Kylie Jenner Net Worth Increased from Millions to $1Billion in Two Years | Which Kardashian is getting lucky?

Kylie jenner net worth
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Whether it would be ten years back in the time or today, Kardashians still have the charm to remain in the talk among fans. That’s right! In the past few years, youth has generated a high-end interest in the lifestyle of Kylie Jenner along with the trending topic discussed at Forbes: Kylie Jenner Net Worth 2020: up to $1 Billion. Without a doubt, Kylie Jenner has been declared one of the wealthiest self-made billionaires globally. How did she manage to leave all her ideals behind? Well! To begin with, from Kim Kardashian to Kendall Jenner, no one has expected Kylie to launch herself at such a high status. So, how does all this take place? You will find out in this reading:

Kylie jenner money
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When it comes to counting down most prominent American Celebrities, the Kardashian sisters stand at first. There’s no single reason why Kardashians are famous? Well! To narrow some down, “beauties with brains” is one that fits. Recently in 2020, Kim Kardashian announced her comprehension of LLB. That’s right! The figured Kim Kardashian is on her way to becoming a lawyer, likewise her father, Arthur Kardashian. Other than that, Kylie Jenner is again in the talk for net Worth. Kylie Jenner is the youngest Kardashian sister who had gone viral after a successful kick-start to her company, I .e.., Kylie Cosmetics. She is the daughter of Kris Kardashian and Bruce Jenner (now called Caitlyn Jenner).

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According to the show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” the build-up Kylie Cosmetics is credited to Kylie from scratch. The show has portrayed that the company’s making does not include any family-based investment, but only Kylie’s effort. Well! We cannot say how true the show speaks of this. However, to this, the audience reacted in a very positive manner on social media. Not only this, but Kylie Jenner also received worldwide attention. Forbes also interviewed Kylie Jenner. Further, wrote an article about her being the richest businesswoman globally. 

Not long after, Forbes revokes its statement due to several Kylie Jenner Net Worth Controversies running around. So, are you ready to discover some jaw-dropping secrets behind Kylie’s BIG-BIG Success? Let’s get started:

Why is Kylie Jenner no longer a billionaire?

The Kylie Jenner controversy took over the Internet when the reports said that Kylie sells her company’s 51% share to To the reader’s surprise, COTY is one of America’s top-notch global cosmetics and skincare companies. According to the media, Kylie Jenner sold her company for $600 million. However, she still kept a part of the company in the form of goodwill. Meanwhile, to answer the public, the youngest Kardashian sister also disclosed that she is turning her company into an international beauty powerhouse. But is it the real reason behind such a move?

For the most part, No! In March 2019, Forbes counted Kylie Jenner as one of the youngest billionaires in the world. That’s right! 22-years-old Kylie made it to the headlines as “youngest businesswoman with a net worth over $1 Billion.”

Kylie jenner net worth 2020
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Yet recently, Forbes accused Kylie Jenner of submitting forged tax documents in order to retain an unfair financial situation of her net Worth. Not only this, but Forbes also disclosed that Kylie has overstated her wealth and misused her power for being famous. Well! Wasn’t “Kardashian fame” enough for the Jenner sisters?

About Kylie Jenner

Almost everyone has seen Kylie Jenner as one of the Kardashian sisters. On the screen of “keeping up with the Kardashians,” the careers of all five sisters have come out reflecting like a diamond. Yet, check out the following details to place Kylie Jenner out of the Kardashian’s line:

Full name: Kylie Kristen Jenner

Born on: 10th August 1997

Belongs to: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Career begins: 2007 (in Keeping Up With The Kardashians)

Net Worth: $900 Million

Ex-partner: Travis Scott

Parents: Kris and Caitlyn Jenner

Prominent as: Media personality, Model, and Businesswoman

Runs: Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skins

Daughter: Stormi Webster

Has Kylie Jenner Net Worth Dropped?

To begin with, Kylie Jenner Net Worth 2019 was $1 Billion according to the reports. In 2020, rumors spread quickly that Kylie Jenner has again manipulated her financial status. Indeed, her 2020 Net worth turns out to be only $900 Million. Hence, yes, Kylie Jenner Net Worth has dropped. However, according to the lawsuit filed against Ms. Jenner states that Kylie lied about her wealth and manipulated her documents to accomplish the status of the youngest billionaire in the world. 

Kylie jenner and stormi
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Not only this, but if the rumor had turned out to be accurate, Kylie Jenner would have defeated Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s owner. Till today, Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire. For the most part, Coty is the latest investor in association with Kylie Cosmetics and Skincare. Coty defended her by saying that “Kylie is a modern-day icon with an incredible sense of the beauty consumer.” 

But, are Kardashians too desperate to go beyond the law to maintain their silk-stockings?

Kylie Jenner Net Worth in the past ten years

2011: Three Hundred Thousand Dollars

2012-13: $2 Million

2014-15: $10 Million

2016-17: $50 Million

2018-19: $300 Million

2020: $700 Million

Kylie Jenner Unending Relationship With Controversies


To the reader’s surprise, Forbes did not sit down silently, after mentioning Kylie Jenner as one of the top 10 youngest billionaires. Indeed, after discovering such an article online, Forbes and Kylie received a lot of criticism from Twitterati’s. Furthermore, comedians like FatJew and Michelle Wolf made fun of Kylie’s “self-made” status during their standup(s). An investigation by Forbes was worth a shot at that time.

When Forbes accused Kylie of manipulating her wealth footing, Ky.Jenner tweeted, “What am I even waking up to? I thought this was a reputable site… All I see are several inaccurate statements and unproven assumptions lol. I’ve never asked for any title or tried to lie my way there EVER. Period.”

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So, Forbes revealed that they had done an in-depth investigation on their part. Indeed, the company also disclosed that the documents that Kylie Jenner had represented before and the documents that they have reviewed (shared with Kylie cosmetics’ shareholders) reveal all her lies


Earlier in 2017, the fans of the Kylie+Kendall combo received disappointment in bulk. To begin with, in the given year, both Jenner sisters decided to launch a t-shirts’ line of products. For the most part, dedicated to rock and rap music. For the most part, artists’ primary choice included The Notorious B.I.G., Matelica, Pink Floyd, and more.

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But, the tshirts’ did not come out as expected. It caused a lot of fuss on social media. Not only this, but Jim Morisson ended up deauthorizing the collection. Without a doubt, this collection pulled out of the market before adding any penny to Kylie Jenner Net Worth 2017


When it comes to the name “Kylie,” we often recognize the most famous person associated with it. The same concept goes to Kylie Jenner. Even without “Jenner” in the title, your mind will pop-up with a beautiful picture of K.J. in your head. Till 2017, the name Kylie became a trademark for Kylie Cosmetics and Skins. Yet, in the given year, Kylie Ann Minogue (Australian-British Singer) sued Kylie Jenner for using her U.S. Trademark. Later, Kylie Minogue won the lawsuit. Unfortunately, Kylie Jenner was required to fill new trademark options with the authorities. “Kylie CON” had gone viral on social media. Furthermore, the “Rise and Shine” trademark registered by Kylie.J received appreciation from the public


In the event that you are wondering when the “sex tape” scandal has happened before? Let’s give you a memory flashback. Well! In the year 2013, Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape scandal took over the InternetInternet. Not only this but during an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kourtney’s pictures made it the spotlight. Later, the sister received threatening calls. But, the images were not leaked. But, the hanging knives over the head of the Jenner sisters can also fall anytime soon. 

Kylie jenner net worth 2021
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In 2016, Kylie. J’s twitter account uploaded an atypical video. It pointed towards her and ex-boyfriend Tyga’s sex tape. But, turns out: Kylie. J’s account was only hacked, and there’s no such sex video for her fans’ pleasure. Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner also snapchatted that fans must not expect any sex tape leak from her end. On her Twitter account, she also upgraded a tweet saying, “Well, my sex tape with Tyga was trash.”

Kylie and Tyga has no such sex tape made viral on the InternetInternet. But, rumors about this unexisting sex tape are unending. For instance, according to social media, Kylie Jenner has earned over $10 Million for the sex tape.


So, don’t you love when the youngest Jenner Sister keeps breaking all the rules? Well! It is amazing that Kylie Jenner Net Worth has not crashed the potential of “Billion” yet. To begin with, K.J. is only $100 million away from becoming a world-class billionaire. But, will this popularity be worth it?


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