Purchasing an ideal countertop for the kitchen could be a difficult decision since several materials are available in the market. In this regard, some people dream about the look of natural stone, while others prefer a man-made product that offers more benefits. Either way, homeowners will only find out which one is the perfect material for their homes by understanding the pros and cons of different surfaces. In this blog, you will be knowing about kitchen design: Stone Countertops vs granite.

 Many homeowners encounter the classic dilemma of stone vs granite countertops when deciding on which material is the best. But, in reality, no option has more quality than the other since this decision will depend on the needs of each household. For instance, for people who have kids, one of the key priorities is to get a surface that is stain resistant. At the same time, others might want a countertop that can withstand thermal shock.

 We know that right now, this could sound confusing. That’s why if homeowners have any questions about choosing the ideal countertop, they can get more information here: Now, before comparing options, we’ll look at the top materials for any kitchen surface.

 Stone vs Granite Countertops

 For a long time, homeowners have wondered about the difference between stone and granite countertops. Well, here is the answer. Granite is a stone countertop since the material is mined from the earth. Then, why do people compare stone countertops and granite? That happens because some homeowners refer to engineered products as stone surfaces. 

 In this case, it is better to compare each material individually. To help all homeowners do the same, here is a list of our favorite countertop materials. 


 When it comes to kitchen design, one of the most popular materials in the industry is granite. As we explained above, granite is a natural material that is mined from a pure stone. Then, this needs to be transformed into slabs that can be installed in a kitchen. This is a complex process that only experts can perform. 

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 Once the product is ready, it will be available in a variety of tones. We can assure you that there are no two granite slabs that look the same. Due to the manufacturing process, all granite countertops end up different. 

 If homeowners have an outside kitchen, granite is recommended since it won’t get damaged. Other benefits that homeowners can enjoy with a granite countertop include its heat-resistant feature and durability. Plus, the cost of a granite countertop is more affordable compared to more luxurious options like marble. 

 Even though all of these sounds amazing, granite also has some disadvantages. For instance, due to the nature of granite, this material can easily absorb liquids. To prevent this situation, homeowners must reapply sealing every year. 


 Quartz is a material gaining popularity in the last few years since it can resemble the look of natural stone but at a more affordable price. It is crucial to clarify that quartz is an engineered stone made from a mix of resins and a mineral. Because this is a manufactured product, it offers several characteristics that other surfaces don’t have. For instance, it is heat and scratch-resistant. Plus, it can last up to 20 years.

 We would recommend quartz countertops for all homeowners that want to achieve a contemporary look in their kitchen. This surface comes in a variety of tones. Depending on the design you like, there are quartz countertops with some veining while others are solid colors. Caesarstone offers an assortment of designs, and all their quartz countertops are of the highest quality

 It is important to understand that while quartz is one of the top kitchen countertop surfaces, it also has some disadvantages. The main con of this countertop is that it is expensive. A square foot costs between $70 and $100. Also, there is no way to install it without the help of an expert.

As you might notice stone countertops vs granite could be more expensive, but in return these offer endless benefits. 


 This is the ideal dark grey surface for their home for homeowners who have always wanted to purchase a natural surface for their kitchen. Soapstone is a very common countertop in historical homes because of the antique look it provides. 

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 Soapstone can also enhance the style of most contemporary kitchens, and the best part is that it is stain resistant. In order to maintain soapstone, it is crucial to clean the surface every day with a wet cloth. In case it gets damaged, it can be sanded out. Some people like to do this DIY. But, we recommend having a professional do it instead.

 The soapstone surface could darken after some time, and to treat this, homeowners will have to apply mineral oil.


This is the natural stone that all homeowners dream of because it offers a clean and luxurious look. The first thing homeowners should know about marble is that it is the most expensive material on this list. Due to its price, most people decide not to use it on the countertop but rather on the kitchen island, which is smaller. 

 Another difference between stone countertops vs granite is that even if homeowners are moving, installing a marble surface is not a bad idea since it can add value to the property. A feature like this can attract more buyers. For the installation, it is vital to hire experts. Otherwise, the material could get damaged. 

When it comes to maintaining marble countertops, it is crucial to ask the manufacturer which ones are the best products. It is also important to apply sealant. 

 Final Thoughts

 We hope that this article will help all homeowners decide whether stone countertops vs granite are the best option for their kitchen. Remember that after choosing a material, it is equally important picking the right manufacturer. There are several companies in the industry, and it is crucial to look at the customer reviews when looking for an ideal company. Additionally, make sure that the manufacturer you decide to go with offers the material you want. 











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