Jon Jones Net Worth 2022: One of the Richest MMA Fighters in the World. Find Out More!

Jon Jones Net Worth
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Mixed Martial Arts has been a unit of many cultures since 648 BCE. You may also acknowledge MMA as a cage fight. In today’s MMA world, Jon Jones is one of the best-known fighters from Rochester, New York. Did you know? Recently, Jon Jones Net Worth 2022 has obtained him ranking in the list of top 20 richest MMA players in the world. 

Yes! This 6feet and 4 inches tall athlete are trending on the web. Are you also wondering how much money exactly Jon Jones made during his MMA career up until now? If yes, then this concise guide will help you. Today, with pride, we are presenting everything you need to know about Jon Jones, from his early childhood to his net worth and personal lifestyle. Can’t wait to hear about it? Let’s get started —

Who is Jon Jones? 

To begin with, Jon Jones is the MMA Ring name of Johnathan Dwight Jones. He was born on 19th July 1987. Today, he is 35 years old and continuing his career as an American Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter as well as NJCAA Wrestler. There is no surprise that other than MMA and Wrestling, Jon Jones has also accomplished other titles, such as Black Belter in Gaidojutsu. Further ahead, he is also a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Justus. 

Jon Jones Net Worth
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According to the inside details, Jon Jones kick-started his career as an American athlete only at the age of 20 years. That’s right! In 2008, Jon Jones (Bones) appeared in UFC Light Heavyweight against Andre Gusman (45 years old Brazilian Athlete and MMA fighter). In 2009, Bones (Jon Jones) stood in competition against Matt Hamill, Jake O’Brien, and Stephan Bonnar. Recently, in 2020, Jonathan Dwight Jones won a fight against Dominick Reyes. 

Did you know? From 2011 to 2015, Jon Jones consistently held the title of UFC Champion in Light Heavyweight. Not only this but on 4th July 2022 (last week as of today), Jon Jones was declared as the #11 ranking UFC Men’s pound-to-pound list. 

What’s more?

To the reader’s surprise, only at the age of 21 years old, Jon Jones grasped the title of “youngest UFC Champion” as he conquered the record of Maurício Milani “Shogun” Rua, former youngest UFC Champion (at the age of 23). According to the MMA records, Jon Jones is also the longest winning streak holder in the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship history. 

Jon Jones Net Worth
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However, in the event that you are a big-time fan of Jon Jones MMA fights, you may already know that in the past few years, JJ Bones has been stripped of all of his (most of his) MMA UFC Light Heavyweight Champion titles. Why? You will find out in this reading below —

Jon Jones BIOGRAPHY (Jon Jones NET Worth, find out!)

Full Name Jonathan Dwight Jones
MMA Ring Name Jon Jones
Nickname Bones
Birthday 19th July 1987
Birthplace Rochester, New York, The United States
Age 35 years old 
Weight 93 kilograms, 205 pounds 
Height 6 feet and 4 inches (193 centimeters)
Body Measurement 47 inches Chest

34 inches Waist

18 inches Biceps

24 inches Thighs

36 inches Hips

Educational background
  • Union-Endicott High School, Upstate New York, NYC, The United States
  • Morrisville State College (dropout, criminal law degree)
Professional Background
  • MMA Fighter
  • UFC Light HeavyWeight Champion
  • Wrestler
  • Black Belter in Gaidojutsu
  • purple belter in Brazilian Jiu Justus
  • Brand Ambassador for Nike, Coca-Cola, Reebok, and Boohooman
Additional Interests Wrestling, and Football
Relationship Status Single
Ex-Fiance Jessie Moses
Jon Jones Net Worth $10 Million 
Nationality American, Mexican (residence)
Ethnicity African-American
Kids Four Daughters (Leah, Olivia, Carmen Nichole, (unknown))
Active as an Athlete since 2008 – 2020 (suspended from UFC); Comeback in 2022 against Francis Nagouu.
Retired No


What happened to Jon Jones’ career in MMA? What is Jon Jones Net Worth?

According to the recent revelations, it has been discovered that Jon Jones no longer holds the title of UFC Championship due to unpredictable circumstances with the law. In 2015, Jon Jones was arrested in a hit-and-run case that caused him to lose his three times championship titles as a disciplinary action taken by the board of UFC.

Further ahead, in 2016 and 2017, Jonathan Dwight Jones (nickname MMA: Bones) faced suspension from the UFC. Inside details reveal that Jon Jones tested positive for the use of illegal substances. As a result, his UFC contests against Daniel Ryan Comair and Ovince Saint Preux were canceled (declared no contest). 

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In 2018, Jon Jones once again was welcomed to UFC MMA Ring in a fight against Alexander Gustafsson. No surprise, Jon Jones won against his competition. However, he stripped off the title himself in late 2018 for furthering in Heavyweight rather than Light Heavyweight only. 

After so many controversies in line for Jonathan Dwight Jones, he has moved away from the eyes of the public for a while. From 2018 to 2022, for 4 years, he has been keeping his slate of UFC clean. For 2 years, Jon Jones has not walked in the MMA ring. Is he coming back at all? Well! Good news. Recently in June 2022, UFC President Dana confirmed that Jon Jones upcoming match would be scheduled against Stipe Miocic or Francis Nagouu. 

For the most part, the timeline of the match is still unconfirmed. So, stay tuned to this page to know more. 

What are Jon Jones’s age and height? 

Jon Jones, born on 19th July 1987, will turn 35 years old in the next 10 days. He is currently 34 years old. Jonathan Dwight Jones MMA Fighter is 6 feet and 4 inches tall. He is 193 centimeters tall. Is he the tallest MMA fighter?

Well! The answer is no. According to the records, Stefan Struve is the tallest MMA fighter. He stands exactly 7 feet tall. However, there have been other largest athletes in the world, such as Édouard Beaupré (252 centimeters), Morteza Mehrzad (246 centimeters), and Sun Mingming (236 centimeters), aka all over 8 feet. 

What are Jon Jones’ Weight and Body Measurements? 

Without a doubt, Jon Jones Net Worth is more handsome than the athlete himself. Did you know? Jon Jones weighs up to 93 kilograms. This means he is 205.03 pounds in weight. He has a muscular and athletic body. His chest is 47 inches. His waist is only 34 inches. And his hip size is 36 inches. Thanks to his muscular body and athletic lifestyle, other measurements are also available. For example, his bicep size is 18 inches. His thigh size is 24 inches. And last but not least, he wears shoes of 13 inches. 

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What is Jon Jones nationality and ethnicity? 

Jonathan Dwight Jones, one of the richest MMA fighters you may know by the nickname “Bones,” was born in Rochester, New York, The United States, in 1987. Hence, he is American by nationality. However, did you know? Jon Jones is also a resident of Albuquerque, Mexico. Thus, he is also Mexican by nationality. By ethnicity, on the other hand, Jon Jones is African-American. He is the son of Arthur Jones Jr. and the late Camille Jones. 

According to the inside details, Arthur Jones Jr., Father of Jon Jones, spent his life as a pastor in Binghamton, New York. On the contrary, his mother, the late Camille Jones, was a housewife. 

Does Jon Jones have siblings? What is Jon Jones Net Worth?

The answer is yes. Apart from Jon Jones, Arthur Jones Jr. and Camille Jones also gave birth to 2 other boys and a girl. Today, all three of their kids (boys) are athletes. Born in 1986, Jon Jones’s brother Arthur Jones is an NFL defensive player. He is 36 years old and has attained a 10.0 sacks record. 

Born in 1990, Chandler Jones, the younger brother of Jon Jones, is also an American Football Defensive Player. He holds a record of 107.5 sacks. He is now 32 years old and is a part of the Las Vegas Raiders team of the NFL.

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Apart from two other athletes in the family, Jon Jones also has a sister named Carmen Jones. She was born in 2000. She is 22 years old. Not much information about Carmen is available. Is she married? We don’t know yet. But we will keep digging. So, don’t forget to bookmark this page. 

What is Jon Jones’ educational background? 

Jon Jones began his professional career in Mixed Martial Arts in 2008. According to the details, Jon was passionate about wrestling during his high school years. He attended the Union-Endicott high school. He was also declared state champion in wrestling during the same timeline.

Surprisingly, in high school, Jon Jones was also a part of the Football team. He was as “defensive” as his brothers. After graduating from high school, he frequented to Morrisville State College, where he wanted to acquire a degree in criminal justice (criminal law). However, he did not finish the course as he was eager to enter the industry of athletes. 

After dropping out in early 2008, he made his MMA debut. He has been active as an American Athlete since April 2008. 

What is Jon Jones Net Worth? 

After spending more than 13 years as an American Athlete, it is no doubt that Jon Jones has earned a good reputation at the global level. But, parallelly, he has also earned a lot of money. To the reader’s surprise, he is one of the top 20 richest MMA Fighters in the world. No need to mention that he is also one of the highest-paid Mixed Martial Arts fighters. So, how much money does this fighter have? Let’s find out —

Jon Jones Net Worth
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According to the latest sports people’s net worth estimation, Jon Jones Net Worth in 2022 stands at $10 Million. That’s right! During his 14 years of career as an American MMA Fighter, Jon Jones has earned over $10 Million. The largest portion of his income comes from MMA Fights. Recently sustainable sources have revealed that for a single UFC Fight, Jon Jones earns up to 500K USD per fight. 

In 2008, for his MMA Debut (first fight ever), he earned only 12K USD. His latest fight has earned him 585,000 USD. But does this make up for Jon Jones Net Worth standing at $10 Million? Well! Maybe not. However, Jon Jones also earns annual income from other brand endorsement deals and business partnerships. 

What’s more? 

Did you know? According to Forbes’s top 100 ranking highest-paid athletes, Jon Jones is one of them. Before Jon Jones, no other MMA Fighter made it to the Forbes list of highest-paid(s). So, it is a big achievement for your favorite athlete. But, inside details reveal that Jon Jones is highly paid by brands such as Nike for brand endorsement. 

Not only this, but he is also in collaboration with other brands such as Blue Chip, Coca-Cola, Gatorade, and more. Further ahead, it has also been revealed that Jon Jones is also looking forward to his career on Camera. That’s right! Jon Jones has been spotted visiting Hollywood producers for unknown projects. Soon enough, Jon Jones Net Worth will be whooping like Hollywood actors. 

Inside revelation states that in 2019, Nike offered Jon Jones a whopping amount of 1620K Million. However, a few sources mention that the MMA fighter turned down the offer due to Nike’s greater commitment to MMA than the actual player. Ironic, huh? 

Is Jon Jones married?

The answer is no. 35 years old, Jon Jones is not married. However, he is engaged to the mother of his three children, Jessie. Our research strongly suggests that Jon Jones and Jessie have been with each other since early 2000 when Jon Jones was only beginning his career in MMA and Wrestling.

Jon Jones Net Worth
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In 2008, Jessie gave birth to Jon Jones’s first daughter named Leah, who is now 14 years old. In 2009, Carmen Nichole Jones was born, the second daughter. And finally, in 2013, Olivia Haven Jones was born and is only 9 years old. According to the inside details, Jon Jones also has another daughter who was born in 2018/2019. It is unknown whether Jessie is the mother of a fourth daughter or not. 

The couple was engaged for a long time. However, the announcement of the wedding date is still pending. 

What happened to Jon Jones and Jessie? 

In December 2021, Jon Jones encountered heartbreak at the hands of his fiance Jessie Moses. According to the inside details, in September 2021, Jon Jones was arrested for domestic violence in public, tampering with a vehicle, and additional misdemeanors, which led him to the doors of law once again.

Police arrested him from a Las Vegas hotel named Caesar’s Palace Hotel. As a consequence, Jon Jones’ fiance Jessie Moses who was in a live-in relationship with him at the time, left or separated. She wanted to buy some space in the beginning. 

However, in February 2022, Jon Jones wrote on his Twitter timeline that his fiance had left him, and she realized that she didn’t want to come back. Since then, the couple has not been spotted together. 

Currently, Jon Jones is not dating anyone. 

1. Who is Jon Jones?
A. Jon Jones is an American mixed martial artist widely considered one of the greatest fighters of all time.

2. What are Jon Jones’s most notable achievements?
A. Undefeated record in UFC competition (27-1-1)
Youngest UFC champion in history (23 years old)
13 title defenses

3. What is Jon Jones’s fighting style?
A. Jon Jones is known for his unorthodox fighting style, which incorporates Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and wrestling elements. He is a versatile fighter comfortable striking, grappling, and taking the fight to the ground.

4. What are some of Jon Jones’s most famous fights?
A. Against Lyoto Machida at UFC 145: Retained the Light Heavyweight Championship and cemented his status as one of the best fighters in the world.
Against Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165: Won a five-round unanimous decision in a close and highly anticipated fight.

5. What are some of Jon Jones’s controversies?
A. Jon Jones has been involved in controversies throughout his career, including multiple doping violations and legal troubles.


In conclusion, this was all-the-things you need to know about Jon Jones and Jon Jones Net Worth throughout his career timeline in Mixed Martial Arts. to know more about Jon Jones upcoming matches and ongoing batter with Francis Nagouu, mark us your favorite. Thank you for reading with us. 


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