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Jose Trinidad Marin
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Have you heard of Trino Marin? If yes, then we can tell you have been a big-time fan of Jenni Rivera, a popular American-Mexican singer from the late 1900s. Thanks to Jenni’s high-end success in the American music industry, Trino Marin or Jose Trinidad Marin obtained name & fame.

However, soon in 1997, this name & fame for Jose Trinidad Marin turned upside down. Every TV Newschannel in 1997 and ahead was talking about Jose Trinidad Marin and the confession of his victims. Are you confused? Well! Why not let’s start from the beginning? 

Today, we brought to you — a complete “Everything you need to know about” Guide on Jose Trinidad Marin. An American Celebrity’s Spouse who landed in Prison for attempting incest. Let’s get started —

Who is Jose Trinidad Marin? 

To begin with, before 1997, if you had searched “Jose Trinidad Marin,” you would have viewed numerous pictures of Jose with his ex-wife, the late Dolores Jenni Rivera Saavedra. However, in 1997, Jenni’s sister (Jose’s sister-in-law) confessed to Jose’s sexual assault and acts of harassment toward her. The storylines of Jose’s bad character spread quickly on the web and media when Jose and Jenni Rivera’s first daughter also confessed to being the victim of similar acts at the hands of her father. 

Jose Trinidad Marin
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According to the records, Jose Trinidad Marin, Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband, was born on February 15, 1964. He originally belongs to California in the USA. At the age of 20, Jose Trinidad Marin tied knots of sacred marriage with American-Mexican Singer Jenni Rivera (full name: Dolores Saavedra). To the reader’s shock, in December 2012, Jenni Rivera died in a plane crash in Mexico while she was travelling to Iturbide. 

Only after 8 years of marriage did Jose Trinidad Marin and Jenni Rivera attain divorce. But did you know? In the span of 8 years of marriage, Jenni Rivera gave birth to three kids. They are — Michael Marín Rivera, Jacqie Campos, and Chiquis Rivera. All three kids are building their respective careers in the American Music Industry and TV.

What’s more? Apart from belonging to California, Jose Trinidad Marin and Jenni Rivera met for the first time ever in high school. According to the inside details, the couple has been sweethearts since their teen years. 

Surprisingly enough, at the age of 17 only, Jose Trinidad Marin and Jenni Rivera had their first child. That’s right! Jenni Rivera was a teen mother. After giving birth and completing High School, the couple tied knots of marriage. 

Who is Jenni Rivera, Jose Trinidad Marin’s ex-wife? 

Now that we know who Jose Trinidad Marin is? Let’s find more information about the former-favourite Mexican-American Singer, Jenni Rivera. 

To begin with, Jenni Rivera’s real name was — Dolores Saavedra. She was born on July 2 1969. In 1992, after seeking a divorce from her husband Jose Trinidad Marin, Jenni Rivera started her career in Music. At the time, she was only 23 years old and the mother of three children. Her first-ever industry hit was “Somos Rivera.” A Mexican song she released on Father’s Day. From then and there, there was no stopping for Miss. Rivera. 

Jose Trinidad Marin
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Did you know? During the prime time of her career, Jenni Rivera collaborated with high-end companies such as Balboa Records. Not only this, some of her most elite albums are mentioned below. You can check them out on youtube as well — 

  • Dejate Amar
  • Parrandera, Rebelde y Atrevida
  • Mi Vida Loca
  • La Gran Señora en Vivo
  • La Gran Señora (English Album: The Great Lady)

Not only the music albums, but Jenni Rivera also extended her career in distinct fields. For example, she appeared as a musical guest on Premios de la Radio, Latin Grammy Awards, Billboard Latin Music Awards, La Voz (The Voice Mexican Version Season 2), and more. Further ahead, after the unfortunate death of Jenni Rivera, multiple biographies were released on OTT Platforms and TV Networks. 

What’s more? 

Did you know? Jenni Rivera originally came from Long Beach, California, USA. Her mother and father — Rosa Saavedra and Pedro Rivera, were immigrants from Mexico living in the USA. According to the inside details, Jenni Rivera’s initial interest in Music was indeed family-gifted. Lupillo Rivera (popular American-Mexican Singer) is indeed Jenni Rivera’s real brother. 

It is also crucial to mention that besides being a full-time teen mother, part-time CD seller at a flea market, and high school student, Rivera did not drop out from any challenges. She went ahead and completed her graduation from Long Beach City College in Business Ad. Studies. Jenni Rivera, Jose Trinidad Marin’s ex-wife’s background, reveals that she came from a middle-class family. Her father used to run a business. Formerly, he was a bartender. 

Jose Trinidad Marin
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Want to know more about Jenni Rivera, Jose Trinidad Marin’s ex-wife? Well! Did you know? Jenni Rivera, apart from being a big-time celebrity, was also very kind at heart. She used to run charity foundations. Even today, there are four foundations running by her name. These are — Love Foundation, Tequila La Gran Señora, Jenni’s Refuge, and Jenni Vive. 

How old is Jose Trinidad Marin now? 

Popularly known as Trino Marin or Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband, Jose Trinidad Marin is now 58 years old. He was born on February 15, 1964, in California, USA. 

What is Jose Trinidad Marin’s profession?

Back in the 90s, Jose Trinidad Marin was unknown before he married the popular American-Mexican singer Jenni Rivera. According to the inside details, Jose Trino Marin himself never entered the industry.

To the reader’s surprise, Jose Trinidad Marin used to be an administrative Manager for a restaurant in California, USA. He started working in the hotel management field after marrying Jenni Rivera in 1984. At the time, Jenni was pregnant with Jose’s first child – Chiquis Rivera. Chiquis Rivera is also an American-Mexican Singer today. 

However, in 1992, as mentioned before, Mr Trino and Jenni Rivera divorced. To the reader’s shock, Jenni Rivera filed for divorce in 1991. Inside details reveal that Mr Trino used to physically and mentally abuse the family — both kids and their mother. Some fans also believe that Jose was intensely envious of Rivera’s success. 

Consequently, Jenni Rivera has divorced as well as the custody of her three kids with Mr Trino. Till 2011, Jose Marin continued his administration manager job position at California Restaurant. In 2012, he was fired due to his court sentencing as a “convicted sexual offender.” We will talk about this in detail ahead. 

What is Jose Trino Marin’s height, Body Measurement, Weight, Nationality, and Ethnicity? 

Convicted as a sexual offender at the age of 48 years old in 2012, Jose Trino Marin is now in Prison. Jose Trino Marin is 5 feet and 10 inches tall. In meters, his height is 1.55. In centimetres, he is 155 cm tall. His ex-wife and late American-Mexican Singer Jenni Rivera were also 5 feet and 10 inches tall. The couple often appeared on red carpets in the past, shoulder to shoulder, smiling!

Apart from his height, Jose Trino Marin weighs only 67 kilograms. That is approximately 147 pounds. His body measurements are unknown because, for the past 12 years, Jose has been in Prison for sexual assault that he committed against his sister-in-law (Jenni Rivera’s sister) and his daughter (Chiquse Rivera).

Jose Trino Marin features are well-known and acknowledged during his court proceedings. He has Black Hair (short), Dark Brown Eyes, and Wheatish Complexion. 

On the contrary, in the context of nationality, Jose Trino Marin is both American and Mexican. He was born in Mexico. Later on, he and his parents relocated to the United States. In the context of ethnicity, he is White-Mexican as both of his parents were born and brought up in Mexico. 

How did Jose Trinidad Marin and Jenni Rivera meet? 

To the reader’s surprise, inside information reveals that Jose Trinidad Marin and Jenni Rivera knew each other from childhood. The couple went to the same high school and started dating. Within a few months of dating, late singer Jenni Rivera (aged 17) gave birth to their first child. After the birth, the couple got married. 

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You will also be surprised to acknowledge that, at an early age, Jenni Rivera was not as famous. She hadn’t entered the music industry. Instead, she was a part-time seller in Flea Market. Only after divorcing her husband in 1992 did Rivera become famous in the music industry. 

Not only this, but until 2012, Jenni Rivera did not reveal the reason for her divorce to the world. Our research highly speaks that Jose was an abusive partner. 

Did Jenni Rivera remarry in 1992?

As you already know, Jenni Rivera divorced her husband, Jose, in 1992. Behind it, she said that he was abusive both physically and mentally. The answer to this question is yes. Jenni Rivera, Jose’s ex-wife, remarried Juan López in 1997. However, once again, Jenni Rivera’s second marriage did not work out well. After six years of marriage, Rivera divorced Juan López. 

One of the major reasons behind the divorce was Juan López’s illegal business. At the age of 25, Juan López was selling drugs and growing big in the Mexican Mafia. Consequently, Jenni Rivera divorced him. Not long after the divorce, Juan López also landed in jail. Apart from this, Juan López was engaged in the smuggling of immigrants to the United States of America, specifically from Mexico. 

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On the contrary, in 2009, while Juan López was still in Prison, he was declared dead. In the media, it was announced that because of pneumonia, Juan López died. Without a doubt, some fans believe that Juan López was killed in Prison because of his engagement and acknowledgement of Mexico’s drug dealers’ secrets. 

Did you know? With Jenni Rivera, Juan López has two children. Jenny Lopez, born on February 11, 2001, is now building his career as a film director. Jenny’s older sister —Jenicka Lopez, is a popular Mexican Actress. She also runs a successful youtube channel. She was born on October 3 1997. 

Who was Jenni Rivera’s third husband? 

Jenni Rivera, after building her high-end career in the American Music Industry, divorced Juan Lopez in 2003. For the next 7 years, late Mrs Rivers stayed single. In the middle, she began dating Esteban Loaiza. For those who do not know, Esteban Loaiza is a Mexican Basketball Athlete born in Tijuana, Mexico.

The couple walked down the aisle and took a sacred oath of marriage in 2010. According to the inside details, before marriage in 2010, Jenni Rivera also gave birth to Esteban Loaiza Jr., her sixth child. On the contrary, Esteban Loaiza’s first child. 

Unfortunately, in 2012, while travelling to Mexico, Jenni Rivera died in a plane crash. The plane had aviation issues which triggered the accident. 

According to the inside details, Jenni Rivera on the plane was accompanying her team. It included Arturo Rivera, the publicist of Jenni Rivera. Mrs Rivera’s makeup artist and personal beauty expert Jacob Yebale, Jorge Armando Sanchez Vasquez, who was Rivera’s hairstylist and lawyer/attorney Mario Macias Pacheco also passed away. 

What did Jose Trinidad Marin do? 

Now, the moment in this reading you have all been waiting for! Jose Trinidad Marin, Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband, is currently residing in Prison. He is 58 years old. The court finalized the case in 2007 and sentenced him to 31 years in (unknown) Prison. According to the details of the lawsuit, Jose Trinidad Marin sexually assaulted Rivera’s younger sister Rosie. Not only this, but he also sexually assaulted and molested his own daughter —Jacqie Campos. She is also an American-Mexican singer akin to her late mother. 

In 2007, over 15 years after the divorce, Jacqie Campos and Rosie opened up about what Jose Marin had been doing. Consequently, J. Rivera filed a lawsuit which led to Trino Marin’s conviction. He has been sentenced to 31 years in Prison without parole. He is also a publicly listed sexual offender. 

What’s more? 

Even after landing in Prison, Jose Trinidad Marin is maintaining his silence as well as innocence in this case. He has completed 10 years in Prison and has 21 more years to go. In the meantime, he has upto $100K Net Worth. 

To know more details, check out the Jose Trinidad Marin Biography below —


Name Jose Trinidad Marin
Born on February 15, 1964 
Birthplace California, USA
Age 58 Years Old
Height 5 Feet 10 Inches 
Weight 67 Kilograms / 147 Pounds
Body Measurement Not Available
Features Black Hair, White Complexion, Dark brown eyes
Educational Background High School passout
Profession Former Administrative Manager in Californian Restaurant
Spouse/Ex-Spouse Dolores Saavedra Jenni Rivera (American-Mexican Singer and pop star)
  • Chiquis Rivera (1985)
  • Michael Marín Rivera (1991)
  • (1989)
Net Worth  $100K (Hundred Thousand Dollars)
Lives in Prison 
Labeled as  Sexual Offender
Conviction for Sexual offense against Rosie Rivera and Jacqie Campos
Sentenced in 2007
Nationality American-Mexican
Ethnicity Mexican
Parents Not Available


1. Who is Jose Trinidad Marin?
Jose Trinidad Marin is Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband.

2. How Old Is Jose Trinidad Marin?
He is 59 years old.

3. When does Jose Trinidad Marin’s birthday come?
His birthday is on 15 February.

4. How tall is Jose Trinidad Marin?
He is 5 ft and 10 inches tall.

5. What is Jose Trinidad Marin’s net worth?
Jose Trinidad Marin’s estimated net worth is $600K.


With that being said, now you know everything there is! You have grasped all the information successfully on Jose Trinidad Marin and Jenni Rivera’s controversial court case. To get more updates in the future, you can hang out and bookmark our website. You are welcome here, round-o-clock. Thank you for accompanying us. Good luck!


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