Julie Jenkins Fancelli: Everything you need to know about the heiress of Publix Super Markets

Julie Jenkins Fancelli
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In the past few years, Julie Jenkins Fancelli has been in the talks for a long time. Especially because of her financial support along the lines of Donald Trump’s Presidency Campaign. Many people believe that rallies arranged by Julie Jenkins played a big part in triggering riots in Washington D.C. But why is that? 

To begin with, Julie Jenkins is not a celebrity as per the audience over the web. She is indeed the heiress of a multi-billion company called Publix Super Markets. Henceforth, she has grasped a strong and unending spotlight. Believe it or not, but Julie has exposed some high-end guts while supporting Donald Trump publicly and joined the Save America March campaign for a long time. However, Julie Jenkins is not the lone mastermind behind her do-nation march. Indeed, the show was hosted by Alex Jones, possibly pro bono. 

Julie Jenkins Fancelli
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According to inside reports, the radio show undertaken by Alex Jones and long-long speeches of Julie Jenkins was indeed found responsible for making the citizens believe that Donald Trump was indeed the victim of a stolen election. 

To be honest, those were some big allegations that both political personalities tried to put forward to the world without rigid proof. So, today we brought to you a brief guide on Julie Jenkins Fancelli – Who is she? What’s she up to now? And, most especially, controversies she was involved in. It is going to be fun. Let’s begin: 

#1: She is the future owner of a Multi-billion company

To begin with, Publix is one of the largest chains of stores in America. Here’s a fun fact: 50-years old Julie Jenkins Fancelli is the forthcoming owner of Publix. To your surprise, the company’s current net worth is 3 billion USD along with 15 billion USD worth equity in hand. 

With such a large business to run, Julie Fancelli has expressed her major interest in politics. For now, her father, George Jenkins, runs Publix as he is the most major authority there. Indeed, he himself kickstarted Publix in 1930. 

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The reason why the audience is going crazy over Julie’s involvement in Donald Trump’s election campaign is that Publix Co. is one of the top 100 best companies to work for, according to Forbes. It indeed holds the 39th position, which makes Publix Co. a large part of the USA’s economy. Not only this, but if the company goes entirely in the hands of Julie Jenkins Fancelli after George W. Jenkins, it is hard to say who she will politically support in the upcoming elections. 

So, there’s a question you may need to think of!

#2: Was Julie Jenkins Fancelli among the attackers on January 6, 2021? 

Earlier than January 6, 2021, not everyone in America knew Julie Jenkins Fancelli. However, as soon as the event took place on this date, the strongest supporter of these events had to come forward. And that support was Julie Jenkins. 

According to the previous reports, on January 6, 2021, the new and upcoming president of the USA, a.k.a Joe Biden, was to be pronounced at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. However, amid such a crucial time of the year for the country, a Mob of Trump’s support in rally attacked the Capitol while the police present there for security kept trying to keep them calm. 

Julie Jenkins Fancelli
image credit: New Times Broward Palm Beach

Without a doubt, it created an intense atmosphere among those who were present in front of the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. with peace in their hearts and minds. 

Yet, what was discussed later is rather embarrassing for Julie Jenkins! According to the inside details, Julie Jenkins made it to the headlines for her previous donations. She indeed donated $1 million from her pocket to arrange a rally for Trump supporters. And, it is believed that those who attacked the U.S. Capitol and electoral vote-counters were indeed the people from the rallies that she supported. 

#3: Julie J. Fancelli is regular supporter of political causes

When in 2021, on January 6, the mob attacked the U.S. Capitol, every magazine in the world printed articles about how Julie J. Fancelli planned the attack and funded it as well. However, in Julie Jenkins’ words, it is untrue. According to history, Julie is a regular supporter of the Congress Party. Not only this, but in 2019 as well as 2020, she donated a large sum of money for Republicans’ support. 

A few sources have disclosed that in 2020, the total donated amount was up to $2.6 Million. But, the main question stands, where does all this money come from? The sources of her income and the large sum that she donates are unknown. It is easy to comprehend that she gets all the funds from Publix Super Markets Co., owned by her father, George. But it hasn’t been confirmed yet. 

#4: Publix says, “Julie J. Fancelli has no involvement in company’s matters and vice versa.”

As mentioned before, Julie Jenkins Fancelli has made some serious and large sums of donations in support of Trump rallies and Republican causes. Henceforth, being George W. Jenkins’ only daughter, it is easy for the world to comprehend where all this money is coming from! However, Publix’s Twitter account left all the viewers stunned and astounded when it uploaded a statement on its feed. The statement said that Julie J. Fancelli is neither an employee of Publix nor is she involved in any type of Board decisions. 

Image credit: Florida News Times

Henceforth, Publix exposed that Julie J. Fancelli is in no way part of the company, and thus, the company or company’s money has nothing to do with the events of January 6, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol, Washington D.C.

According to Wikipedia, Publix Super Markets Co. have a large history of charitable and political giving. For example, in 2020 and previous to that year, Publix has donated funds for food in support of Special Olympics, United Way, YMCA, Children’s Miracle Network, and March of Dimes. 

In the past few years, question marks on the evaluation of Publix Super Markets towards the funding of political practices have been raised. For example, in 2018, Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting’s survivors, led by David Hogg, kickstarted a “boycott publix” protest. The reason why Publix had to face such heat is that it was funding Adam Hughs Putnam – a politician who didn’t support the new state gun restrictions. 

This was only one event. There have been many politically incorrect events where Publix stood as a funding figure. Thus, people assuming Publix’s part in the mob attacking the U.S. Capitol was not at all shocking. What do you think? 

#5: Who is Julie Jenkins’s husband? 

When Publix launched a statement saying that it played no part in funding the 6th January Rally for Trump, the media started questioning Julie Jenkins’s husband’s background, especially how strong it is financially? Because, without a doubt, Julie has some way to donate millions to the wrong causes. However, it turns out, Julie is married to a simple businessman in Florence, Italy. The couple first met eyes in the hallways of the University of Florida and dated for years. 

Julie Jenkins Fancelli
Image credit: Barry Friedman / LkldNow and Mail Online

Julie’s husband, a.k.a., Mauro Adolf Dino Fancelli, is a fruits and vegetable wholesaler in Florence currently. The couple tied knots in the First United Methodist Church in 1972. 

It is rather challenging to speak of Mauro Adolf Dino Fancelli’s net worth because there’s not much known about this guy. The couple is barely spotted in public. 

#6: What is Julie Jenkins Fancelli Net Worth? 

According to various web sources, Julie Jenkins Fancelli Net worth estimated as of 2021 is four million USD. Here’s a fun fact: Do you know? In 2020, Publix released a statement saying Julie Jenkins is neither employee nor partner or anybody at the Publix Super Markets Co. However, multiple inside sources mention that Julie Jenkins had gotten her four million USD worth of net worth as a 9 to 10% share of Publix. 

It may also mean that due to the wrongful reputation that Julie was bringing to the Publix Super Markets, George W. Jenkins gave away Julie – her share of the company and let her go. That’s our assumption. No rumors concerning Julie’s main source of income have been confirmed yet. 

#7: She lives in a million-dollar mansion

According to the latest youtube exploring videos and other sources, it has been confirmed that Julie lives in Florida currently. However, we are unsure whether her husband Mauro lives with her or not. Because, in 1972, the newspaper article reported that the couple would be living in Italy. To the reader’s surprise, she lives in a mansion that is worth 2.7 million USD. Surprising, isn’t it? 

Insights on Publix revealed that Jenkins Family only owns a 20% share in the Publix Co. The other 80% comes under the ownership of employees. To the reader’s surprise, the company holds 2, 25, 000 employees currently. To your surprise, there are over 1200 Publix stores in the USA. 

Image credit; Yahoo Finance

Henceforth, questions on Jenkins’ being the 39th richest family in the country as well as where does all this money comes from are unending!


The story of Julie Jenkins Fancelli, of course, does not end here. She is still quite active and takes part in Political rallies. During one of the public interviews, Julie Jenkins also stated that she does not support any type of violence. And she also added that whatever happened on January 6, 2021 – she never planned that. It was the undertaking of Trump’s supporters at the rally which wasn’t anticipated at all. 

To know more, bookmark us, and we will send you an update on this article very soon. Thank you!


Q: Who is Julie Jenkins Fancelli?
A: Julie Jenkins Fancelli is an American heiress, conservative political donor, and philanthropist. She is the daughter of George W. Jenkins, the founder of the Publix supermarket chain.

Q: What is Julie Jenkins Fancelli’s net worth?
A: Julie Jenkins Fancelli’s net worth is estimated to be $4.3 billion. She is one of the richest women in the United States.

Q: How did Julie Jenkins Fancelli make her money?
A: Julie Jenkins Fancelli inherited her wealth from her father, George W. Jenkins. She also owns a stake in Publix Super Markets, which is the largest employee-owned company in the United States.

Q: What are some of Julie Jenkins Fancelli’s philanthropic interests?
A: Julie Jenkins Fancelli is a major donor to several charitable organizations, including the George Jenkins Foundation, the United Way of Central Florida, and the Lakeland Regional Medical Center.

Q: What is Julie Jenkins Fancelli’s political affiliation?
A: Julie Jenkins Fancelli is a Republican. She is a major donor to the Republican Party and has supported several conservative causes.


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