Kabul University Attack: Gunmen Storm Campus and Fire Randomly

Kabul University Attack
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The recent Kabul University attack witnessed a massacre where shooters broke into the campus. Soon, the security forces start battling with the gunmen who were firing randomly. The latest news reports the death killing of at least 22 people in the incident. A local Islamic group seems to be responsible for the whole experience and is claiming the same too.

The Kabul University attack began just a couple of hours before a campus event to host several government officials. The university was gearing up for an Iranian book Fair before the gunmen attacked people on the campus for hours at a stretch. Tuesday, November 3, is declared as a national mourning day for the country after this incident. After much research, the media reports that the Taliban does not accept any connection to this incident. Instead, they are condemning the attack. Later, the regional Islamic Group came out with an official message claiming responsibility for the event.

According to the Islamic group spokesperson, their target was not the Kabul University students or staff. Instead, their grudge was against the investigators and judges who were graduating on the day. It is because the antisocial group believes that those people were working for the apostate government of Afghanistan. Moreover, this is not the first time that the IS claims involvement in such an incident.

Kabul University attack is not the first one of its kind

It was last month when they targeted another educational institution, a coaching class in Kabul. That incident also left at least 24 people dead. The same group carried out another massacre in front of Kabul University, killing a few dozens of people. After the recent incident, Ashraf Ghani, Afghan President, vows revenge against the IS group for this incident. He says that they deserve punishment for such a “senseless attack.”

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Video footage from the massacre site goes viral soon after the shooting began. It clearly shows terrified students who are running in all directions after the sound of firing. Some of the students were even trying to scale walls as a safe way to leave the campus. According to an officer’s statement from the Interior Ministry, an attacker detonates explosives before beginning to fire randomly.

A 23-year old student present at the spot during the firing gives a detailed account of what happened. He states that all of the students there were ready to believe that they would die. According to his report to the AFP News Agency, everyone was calling for help and praying in terror. Another student reports how the gunmen were shooting every student that came in front of them. Moreover, they were targeting each student who was trying to escape as well. It seems that Afghanistan’s terror situation is increasing gradually, despite all the peace talks by the Taliban. Moreover, the discussions between the US and the Taliban in Doha, Qatar, to end the ongoing conflict seem useless now.

The terror scenario of Afghanistan is worsening

Just before the university attack, a UN official spoke to the BBC regarding Afghanistan’s terror scenario. He mentions in the interview how Al-Qaeda was still full of the Taliban despite the group’s assurance of maintaining peace. Apart from the campus attack, Omer Zwak, the governor’s spokesperson, reports another incident. Seven people, mostly children, and women die in the Helmand province after a car hits a roadside mine. An Afghan journalist rightly states that no one seems to be safe in the country anymore.

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The Kabul University attack takes place just a couple of days after another devastating attack in another institution. Moreover, over 40 young students lost their lives due to the incident that was again carried out by the IS. According to sources, the last attack took place in a Shia neighborhood of the city. However, the Taliban entity claims that they were not responsible for any of these incidents. Instead, they are holding other people in the Afghan administration accountable for the heinous incidents. All of these incidents may trigger the Afghan forces to gear up for another war.


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