Jesse McCartney and Longtime Girlfriend Katie Peterson Engaged


It has been confirmed that Jesse McCartney is finally engaged to his long-time girlfriend Katie Peterson. The duo has been dating since 2012 which is like seven whole years. That sure is a really long time. The couple finally decided to move forward with their relationship, finally sealing themselves with a ring.

Jesse McCartney went down on his knees to propose his girlfriend, Katie Peterson. They were having dinner with a group of people at the cut by Wolfgang Puck at Beverly Wilshire Hotel on Friday, 13th of September.

Wolfgang Puck was making round when Jesse McCartney popped up the question to his girlfriend. With Jesse going down on his knees, the whole room went silent in anticipation of her answer. The ‘Yes’ broke the silence into thunderous applause by everyone while the longtime couple finally got engaged.

Jesse McCartney and Longtime Girlfriend Katie Peterson Engaged
Jesse McCartney and Longtime Girlfriend Katie Peterson Engaged

The to be married soon couple celebrated their engagement with drinks, champagne and a good meal with their friends.

Jesse McCartney and Katie Peterson have been dating for seven years and their anniversary seems to be on September 14th as they have been celebrating this day for many years now. Their engagement also seems to be coinciding with their relationship anniversary.

Jesse McCartney has been in a lot of link-up rumors. He has been rumored to be dating Hayden Panettiere and Danielle Panabaker. Confirmations never came up about these rumors. He also dated Katie Cassidy for three years from 2004 to 2007. They were supposed to be engaged but Jesse McCartney had discarded the rumors.

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They have not announced anything yet so we do not have any dates for the wedding bells.

On Friday they celebrated their years of togetherness with each other. They even went to the nail salon after which they went to the dinner where they took their relationship to another level. We wish luck to the future spouses.


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