How Much Do We Actually Know about Pizza?

delicious pizza

When it comes to sharing with the family one of the most common choices of foods is a delicious pizza, a dish that everyone likes and can be consumed no matter the time. Pizzas are consumed worldwide and with so many variants in their ingredients that it can be the choice for lunch, dinner or even dessert! Pizzas are so popular than they even have a World Day. According an article written by Francisco D’Agostino, it is one of the most consumed dishes in the world and every country has a different way of preparing it.

This popular dish, whose World Day is celebrated every February 9, is characterized by a dough base with tomato and cheese, which can be combined with any other ingredient such as chicken, meat and even pineapple, which encourages the creativity of those who prepares it to achieve thousands of variants, and if quality products such as Plumrose sausage brands are used, it becomes the ideal option to share the good flavor.

Millions of restaurants and companies are dedicated to its preparation given its practicality and versatility, but there are also many people who prepare homemade pizzas as a regular part of their diet, to accompany a sports event or a movie. Pizzas have now become part of our lives and every day we can see new ways or shapes or ingredients added to it.

In the houses, the tastes of the family can lead to making a traditional pizza with hams, bacon or pepperoni, which are among the ingredients preferred by Venezuelans to prepare this delicacy at home. However, in the late years a lot of new options related to pizza have been created. Pizzas with fries are a thing, but also pizzas full of Nutella. One has to wonder if its not too much sweet in one dessert, however… it’s definitely a must-try.

Lately, there is also an increasingly popular variant of trying pizza with original ingredients, such as sausages that, both traditional (such as Wiener) or those that have seasonings in their preparation (such as Deli Plumrose), add a flavor second to none to these homemade creations.

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Another benefit of eating pizza is linked to the moment of sharing the plate, ideal for gathering the family around this meal and having a piece while exchanging opinions and enjoying its flavor. It is also a perfect occasion to involve the little ones in the kitchen with the preparation of a homemade pizza.

It is reality that this dish truly deserves a World Day. Pizzas are eaten in every country and some cultures have it with more importance than others. For example, making the tomato sauce in Italy is literally an art and is created with such dedication that there are even documentaries about it.

Americans are all about creating more pizzas in less time, which leads to more commercial ingredients like canned tomato sauces. Every country has its own way of creating this dish and the recipes about it are everywhere.

The Venezuelan company, Plumrose, gathered multiple recipes you can try at home to make your own pizza. Learn this and more dishes by visiting Instagram @plumrosevzla or on Facebook: Plumrose Venezuela. Check it out and let us know which one you prepare!

Origin and curiosities of pizza

There are many theories about where pizza came from, but most locate its cradle in the Italian city of Naples. Since its creation it has extended its dominance to the whole world as the most international and recognized food, since only hamburgers and hotdogs (or hot dogs) dispute it, but we still prefer pizza!

Statistics show that 7 billion pizzas are sold per year, a number close to the number of people in the world (7.8 billion). Likewise, an estimated 20% of restaurants around the globe are pizzerias. Impressive, right?

The first restaurant that sold pizzas is documented in Port’Alba, Naples. The pizzeria, called Antica Pizzeria, named the Margherita pizza after Queen Margherita of Italy… who knew!

Pizzas weren’t really a thing until the 1950s. However, the word can actually be found in a document from centuries ago. In a manuscript in the small Italian town of Gaeta, becoming the first time this word was used. Wonder if they were referring to food or something else…

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What is the most expensive pizza in the world? Well, that would be the pizza created by Master pizza chef Renato Viola in his gourmet pizzeria in Italy. The name of this expensive pizza is Louis XIII and it’s topped with lobster, buffalo mozzarella, three types of caviar, squilla mantis (a Mediterranean shrimp), and pink Australian salt. Currently, this pizza costs €8,300 which translates to around $12,000 in the United States.

Japan also has its version of pizza… however it is very strange I must say. Common pizza toppings in Japan include squid and mayo… WHAT. Well, that’s right, pizza with mayo is a thing over there. Also, Japanese pizza is known to be topped with just about anything you can think of. Other popular toppings include corn, potatoes, tuna, and bacon, but those are more accepted in the common culture.

Scotland created its own special version of pizza! Scottish pizzerias have a common offer that needs to be discussed: deep-fried pizza. Instead of baking the pizza, Scottish pizzerias offer slices to be deep-fried, which they have also done to a variety of foods like Mars bars. That’s right… Fried pizza.

Now the pizza and the shapes are also a topic. Pizza can be made in so many shapes… for example, for Valentine’s Day heart-shaped pizza is widely sold worldwide. However, square-shaped pizza, also known as Sicilian or Grandma-style pizza, is the original shape of the Italian dish. It contained Romano instead of Mozzarella cheese.

We have covered so many facts and ideas over this popular dish that make us wonder… How many have you tried? Since Valentine’s Day is close, make sure to order your heart-shaped pizza and turn on some cool movies with your partner or friends!


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