“Kim Yo Han” is considered to play a male lead in ‘School 2020’

"Kim Yo Han" is considered to play a male lead in 'School 2020'

Are you an ardent K-Pop fan?
If you truly are, then the name Kim Yo Han must have a connection with your wits. A former member of the short-lived yet celebrated boy band X1, since their disbandment at the very beginning of this year, Kim has been receiving numerous offers for roles in many Korean dramas. Out of them all, the one that took the lion’s share of the limelight is the male lead for a famous anthology series, one which you would readily recognize if you consider yourself to be an honest K-Drama fan: School.
What is School?

"Kim Yo Han" is considered to play a male lead in 'School 2020'
“Kim Yo Han” is considered to play a male lead in ‘School 2020’

Its a series produced by KBS2 which realistically portrays the day-to-day plights of the school going youth of South Korea such as their academic culture and curriculums, bullying, teen suicide, school-life romance, corruption in the education system and much more. The series premiered for the first time in the year 1999 running successfully until 2002, after which it was intermitted for a long hiatus of ten years. The franchise was rebooted again in 2012 with School 2013 and has been continuing its journey since.
Kim Yo Han’s role in School 2020 :
As per the announcement made on the 13th of January this year, Kim has been approached by KBS2 to play the male lead in the next installment of the franchise which will be premiering in August later this year. He will be playing the role of Kim Tae Jin, a former taekwondo bronze medalist, who after an ankle injury and his father’s financial crisis, gets transferred to a vocational school, where, even though he acts like an adult when confronted with the girl he likes, becomes the confused high school teenager he is at heart.
The plot has been penned by Kim Ji Young and Ryu Sol Ah with Han Sang Woo at the helm in charge of direction. According to sources, filming of the episodes is to commence from March this year.

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