Leaked: OnePlus 7T shows off cheaper model’s redesign once again


From the iPhone X to the Galaxy Note 10, almost every flagship smartphone in the past years has leaked a sneak peek of their masterpieces in full weeks ahead of launch. A tactic to leave the public anticipated and early waiting for the official release, it’s worked for as soon as one can remember. However, this does not seem to be the case for the OnePlus 7T leaks. Through extensive research, we’ve gone over all the timelines to see what and what doesn’t tally up and today, we’re here to show you what we were able to collect and put together throughout the way. 

Different at the same time 


According to our research last month, the purported design for the OnePlus 7T showed off a completely redesigned rear camera array, as OnePlus opted for a circular module housing with three lenses lined up horizontally. Then, after a week of the previous device’s release, another leak of the OnePlus 7T Pro suggested that the design of the Pro model would be identical to that of the OnePlus 7 Pro. It was interesting because the OnePlus 7 Pro was the phone that OnePlus marketed, and the only model on sale in the US. 

An affordable dupe 

Aside from the camera, however, the OnePlus 7T seems to be a mirror image of the OnePlus 7 in its looks. With an in-display fingerprint sensor and teardrop selfie camera, we were able to conclude that the two were in fact not as different from each other. Looking closely at the physical display as well as the features, we were also able to infer that the new device is essentially the cheaper model of the device’s redesign once again. 

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