Katy Perry’s Suspicious Baby Bump ignite Pregnancy Rumors

Katy Perry's Suspicious Baby Bump ignite Pregnancy Rumors
Katy Perry's Suspicious Baby Bump ignite Pregnancy Rumors

On Wednesday evening, during the release of the actor’s new Amazon Prime series, Katy Perry supported her fiance, Carnival Row, in LA. Perry’s public sighting did not come as a surprise since the couple has been inseparable ever since they announced their engagement on Valentine’s Day.

Perry looked so pretty with a skin-tight, sleeveless pink gown along with she wore blue bow who completed her look at the premiere. Her tammy was looking like a “baby bump.”

According to a source from Life & Style magazine “Katy would be waiting till after they were married to have kids, but that’s not written in stone.” This is not the first time when these rumors have spread in current weeks that they got engaged on Valentine’s Day this year, have yet to make an announcement.

Katy Perry's Suspicious Baby Bump ignite Pregnancy Rumors
Katy Perry’s Suspicious Baby Bump ignite Pregnancy Rumors

“If she got pregnant today, she would postpone the wedding until after the baby’s born.” If Perry is indeed pregnant, then this would be her first. On the other hand, the “Lord of the Rings” actor is already a father to his and ex-wife Miranda Kerr’s 8-year-old son, Flynn Christopher.

Forty-two years old Orlando is already a father of Flynn bloom which is eight years old he married with an Australian model named Miranda Kerr. Miranda and her husband have another son named Hart, and she is just going to give birth to her third child.

Katy and Orlando took some time off their busy schedules to enjoy some adventurous fun in Ibiza. Unfortunately, Bloom suffered a bloody cut while he was out for an ambitious rocky hike in the Mediterranean island sans his wife-to-be.

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A British born Orlando stars as a detective in Carnival Row investigating a series of murders in The Burgue, a capital that’s home to mythical creatures fleeing a war. During publicity for the show, he opened up about he keeps his relationship secure with the Roar singer.

“But things like writing a note, showing motivating for that person and making sure they feel that you care, that you see what they’re doing, that you motivate what they’re doing and that you try to make them feel safe and connected and grounded. That’s something that I think we both try to do for one another.”


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