LCX Review — Is LCX a Scam or a Reliable Broker?

LCX Review

LCX Review

FX markets are collectively evaluated at $2.4 quadrillion. Close to 10 million people are trading daily in this domain. It is a sector of the economy so large and so volatile that staying on top is a task close to impossible. LCX has been among industry leaders for a while and managed to build a strong community of loyal customers who enjoy the broker’s financial products and investment opportunities that were born out of innovation!

LCX safety measures

The broker focuses strongly on creating a safe environment for its users. The website uses advanced malware protection, SSL certificates, and other safety measures to ensure that data exchanged between users and the website as well as data stored on servers of the company is protected from any unauthorized access.

LCX also states in its privacy policy that it never shares any personal information with third parties, business partners, and other entities. The only exception is when law enforcement organizations demand disclosure of certain information based on court orders.

LCX trading terminal

The most important part of any online brokerage service is the trading terminal. It does not have to be overly complicated and equipped with an overwhelming number of technical indicators, but it must be reliable, quick, and stable. LCX has a terminal that aligns with these requirements.

The functionality of the platform provided by LCX may seem limited to experienced power users. Thankfully, you can use other platforms to access servers of LCX:

  • Use MetaTrader4 to employ advanced trading strategies based on custom-made indicators and special signals invented by independent analysts. Over 9 million traders across the globe use MT4 daily and achieve great results. It is the most popular analytical tool available to all users for free.
  • MetaTrader5 is what many newcomers start using to access FX markets from their phones. MT5 offers a streamlined experience and fine-tuned analytical instruments, but it is not as customizable and flexible as its predecessor.
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LCX customer care

The support team will try to resolve any problem that you may encounter when using the web platform, the mobile app, or any trading terminal connected to LCX’s servers. The customer support service is staffed with competent employees who know their job and quickly respond to inquiries of users. Reach out to the support team using a large number of communication options like e-mail, live chat, phone line, and social media platforms.

LCX banking options

The selection of banking methods is great and allows for flexibility which is something that many individual investors highly appreciate. While institutionalized managers and capital holders usually prefer using only wire transfers, many traders can benefit from using cheaper and often more convenient ways to move funds around.

  • Debit and credit cards are excellent for those who make many transactions, but often. You will save time and money by depositing without any delay.
  • Bank transfers are used to move large sums of money and to withdraw earnings. Note that only verified users with confirmed personal bank accounts can request withdrawals.
  • Payoneer, Neteller, Skrill, and many other payment systems can be used to gain benefits or to save on transactions, since using these platforms or cryptocurrencies can be cheaper. The availability of such payment methods should be checked. Ask the customer support team whether you can use crypto or other exotic banking methods.

LCX testimonials

User reviews about LCX have a positive connotation on average and focus on strong aspects of the brand. The rich selection of financial instruments, beneficial trading terms, quick banking, and excellent support receive praise in equal measure. However, some users leave negative comments pointing out that withdrawals may take up to 5 business days and that customer support feels short-staffed on weekends and during nighttime.

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The verdict

We can firmly state that LCX is not a scam. It is a legitimate broker with a long history of successful business operations in one of the most competitive industries in the world.


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