Knauf Insulation: Insulation Ranges And Solutions

Knauf Insulation: Insulation Ranges And Solutions

Knauf insulation materials strive to reach zero-energy buildings in the future while reducing energy efficiency. Insulation may significantly lower your energy use, but you must also ensure that your house or other structure is airtight before installing insulation. 

The Knauf Australia Insulation industry also examines improving its production techniques to lower energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Additionally, insulation can be acoustically beneficial, minimising the transmission of unwelcome noises throughout your house. Properly insulated homes are more adept at controlling inside temperatures and require less energy for artificial heating and cooling. 

Knauf Australia Insulation Ranges

  1. Mineral Glass Wool.

Products made with Knauf Insulation  Glass Mineral Wool have various uses and advantages.

Advantages of glass mineral wool:

  • For a wide range of applications, there are several Glass Mineral Wool options.
  • Extremely adaptablemay be used for industrial insulation, roofs, and lofts.
  • Excellent thermal performance helps make structures soundproof and can withstand high temperatures.
  • Products made of Glass Mineral Wool are mostly made from naturally existing materials and have a high recycled content.
  • Mineral wool insulation joins continued efforts to provide clients with cutting-edge solutions that satisfy the market’s rising need for more environmentally friendly building materials.
  1. Rock Mineral Wool.

Rock Mineral Wool slabs are scientifically created to give a very high level of compression resistance, excellent fire performance characteristics, and good thermal and acoustic features.

Advantages of rock mineral wool:

  • Excellent thermal and acoustic qualities, as well as exceptional fire performance features.
  • High degrees of compression resistance and extremely high working temperatures are also features of the systems.
  • It was created for a wide range of solutions for a variety of applications, including technological solutions for the process sector, buildings, OEM solutions, green roofs, horticulture, and landscaping.
  1. Wood Wool.
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Heraklith wood wool insulation is an organic product that provides an all-in-one, no-compromise solution for your insulation needs. It combines fire resistance with high acoustic and thermal performance in a long-lasting and environmentally responsible product.

Advantages of wood wool:

  • It produces a long-lasting, environmentally sustainable product with exceptional fire resistance, good acoustic, and high thermal performance.
  • It is a complete, easy-to-use solution ideal for quick, simple, and efficient installation.
  • It comes in a range of sizes, hues, and surface textures.
  • It may be modified to satisfy a variety of design specifications.
  • Available in several sizes, colours, and surface textures that let you tailor its use to fit various creative needs.
  • In the shape of insulating panels, which are suggested for use in various places, agricultural structures, pitched roofs of residential and non-residential buildings, including loft floors, and even neighbourhoods close to trains and other noisy sources.
  • Mould- and water resistant.
  1. Blowing Wool.

Blowing wool is a highly effective and incredibly flexible insulation option that is perfect for all types of construction. The solution is ideal for new-build construction, restoration projects, and modular structures since it offers a variety of applications, multifaceted advantages, and high-speed installation. It is a secure, eco-friendly solution that makes homes comfortable, reduces energy use and expenditures, and raises a building’s value.

Advantages of blowing wool:

  • Lowers energy demand and consumption.
  • Enhances the performance in terms of heat and sound.
  • Offers a long, dependable lifespan.
  • Lowering CO2 emissions.
  • Does not permit the development of bacteria or fungus.
  • Continues to be humidity-resistant
  • Certification for Indoor Air Quality
  • Installation is quick, easy, and tidy.
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Knauf Insulation Solutions

To satisfy the unique needs and expectations of every one of the clients, it provides a broad range of goods in the following categories: energy efficiency, fire safety, acoustics, health, and comfort.

Working with large and medium-sized industrial firms that have the know-how and infrastructure to integrate products or systems. Solutions made from rock or glass mineral wool for the following market segments:

  1. Building Solutions.

Solutions for constructing and refurbishing residential and non-residential buildings that are thermal, acoustic, and fire-resistant.

  1. Blowing Wool Solutions.

A simple and efficient approach saves energy and costs for the entire house.

  1. Woodwool Solutions.

Wood Wool panels from Knauf Insulation completely satisfy sustainability standards and have a track record of outstanding performance in various high-temperature and high-humidity conditions.

  1. OEM Solutions.

Knauf Insulation is regarded as one of the insulation leaders in the OEM business, providing distinctive insulation solutions that can be completely customised to meet clients’ demands and be in line with their manufacturing processes.

  1. Technical Solutions.

Knauf Insulation Technical Solutions offers solutions for clients’ needs in industrial, maritime applications, household installations, and air conditioning.

  1. Green Solutions.

Urbanscape is the brand name for several fresh, cutting-edge goods and devices with various potential uses. They all integrate two essential elements: primarily for urban environments while also taking care of the surrounding landscapes.


One of the world’s biggest producers of insulation-related goods and services is Knauf Insulation. Insulation can reduce the transmission of unwanted noises throughout your home, which can be advantageous acoustically. Homes with adequate insulation are better able to regulate inside temperatures and use less energy for artificial heating and cooling.


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