts of the X-Men film series. In the movie, Jean Grey (character) turns her back on her team due to the unexpected consequences of a mysterious cosmic force. Now, the X-men take the responsibility to bring Jean Grey back to the present, but this time for REAL. To the reader’s surprise, Mystique is also appearing in the movie with brand-new power. 


To begin with, The Burning Plain gives out 100% vibes of emotions and trauma with the portrayal of dysfunctional lives of Charlize Theron as Sylvia and Jennifer Lawrence as Mariana. In the beginning of the movie, both lives appear to be confident, undisturbed, and untied. Later on, Sylvia and Mariana connect on a dramatic level when both try to open the leaves about their respective pasts. 

The movie is available to watch on several streaming websites online including VUDU and Amazon Prime Videos


Do you want to enter an old-gold era where the 1900s world is portrayed well? Why not watch the Poker House! Released in 2008, this movie is a one-day movie with a world-class plot. The movie follows the storyline of Agnes (starring Jennifer Lawrence), and her sisters. They are stuck in a house with gamblers, johns, and thieves. The story turns out to be sexual. Hence, content warning is noteworthy. For the most part, the movie also includes use of drugs and violence. But, it surely delivers a studyful moral. 


Just in case, your heart is catching fire for our last top 10 best Jennifer Lawrence movies of the day, “Mother!” is here. The movie begins with a young wife who is decorating and maintaining the Victorian mansion. As the doorbell of the mansion buzzes, the young wife encounters a strange guest. Up until her husband arrives, she realizes her husband’s strange and ignorant behavior towards her. This mystery thriller leads to the reopening of jaw dropping secrets. Watch out the trailer below:

Epilogue for Top 10 Jennifer Lawrence movies

So, are you ready to binge-watch Jennifer Lawrence in 2020? Get your streaming sites ready and login swiftly. Let us know your ranking list for best Jennifer Lawrence movies. For more information, connect with us online. 


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