Late Late show’ Feature James Corden divided cupcakes to BTS fans ahead of Here Details

James- Corden-divided -cupcakes- to- BTS- fans- ahead -of -Here -Details
James- Corden-divided -cupcakes- to- BTS- fans- ahead -of -Here -Details

Get ready BTS fans for BTS is all set to appear on Tuesday’s edition of “The Late Late Show” hosted by our very own James Corden. The fans had been waiting patiently for a long time, to get a glimpse of their favorite K-Pong group. Of course, they were hungry. Standing in a line waiting for the celebrities to appears is no small thing.

But how many times do people actually understand such pangs of hunger? Well, Corden does! So he went outside his Los Angelas studio and handed out cupcakes to the fans standing in line! Additionally, as per a fan who made the video of this iconic moment, Corden also gave an occasional hug to a few fans.

James- Corden-divided -cupcakes- to- BTS- fans- ahead -of -Here -Details
James- Corden-divided -cupcakes- to- BTS- fans- ahead -of -Here -Details

Of course, we don’t know how the cupcakes tasted but, the big boxes read: “Big love to the BTS Army.” Indeed this was a token of joy, that to coming from a celebrity. There is a stereotype which marks that all celebrities are snobs. They want their fans to wait in line for their arrival. They want their fans to stay hungry and exhausted just to get a glimpse of them waving their hands!

But BTS is far from that! They indeed went out of their way to appreciate their fans and the love they have bestowed upon the band. Now that makes for a good band with some amazing music! Pictures from this event are taking over the internet. There are pictures of the cupcakes, Corden running around distributing them and so on.

Surely you have come across some of these pictures because apparently, they have gone viral! If you still have not seen these pictures then dig into Instagram right now! These images are a sight to watch!

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Meanwhile, Corden is surely cooking something special, as he posted a teaser selfie of himself with the band members! 



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