Justin Bieber New Song “Get Me” With Kehlani Is Out Now

Justin Bieber New Song
Justin Bieber New Song "Get Me" With Kehlani Is Out Now

Good news for Justin Bieber fans has arrived. A brand new song from his forthcoming album has been released and features Kehlani in it. ‘Get Me’ is a part of Bieber’s Valentine’s day album ‘Changes’, for which the Bieber tribe had been waiting eagerly this year. But the song drop was not just the only treat that Justin had to offer his fans.

On the 27th of January, The ‘Yummy’ singer announced his latest song drop along with the launch of his first docuseries on his YouTube channel. The docuseries based on Bieber is named Seasons, the first episode of which is already out now for his fans and worldwide viewers.

Kehlani couldn’t hold her excitement anymore and soon followed the announcement made on Instagram by Justin Bieber with a Tweet. She mentioned that she has been exploding inside as this was the biggest secret to hold. She shared with her fans and followers that the new song ‘Get Me’ from the upcoming album from Justin Bieber features her. 

Justin Bieber New Song "Get Me" With Kehlani Is Out Now
Justin Bieber New Song “Get Me” With Kehlani Is Out Now

But that was not all, just like Bieber, Kehlani added that the album ‘Changes’ is all set to drop on 14th Feb and is open for pre-orders. Along with which she also mentioned the docuseries ‘Seasons’ in her tweet. On the other hand, Bieber did not stop at sharing the schedule of the album drop. His fans received a triple treat from him when along with the other two announcements, he shared the schedule of his upcoming tour for ‘Changes’.

Justin Bieber begins his ‘Changes’ tour in the month of May, 14th May to be particular and continues till the 26th of September for stopping by for 45 shows in total. That’s not all, along with the dates, Bieber’s post added that Kehlani and Jaden Smith would be joining Beiber for the tour.

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