Kanye West Announces New Album ‘Jesus Is King’ to be out soon


Kanye West has finally mentioned a date for Jesus Is King. And when he did, he made a re-entry to Twitter and tweeted that it’s out on October 25.

He informed the news with a mystic image of the album on vinyl. It will be coming out on the same day along with an album based documentary film that will come to IMAX theaters.

Jesus Is King was initially planned for a September 27 launch by Kim Kardashian West, which was pushed afterward to September 29. It in fact never came out, obviously.

Kanye West Announces New Album 'Jesus Is King' to be out soon
Kanye West Announces New Album ‘Jesus Is King’ to be out soon

The weekend when it was touted to be launched, Kanye held Sunday Service events and served as the host for listening parties for his close circles.

The name of the album raised a lot of questions over his religious beliefs. Almost on a weekly basis, Kanye West hosts Sunday services for his celeb friends.

But even though he likes the fun that comes with the service and discussion of God, West maintains that he doesn’t believe in religion. How can he be heading a faith service without religion?

“I believe in God,” West said. “Christianity wasn’t a really easy thing when I grew up, it was the only thing. It wasn’t like I was handed the decision back then.”

He told that we have an alternative in almost every other part of our lives. We get to decide about our careers and our interests. But religion is just given to us by our parents. You’re born a Jew or Muslim or Christian, and you’re by default expected to follow that.

West maintains he respects people from all over the world and every culture. He has massive respect for people who embrace their true identities. But as far as religion, West rejects its notion or having to be stuck to any particular way of thought.

“I would never walk into a religion,” he said. “I guess my religion is just what I do religiously every day after waking up.”


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