Kevin Durant Net Worth: How rich the highest-paid basketball player is?

Kevin Durant net worth

When it comes to the income of sportspeople, fans often miss on the monetary factor. The reason being fans only care about the sportsmanship and nothing more. Recently, Kevin Durant Net Worth increased up to a level that he got declared as the highest-paid basketball player globally. Without a doubt, all the commendation goes to the player’s fantastic work on the basketball field. However, do you know? Kevin is not merely a globally-known basketball player. But, he has also acquired a real-time reputation as a tech investor. 

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Thus, in the event that you think Kevin Durant has built a high-deal net worth only through basketball. Nah Nah! He has invested his precious time and funds into some sustainable businesses and endeavours to keep his “good deeds” ongoing. So, are you ready for the biggest reveal? That’s right! Here is the most-awaited jaw-dropping net worth value of Kevin Durant! Let’s begin:

 What is Kevin Durant Net Worth?

Kevin Durant’s total net worth in 2020 is $170 Million. This value includes his basketball income and income as other endeavours such as technology investment and brand-based investment. A trustable source informs that starting from mid-2019 to mid-2020, KD (Kevin Durant) made $65 million from additional investments. Not only this, but he is a prominent part of the NBA, which pays $30 million per year. Till 2018, Kevin was associated with the Golden State Warriors. He spent three seasons with GSW. Later in 2019, he skipped from GSW to Brooklyn Nets leading for a four years contract. The respective contract clearly states income worth $164 million. 

Kevin Durant net worth 2020
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Above all, Kevin Durant is a well-known face when it comes to the brand “Nike.” Nike pays $26 Million per year. Thus, the calculation is crystal clear here. Kevin’s monthly salary from Nike and the NBA combined is up to 56 Million USD. i.e.., the highest-paid basketball player in the world. 

How far do you know Kevin Durant? 

Well! When it comes to basketball, you may know Kevin Durant far very deeply due to his amazing techniques and his name, which is touching the skies of success. But, do you know other details? For example, where Kevin Durant comes from? Where did his career take off for higher heights of success? And what’s his qualification? Here’s an ideal opportunity to know your favourite celebrity at an intense level. Let’s take a glance at Kevin’s brief details:

Beginning of Career in Basketball

Born in 1988 September 29 in Washington DC, Kevin Durant had a hard time to build an understanding with his parents. While his father shunned the family and jilted off after an apathetic divorce, Kevin grew up with a single mom. However, he had remained quite close to his grandmother. Kevin Durant had a playful childhood in Maryland with his siblings named Brianna, Tony, and Yvonne. Luckily for Kevin, his father made a comeback to their life for the good. At the age of 13, Kevin had his first tour with his father for a basketball series. Hence, Athlete Durant started at a micro-level during his teenage years. 

2020 annual income
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To name some real-time championships that Kevin was part of Ametuer Athletic Union, NBA, Montrose Christian School, National Christian Academy, and Oak Hill Academy. Do you know? Kevin Durant started his basketball career in the company of some high-end players of the 1900s. Including, Ty Lawson, Micheal Beasley, and Greivis Vasquez at NBA. He also trained under Charles Craig, who later became a significant part of Kevin’s life. Unfortunately, Charles had gone through a tragedy. He was murdered. Since then, Kevin adopted Jersey number 35 as a tribute to his coach. 

In the context of qualifications, Kevin studied at the University of Texas. During his high-school years, he was also awarded as 2006 McDonald’s All American Game’s Most Valuable Player and Washington Post All-Met Basketball Player of the year 2006. To end with, every small success leads to a bigger one. Hence, it settled!

Basketball College Record

You may have relearned Kevin Durant’s highest achievement on the basketball courts globally. However, every athlete starts small. Some noteworthy college records of Mr Durant are:

  • 2006-2007 Basketball season at the University of Texas, Austin = 11.1 rebounds, 25.8 points, and 1.3 assists per game. Do you know? Maximum NBA Rebounds record held by Wilt Chamberlain, i.e.., 23, 924. Kareem Abdul Jamar holds maximum basketball points record, i.e.., 38, 387. And, John Stockton holds maximum assists record in basketball, i.e.., 15, 806. 
  • In the basketball history of Kevin Durant, points achieved are 54 in a single game. In 2013-14, Durant also achieved the highest points in total, which is equivalent to 2593 during NBA season. 
  • Above all, Kevin Durant is also a crucial part in making NBA history of highest points, rebounds, and assists combined with Russell Westbrook III. NBA lists both as the achiever of 1215 rebounds, 3907 points, and 1195 assists. Let’s raise a big applause to the teamplay of both Kevin and Russell. 

Kevin Durant Net Worth during professional basketball career time period

To begin with, fans often focus on scores. But, do you know how much Kevin Durant charges per game on/off the court? Well! The simple answer is – very much. However, today, we are going to mirror a few exact values to leave you shocked to your guts. Are you ready for some million thrills? Let’s take a glance: 

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Kevin Durant Net Worth: Contractual Income with Seattle SuperSonics or Thunder
  • Starting from 2007 to 2009, Kevin Durant was the star player of Seattle SuperSonics. He became the NBA Rookie of the year in the first-season complimenting his performance in each game as he earned over 20 points, 4.4 rebounds, and approx 2.5 assists in every game. If you look at the figures closely on Kevin Durant Wikipedia, you will get a few jaw-dropping figures. 
  • In 2008, Kevin Durant was declared as the Most Improved Player. It was the year when SuperSonics officially became the Thunder. 
  • In 2010, Kevin achieved the repute of NBA’s youngest scoring champion complimenting his 30 average points in one of the games. 
Source: USA Today’s FTW
  • Later on, Mr Durant became a crucial part of the NBA, a part that was always in the spotlight. Viewing Kevin as the basketball star for the current and forthcoming generation, NBA signed Kevin for five years leading him to make $86 Million income out of the contract (for the first year). 
  • In 2012, Kevin was also awarded the NBA All-Star Game’s Most Valuable Player of the Year. i.e.., not only in terms of net worth but also the quality of the player. He earned $88 million that year from the NBA.
  • To the reader’s surprise, Kevin Durant made it into the headlines in 2014 for record-breaking reasons. Kevin kick-off Micheal Jordan’s record in 2015 with scoring 25 points per game (total games = 41). He filled up his pockets with $88 million.
Kevin Durant with Global State Warriors
  • In July 2016, after years of successful games and achievements with Thunder; Kevin grasped the opportunity to explore more. He contractually joined Golden State Warriors for $54.3 million for two years. 
net worth Kevin Durant
  • In 2018, Kevin and Golden State Warriors extended their contract for the next two years improving Kevin Durant’s net worth to $61.5 million this time. 
Kevin Durant with Brooklyn Nets
  • As mentioned before, in 2019, Kevin Durant and Brooklyn Nets shook hands leading Kevin Durant to earn $164 Million for four years. 
Source: The Arkansas Democrat -Gazette

Amazing how an Athlete reaches such higher in terms of net worth as well as reputation on/off-court? Let’s take a glance at Kevin Durant’s other sources of income which contributes to his Net Worth at a larger scale. 

Kevin Durant’s Income as an Investor

Do you know? Kevin Durant is one of the well-known sportsmen with high-end interest in financial investment. According to Forbes, Kevin is already a part of 40 companies as an investor. He earns a significant part of his year-to-year improving Net worth from profit that he receives in return. Following are some noteworthy incomes: 

  • According to a few reports, Kevin Durant is always in-and-out of endorsement deals for prominent real-time brands. Such as – Nike, Postmates, acorns, skydio, Line, and Qball (Netflix). It leads him to earn up to 35 Million USD per year.
  • Apart from this, Kevin also owns a media production co. which is currently in association with Showtime, Apple, Fox, ESPN, and Netflix
  • Kevin Durant’s investment company is named as Thirty-Five Ventures. Postmates delivered 15 Million USD to Durant for his service in advertising their on-demand delivery service.
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  • He also invested in Acorns, which is currently valued at 860 Million USD. A part of profit adds up to Kevin Durant Net worth.
  • Skydio valued at 220 Million USD gives out a real-time return on investment to Kevin. 
  • Lime now has a market value in billions. Thus, millions go in the pocket of our athlete Kevin. 
  • Qball is a documentary film released on Netflix. It has been created by Kevin Media production co. 
  • Nike offers $35 million to Kevin for advertisement and so. 
  • At last, Kevin also became an all-rounding tech investor when he showed his interest in Coinbase. A bitcoin-based company. 

According to recent reports, Kevin is planning to implement investment plans for 40 more tech startups. Without a doubt, the player has a high potential in both fields evidently. 

Kevin Durant Property Net worth

Is real estate a part of celebrities net worth? Well! Why not? Kevin Durant’s $120.5 million Malibu Beachfront home is unavoidable and definitely, appealing. Other than that, he also holds several properties in Oklahoma, specifically, Oak Hill. Rest assured, the player is RICH. 

Kevin Durant $170 million NW
Source: Baltimore Sun

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