Latest Crypto TikTokers To Follow In 2022


TikTok is a social media platform that lets users post short-format videos. Say like lip-syncing, music, and dance covers. In February 2021, TikTok recorded the highest downloaded app, with more than two billion downloads. Also, the platform excels with one billion active users. Thus, it is the fastest growing social media platform worldwide, where its owner is not from Google or Facebook. Now, TikTok powers up its users to earn money and its biggest celebrities by promoting their business and brand. Users with increasing followers can invest in their TikTok accounts through brand promotion, advertising, or donations from influencers and followers campaigns. Now, TikTok is venturing with the new feature of crypto concepts, where if you need some idea about that, look at these crypto TikTokers to start yourself on TikTok. 

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How Crypto & TikTok Work?

TikTok is a booming social media network that impacts people’s lives every day worldwide. Does it sound familiar to you? It’s not surprising, right! Here, the TikTok app proves to be a popular space among the cryptocurrency community. These crypto-based accounts expand over the TikTok platform by offering suggestions, spreading news, prescribed memes, and many more factors. When you look at the latest rundown of the best Crypto Instagram accounts, you can understand how content works over the platform. So, we have planned to create a list of the top crypto TikTokers to appreciate them. It is all that assists you to recognize the effective crypto content on the TikTok platform without padding through the failure. 

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With the crypto concept of Instagram, the same rules work here on TikTok. There are several TikTok accounts here on the platform doing significant daily news updates about the strategy on the market. Moreover, your venture into crypto research should start and go high with TikTok. Here, you will get lots of information about the TikTok cryptocurrencies, yet the primary target is to entertain and engage. So, trying to think of TikTokers for the crypto niche helps dive deep into your business project. I want to give the disclaimer that you should be aware of the “sponsored and promotional” content as everyone works hard for their living. 

Let us start with the article right now!

1. thewolfofbitcoins

The Canada-based Brit TikToker has amassed a quarter of a million followers and more than three million likes for his TikTok videos. However, he’s only been posting since October 2019 on the TikTok platform. Wolf’s videos enclose many crypto-based niches, including mining, where you can find BTC ATMs, competitions, reviews, and put under a rooster. Also, this TikToker is bearish on XRP, which puts him on the same page as us here at the Coin Bureau. 

Wolf’s TikTok offers the right balance between entertaining and educational content. Also, it provides a few interesting insights into the dark side of bitcoin mining. Also, the tech-savvy features help assemble a lightning node on the TikTok platform by making appropriate mining processes. Thus, the bitcoin mining heater is a damn impressive piece of kit, too—hats off to his crypto service contributions. 

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2. Cryptochunk

TikTok’s most prominent ETH Bull serves as the most engaging character on the list, and his videos come with a healthy sense of humor. Also, the TikToker has less than 10K followers, yet his videos are worth checking out where he covers a wide range of bitcoin niches on TikTok. The latest performance got 50K DODGE where he was planning to buy a Tesla if the price drops to 30cents which may be something of an addictive impact. 

Another appealing factor about this TikToker is his acceptance to put his hands up when he commits a mistake. For instance, he offers a wrong definition of the meaning of market cap in a video during the last year. We all will commit mistakes right when the niche looks complex and multi-layered as Crypto. I would suggest following this TikToker to improve your understanding of cryptocurrency. 

3. Crypto-Com

It is a well-known crypto connection that took over TikTok in the middle of 2020. This TikToker uses some entertaining TikTok videos with lots of colorful range of crypto Visa cards to drive sales. 

Final Takeaway

In brief, TikTok serves as the right platform, which has grown at the loopy rate and shows no sign of sloping down any time now. Billions of audiences worldwide have downloaded the platform with millions of users daily. If you are trying to take up the best outcomes for your TikTok business, start your own crypto company. With that, engage your TikTok followers using the engaging content ideas and pick the right option of using Trollishly to elevate your performance to the next level. 

Meanwhile, every social media platform like Instagram will limit your business exposure with new followers and existing ones. Everyone seems to be the potential TikTok viewers by big names, where it can be simple to find your TikTok video to drive sales.


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