Joel Micheal Singer: What has the viral feisty coastal employee done now?

Joel Micheal singer
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When people say bad fame is still “fame,” the perfect name that comes to mind is Joel Micheal Singer. In 2019, every internet user witnessed Joel Micheal’s bad feisty move on an employee in a restaurant. It is rather hard to say who was right in the fight because the world of the web is evidently divided into two: those who supported Joel and then those who criticized him. It is shocking how people supported or criticized Joel without even acknowledging who he is? Where did he come from? Why did he fight in the restaurant? And, most of all, who is his father? All these questions are now hitting people in 2021 as Joel Micheal Singer, charged with assault, has now made it to the headline. 

Today, we present an interesting biography of Joel M. Singer – the “My Daddy’s rich guy.” 

Disclaimer: Please note that all the below-mentioned details about Joel Micheal Singer have been collected via public and confidential sources. We don’t claim upon the authenticity of all the details below because we are not in direct contact with Joel, the viral guy. In the event that you see any red flags while reading the following information, please give us an “alert” in the comment section. We will appreciate it very much. 

Now, let’s get the entertainment to begin: 

Joel Micheal Singer: Is he a celebrity? 

The answer is NO. Joel Micheal Singer is not a celebrity. However, Well! For the time being, he gained fame and some “bad” reputation back in 2019. Joel was recorded by the bystanders when he headbutted an employee in a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Following the video, the audience revealed that a 50-year-old man standing nearby and witnessing the incident further held Joel Micheal Singer down on the ground. In the video, it looked like a scene from WWE. Only that that Joel appeared like a dead loss once the giant man grabbed him by the neck. 

According to the insights of the video, it was pretty clear that Joel had been fighting with the employee and arguing with the restaurant’s manager for some time. As the 50-year-old man held down Joel, other guests in the restaurant started thanking the man as if Joel had been a problematic factor in their precious dinner moments. 

Two men kept Joel on the ground by his neck for 7 minutes until the police arrived at the scene and arrested Joel for assaulting the employee of the restaurant. 


The most shocking part of the viral video was when Joel Micheal Singer apparently bragged about his father’s money the entire time. He threw threats on the restaurant owner, manager, employees, and bystanders on how he was going to sue them for assaulting him in the public restaurant. For a seven minutes video, the world of the internet is divided into two sections. The first section of people believed that Joel was the one assaulting people in the restaurant. And other sections of people, of course, focused on two guys holding Joel down on the floor of the restaurant and believing that he was the one getting assaulted instead. 

Which side are you on? 

What does Joel Micheal Singer do for a living? 

Since in the viral video, Joel endlessly bragged about how wealthy he and his father are! People are dying to know what Joel Micheal Singer’s profession is? To the reader’s surprise, Joel M. is no celebrity. He is a common employee at the Coastal Wealth Financial Planners Co. According to a few unknown sources, it has been confirmed that the company instantly fired Joel from his position in the company. But, what good is that? He already has a rich dad. Lol!

Anyway, moving on! It is pretty much clear that Joel M. Singer’s father is quite a powerful man with too much money in his pockets. According to the recent updates on Reddit, the viral video had first handed uploaded on Reddit by the username “TheLazyDucky.” It was very unlucky for Joel that when the incident happened, the “The Lazy Lucky” Reddit user was present in the restaurant. 

In May 2020, The Lazy Ducky came forward and disclosed how he is persistently receiving “Bribe” offers in exchange for taking down Joel’s video off his Reddit account. Unfortunately, the Lazy Ducky didn’t reveal the accurate amount he had offered. However, he confirms that the amount goes up by every message from Joel’s lawyers on Reddit. 

According to a few sources, Joel M.’s current profession is “Neurosurgery.” However, it is rather unbelievable because how can a person go from being a financial planner to co. Employee in 2019 and neurosurgeon in 2020? For now, we think that Joel is unemployed and definitely enjoying life on the count of his father’s wealth. 

Who is Joel Micheal Singer’s father? 

With Joel bragging about “My Daddy’s rich,” people are so much curious to know who his father is. But, apparently, Joel Micheal Singer’s father is so powerful that after having a viral video of his son on the web with 50 million viewers and more, he has managed to keep his identity hidden. 

There are no clues on who Joel’s father or mother is, for that matter. Yet, it is quite clear that Micheal Singer’s father is pushing his limits beyond in order to keep taking down his son’s video from each and every platform. It has been two years now, and Reddit user “the lazy ducky” hasn’t taken it down. 

What is his net worth? 

As mentioned before, what Joel has to be proud of, is only his father’s money. By profession, he was only a financial planner employee at the Coastal Health Company. As of 2021, Joel Micheal Singer net worth is 750K USD only. For all that has been disclosed about him, it has been clarified that Joel is unmarried, single, and straight by his sexual preferences. He is 32 years old, middle-aged as of now and has always lived in Florida. He went to a Local High School and graduated from the University of Florida. 

Rumours are he is spending all his net worth to purchase the copyright claims of this video. Even though he has legally acquired all copyrights to the video. But, the video has downloaded and shared by so many people on the web that it is impossible to escape it. 

What is he charged with? 

In the viral video, it is crystal clear that by the end of the video, police arrested Joel Micheal Singer. However, up until now, there’s no legal action against Mr Singer has reported. Instead, he has delivered all the copyrights to the video. You can no longer find the video on Reddit. However, it has widely used by roasters and moral value influencers on youtube. 

The injustice served by the court of Florida is rather unbelievable. On the night of the incident, Joel didn’t only assault an employee, but he also abused and assaulted two other men who were among the bystanders. This triggers a question mark on the justice system when it comes to public assault cases, including people of white colour. 

The entire incident reminds and creates a rage among the public about George Floyd, who was harmless and unarmed when a police officer held him down on the ground with his knees on his neck. Henceforth, choked his windpipe, and George died on the spot. 

The discrimination based on race and ethnicity in America is increasing like a Wildfire. This wildfire seemed to have calmed down when Mr. Obama was the president. During the session of Donald Trump, two incidents that had virally counted received unjustified sentences. Hereby, as a black man died and white man Joel Micheal Singer went free. 

What should have happened to Joel? 

Joel Micheal Singer’s assault in a public place had witnessed by 5-6 people present in the restaurant. Including two people who took charge against him and held him down till the police arrived. Apart from that, once the video went viral, the entire world witnessed what Joel Micheal Singer did! However, people are curious why Joel Singer never charged for what he did. If he was charged, what could have happened to him? 

Here’s your answer! According to the Federal Laws set by the Government of the USA, any person who assaults or takes part in a fight in a public place with the intention to physically harm the other person or number of people is accountable for one-year imprisonment as the maximum penalty. 

However, in Joel Singer’s case, it looks like he had hardly spent a night in prison. On the other hand, the Lazy Ducky, one who held him down, had summoned by Joel Micheal Singer on the advice of his father’s lawyer. Once again, a criminal mind in the USA hides behind giant bundles of money. 


Q: Who is Joel Micheal Singer? 

A: Joel Micheal Singer is an American man who became infamous for headbutting another man at a restaurant in Florida and trying to remove the video of the incident from the internet.

Q: Is Joel Micheal Singer a singer? 

A: No, Joel Micheal Singer is not a singer. His last name is Singer, but he does not have a musical career.

Q: What happened to Joel Micheal Singer after the headbutting incident? A: Joel Micheal Singer was arrested by the police and charged with battery and disorderly conduct.

Q: How old is Joel Micheal Singer, and where does he live? 

A: Joel Micheal Singer is 33 years old, and he lives in Florida.


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  1. This entire article is fictional. I watched the video and at no point does he reference his father is rich. The video starts out with the restaurant staff accusing Joel of hitting him but then goes back and denies it by saying “no but you tried”. Seems like they were just trying to get him in trouble… Either way, the guy seems like an asshole, but there’s always two sides to the story and nothing online suggesting his father is rich besides a bunch of Reddit nerds assuming. Shitty article.

  2. Joel owes me $2 for sex. Can you pass him a message that I changed my number? He can email me though. Just tell him “Thunder-hole” says reach out about the reach around. He’ll know what you mean. Talk about a “Singer”. Mmm.


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