Kristin cavallari reveals that ex-bff kelly henderson ‘Drank the kool aid’ getting fame from ;very cavallari’


Kristin Cavallari cut down with her finest associate Kelly Henderson captured. And the former made a claim that her friend just wanted the publicity from their bond. Cavallari says that she did not use to get the text messages in return to her messages.

The thirty-three years of age said on January 16 Thursday in telltale glimpse episode of “Very Cavallari”. By that time, she was in Mexico and filming a television show. Well, Kelly would have said something about Mexico as if she was there unaided for the initial two weeks. She added one cautious thing into her statement that she just answered one text message in return that she has spoken to producers from “very Cavallari”.

In addition, she was stunned and said that what she wants from this kind of discussion. It was pointless. Cavallari also accused a thirty-seven-year-old Henderson that she used her for dishonour. All the time she did not think about the show and neither she cares about the show. She only thought about their friendship. She recollects, “She drank the kool-aid big time”.

Kristin cavallari reveals that ex-bff kelly henderson 'Drank the kool aid' getting fame from ;very cavallari'
Kristin Cavallari reveals that ex-BFF kelly Henderson ‘Drank the kool-aid’ getting fame from; very Cavallari’

She thought that Kelly is the last person to be friends with. She liked her very much.
When Cavallari realized that Kelly is just using her to get the fame it activated something from inside. She recalls the days of the past that peoples have always taken advantage of her and she also got trust issues as it was admitted by The Uncommon James founder.

Mr. Justin Henderson – a hairstylist and one her friend states that Henderson’s feelings were in haphazard and she did not know the real reason behind it. She was not able to understand anything and would ask the reason of sadness and she used to deny that as it was countered by Hils alum.

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When Cavallari confronted Henderson she was defensive at that time. It was a confrontation about the allegations of cheating with Jay Cutler (the reality star’s husband. When she lights up the matter she gave a roll on her eyes and said it is just a rumor. Thirty-nine years of age, Kelly Henderson said the allegations are not true and this kind of thought is so dumb.

During the season 3 premiere, Cavallari revealed that she has not spoken to Henderson for many months. After a fuel that was added the fire of rumors that the celebrity stylist and she had an affair with 36 years old cutler.

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