John Stamos Wife, Career, Kids, Net Worth, and Controversies with Co-Stars of Full House

John Stamos Wife
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Aired on television for the first time in 1987, Full House, the most prominent American Sitcom, including Bob Saget as the protagonist, stole away the hearts of millions of viewers. For 8 straight seasons, audiences also fell in love with John Stamos and John Stamos wife (on-tv) in the role of Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky. Only 24 years old at the time when cast in Full House, John Stamos became the talk of the town immediately. 

Apart from Full House American Sitcom, John Stamos movies and TV shows also include big names like A Match in Heaven, Clone High, You (Netflix series), Galavant, The New Normal, Fuller House, Big Shot, GrandFathered and so on. It is quite inspiring to see John Stamos up and about in Hollywood at his prime age of 58. 

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Even though we know so much about John Stamos Hollywood-wise, have you ever wondered who John Stamos is in real life? Well! If yes, then wondering is over. Today, we brought you a complete guide on John Stamos and real-time Wife, Kids, Career, Net Worth, and Controversies. 

Spoiler Alert: Do you know? Not very long ago, in 2015, neighbours of John Stamos in Beverly Hills contacted DUI as he was not looking well. To the fans’ surprise, John was indeed under the influence of heavy drugs, which landed him in rehab for 30 days under the court’s order. 

Can’t comprehend, right? Me too. But, Hollywood is full of mysteries. Even the most prominent actors like Johnny Depp found themselves drowning in drugs at one time or another. 

Moving on, let’s learn more about John Stamos: 

About Bob-Saget’s all-time Co-Star: John Stamos (Uncle Jesse from Full House)

As mentioned before, the world witnessed handsome hunk John Stamos for the first time on Full House American Sitcom. He was the co-star of Bob Saget (role: a recently widowed husband with three children). But, little did the world know, John Stamos would win the world with his looks. 

To begin with, John Philips Stamos is a 59 years old American musician and actor. Do you know? Before becoming the permanent cast member on Full House, John Stamos was also a major cast member on the show — General Hospital, which obtained him an Emmy Award. At the time, Stamos was only a child actor. 

John Stamos Wife
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Since then, he has been part of big-time shows such as ER Medical Drama on NBC, Bye Bye Birdie on Broadway, and Grandfathered (most recently) by Fox network. 

According to Wikipedia, John Stamos is actually Greek + American as his father comes from Greek ancestry. His father owns a restaurant in Orange County, where Stanos spent most of his childhood. But, only at the age of 19 Mr Stamos enter the glorious world of Hollywood. He began with General Hospital.

It was high time for Stamos as he only looked forward to bigger roles. Apart from participating in gem roles of his life on TV, John Stamos also spent a lot of time obtaining a career as a musician. 

Back in the late 1900s, he was often seen joining the “The Beach Boys” on the stage. He also performed on stage with other stars like David Enos, Sandra Stevens, etc., for the Independently Band. 

This is our John Stamos. But, is he married? Let’s find out: 

Who is John Stamos Wife? Is he married?

Ready for a heartbreak? Well! The answer is yes. Handsome and charming even in his prime age of 50+, John Stamos has married two times. In 1998, John Stamos’s wife was Rebecca Romijn, whom you may recognize from the X-Men movie series. She was also a big-time cast member of Marvel Comics as she appeared in Batman, Justice League Dark, Reign of Superman, etc. 

John Stamos Ex-Wife 1998 —- Rebecca Romijin

After 7 years of marriage, in 2005, John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn filed for divorce due to irreconcilable differences between the couple. On the contrary, fans and the media believed that John Stamos insisted on having children. However, upscaling star Rebecca did not want kids. It is assumed to be one of the reasons for a couple’s separation in the first place. Yet, of course, both disdained this rumour. 

John Stamos Wife
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John Stamos Wife 2018 – Caitilin McHugh

After 13 years of Divorce, John Stanos, in the year 2018, tied knots with his long-term girlfriend, Caitlin McHugh. She is also an American Actress whom you may recognize from 48 Hours to live movie. According to John Stamos Wife Caitilin, and the actor himself, they bumped into each other back in 2006 – 2008. They started dating then and there. For 10 years, the couple’s relationship continued. Finally, when Mr Stanos crossed the age of 50, he couldn’t wait to get his wife pregnant as he loves kids. 

However, before “Uncle Jesse” could make his request, he found out that Caitlin was pregnant already. Soon enough, the couple got married and welcomed their micro-Stanos, a.k.a. Billy. 

Here’s a fun fact — Do you know? During an interview, John Stamos confronted his audience about his baby fever. Not only this, but he also jokingly stated that he has been trying to get Caitilin pregnant for a long time by poking holes in condoms. Too much information? 

In the context of their career, John Stamos’s wife seems to have retired from Hollywood. During her prime time, she landed roles in high-end series like Vampire Diaries (Role: Sloan, the traveller). 

Does John Stamos have kids? 

Yes! As mentioned before, in 2018, John Stamos Wife — Caitlin McHugh, gave birth to a beautiful and Stamos-like handsome baby boy named Billy Stamos. Today, their kid is 4 years old. 

Both John Stamos and their wife Caitlin McHugh does not have any kids from their previous marriages. 

John Stamos Wife
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Here’s a fun fact: Do you know? John Stamos has crossed 58 years of age, and his wife, Caitlin is 35 years old. It is beautiful how they embrace each other with love. 

What is John Stamos Net Worth? 

Working as an actor since the age of 19, fans are eager to acknowledge if John Stamos has too much money. His high-end and 40+ experience in Hollywood does not seem to come to an end anytime soon. Nowadays, Mr. Stamos has indulged in production. Do you know? Mr. Stamos produced 44 episodes of Full House. He also produced 2002 movies — Martin and Lewis, Jake in Progress, The Grand Scheme, and so on. 

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Therefore, there is no doubt that Mr. Stamos is enjoying glory in Hollywood to the fullest. According to the latest celebrity net worth estimation, John Stamos’s net worth stands at 25 Million USD. 

How much did Full House actor John Stamos make? 

As you may already know, any American sitcom that catches the audience’s attention on TV earns a lot of money. According to the cast members of Full House, at the beginning of the show (Season 1), the cast members were earning anywhere between 2000 USD to 2400 USD per episode. However, as the show caught the audience’s attention, it began producing more and more money. The show was so successful that by the second season, John Stanos (Uncle Jesse) — a secondary character on the show — was earning 25, 000 USD per episode. 

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Not only this, but as per the inside details, by the ending seasons of the show, all cast members’ salary per episode was as high as 80K USD. 

To the reader’s surprise, neither John Stamos nor Bob Saget was the highest-paid members of the show. Indeed, at 2 years old, Olsen Twins were the highest-paid cast members on the show. Mary-kate and Ashley earned over 300 Million USD from the show alone. 

After the twins, the most paid Full House, Jodie Sweetin (aka Michelle Tanner), earned the most money. Yet, of course, at this moment, Olsen Twins are the richest cast member of the show, with a net worth touching 500 Million USD alone. 

Apart from Full House, John Stamos’s Salary in movies like Disney’s Big Shot and GrandFathered has not been revealed. 

Controversies — Full House Actor “Uncle Jesse” Caught in a lot of MESSES!

#1: Uncle Jesse and The Olsen Twins: They did not end up on good terms

When the reboot of the American Sitcom “Fuller House” was announced, fans were eager to see how Ashley turned out. Their lifestyle and dating are in prime time. However, when season 1 of Fuller House aired, the cast barely talked about Olsen Twins. According to the Olsen twins themselves, they were not contacted to be on the show at all. On the contrary, uncle Jesse a.k.a.., John Stamos, ended up tweeting on Twitter that Olsen Twins themselves did not want to engage with the cast and be a part of the reboot. 

John Stamos Wife
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Even though John berated the twins by calling their words bullsh*t, it seems like Mr. Stamos did not like the twins to begin with. What do you think? 

#2: The Morning with Kerri-Anne Drama — I was plastered!

For the most part, as it comes to showbiz and fame, drama always follows you. John Stamos faced one of the most embarrassing moments of his career in Australia. He visited the country as a guest on the show “Morning with Kerri-Anne.” According to the real-time footage of the show, it is crystal clear that Mr. Stanos is not very conscious. In 2007, the audience believed that John appeared on TV completely drunk. However, later on, Stamos confirmed that he took sleeping pills on his way due to medical concerns. And he was plastered on the show. 

Yet, of course, this embarrassing moment is living on youtube for many years and obtaining shockingly high views. 

#3: Who blackmailed John Stamos? Was it John Stamos Wife?

In the event that you think Hollywood life is an easy slide, ask John Stamos! Back in the day, John Stamos faced the most challenging time of his life when Allison Coss — a Hollywood Party girl, blackmailed him. It has alleged that Stamos and Allison engaged in physical love, only to find out that Coss is 17 and underage. 

According to John, Coss lied about their physical relationship and blackmailed him with his photographs and videos. In the videos, she alleged that he is consuming drugs and having fun with strippers. In exchange for this content, Ms Coss asked for approximately 700, 000 USD. 

#4: Is John Stamos inappropriate? 

From time to time, John Stamos Wife and himself have been part of multiple controversies. However, one of the major controversies relating to John Stamos that stunned the entire world is inappropriate behaviour around minors. According to the Full House shooting history, John Stamos and other male members of the cast used to keep a pile of Playboy Magazines on the set.

Not only this, but persistent use of obscenities and sex-talk around minors, including Olsen Twins, Jodie Sweetin, and others, was a big problem. As a result, John and other cast members also encountered fear of losing the show. 

Further ahead, it seems like, after all these years, John Stamos hasn’t changed a bit. Jodie Sweetin alleged during a youtube video that she and Ashley Olsen were partying in Mr. Stamos’ Los Angeles Villa. The other morning, all three woke up in the same bed, not remembering what happened! It was in 2004. Thus, supposedly, Ashley was only 18 years old, whereas Jodie herself was 22. 

On various occasions, John has stunned the media with his constant badgering personal life. In the late 1900s, while dating Paula Ab Dul, Stamos had proposed to her at a wedding. However, later on, according to the media, out of the blue, Stamos ended the relationship, leaving Paula with nothing. 


With so many controversies revolving around the superstar from Full House — John Stamos is living peacefully with his wife, Caitlin McHugh. Between 2010 – and 2015, John Stamos’ lawsuit against the Party Girls ended for extortion. The couple ended up convicted in the case. 

John Stamos Wife
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Want to know more about Stamos and his old do’s? Please keep us in your bookmark. We will come with all the juicy details you need. Thank you!


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