Kehlani New song “All Me” Featuring Keyshia Cole- details inside


Kahlani is closing this year with a beautiful sing-song. The song “You Know Wussup.” was released last month. This Oakland born songwriter will be joined by a fellow California singer Keyshia Cole for a smooth flowing R & R jam produced by ReeceBeats.

Kehlani released the video after her DJ confirmed on the tune at the show in San Fransisco. The delight of her fans needed no bound. This 24-year-old is harping on the memories of her man when she sings the song, “When you see him, know that’s all me.”

Though this singer has an amazing fan following she is still utilizing her social media handles for the promotion of “All Me”. Her campaign technique is very unique, Kelhani is reposting her fan-made dance video of this song. You should check out her video on her Instagram stories.

Her social media campaigns went wild even before Kelhani had launched the new song. Thus when “All Me” was launched, and that too with Keyshia Cole featured in the video, hell broke loose!

Kehlani New song "All Me" Featuring Keyshia Cole- details inside
Kehlani New song “All Me” Featuring Keyshia Cole- details inside

This is all very new for Kehlani too. “I’ve never had a song hype like this before it dropped,” said the 24-year-old singing sensation through her tweets. She went on to add “I’ve never had this much energy for a musical release […] and this was accidental. This wasn’t my planned single, this isn’t a part of the rollout for my album… I put a snippet up & y’all made it viral.”

The initial plan was to hold off the campaign until the #DropTheSongKehlani movement, but we see that was not an option at all since there was a great demand for this song, and just like that began the K2 campaigns.

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Though most of the song was amazing, let this Christmas be about the following lyrics:

Never have I ever questioned ya, questioned ya

You already know that

I ain’t never stressed with ya, stressed with ya

Love me and you own that, uh

That’s why I’m so impressed with ya, blessed with ya


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