Learn About the Features of Different Types and Styles of Hats for Women


Hats are essential headgears that protect you from scorching heat and chilly winters. The varieties of hats are endless and are manufactured for you to express yourselves. They are used for different occasions like weddings, on the beaches, or simply to accessorize your look. Here are different types of hats that every woman should know.


Your face and hair are protected with this type of hat and they are popular for many generations. These head wears have huge versatility as they can cover your head, mouth, and nose. Generally, they are made up of knit wool and they come in bright colors. Whenever the temperature starts decreasing, you should try them on and they will keep you warm even on the coldest days.


These hats are used since 12th century for keeping the dirt away from your head. Beanies are humble hats that can also provide a smart fashion statement keeping you warm throughout the winter. Though some hats are plain, some includes a fluffy bubble on the top to enhance the look. These head pieces are made up of thick wool so that they cover the head and the ears properly.

Baker Boy Cap

Originated during the 14th century, this hat was very popular in the Irish and English history. Baker Boy hats are found in plenty now with a modern look with the classic silhouette. According to your preference, different styles can be found, some with flatter front, and some with high buttons or crowns. If you are in doubt with your hairstyle, you can wear a ponytail or let your hair down for an excellent face-framing effect with this hat.

Baseball Cap

Baseball style caps are the most casual head wears you can wear. Since 80’s these head wears are in use in solid colors. With the modern look, the baseball caps are also found in colors like white, royal blue, orange. These bold shades are different from the classic gray or black colored hats. These hats can be styled with summer dresses, jeans and blazer, suits and any other attire with which you can carry the look.

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Boater Hat

When you want enjoying the boat ride under the scorching heat of the Sun, you will require a boater hat. Since 19th century, the boater hats are mostly worn by the upper class men. Today, these hats are used on social events or during the warm months at the beach. A piece of fabric wrapped around the crown will surely enhance the look. Though the traditional design includes a very small brim, you will find large brims for protecting your eyes from the Sun. To enhance the authentic look, you should wear smart and flirty feminine dress with a soft color palette.

Bowler Hat

Bowler hats have popular history in the UK or US with only men wearing them. Though the hats got out from their popularity in the 70s, they came back during the mid 2010. These hats features round and hard crown with small brims that can be flicked towards the upward direction.  These hats are found in mostly black color so that they can be combined with any colored dress. Americanhatmakers.com/pages/wholesale-hats can help you to guide which hat will suit according to the shape of your face and according to your requirements.

Breton Cap

Breton caps are fisherman styles that became popular among women since 20th century. During the 60s and the 70s, their popularity rose in peak. With soft fabric crown, and peaked brim, these hats are mainly used in shades like cobalt or navy blue. They feature a button on every side of the temple.

Cloche hat

This type of hat is like a symbol for women during 20th century. Originated during 1908, these hats became popular during 20s and 30s. The hats remain very close to the head and remains over the eyes. It generally includes a small brim that can be flicked outwards and therefore it has been named after a bell. In the early years, women even cut their hair for showing off the silhouettes of the hats. For enhancing the look of this hat, short hair should be shown off and soft fabric are felt with an authentic touch.

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Bucket Hat

Bucket hats  have provided an extraordinary renaissance among the women during recent years. They have wide brims and can sit downwards till the nose. Though the original design was invented during the 60s, the modern outlook and the popularity began during the 90s. The hats are generally made of wool or cotton but there are alternate options that are made with terrycloth for the water activities. For expressing your personality, there are varieties of colors and patterns that are available in this type of hat.

Cartwheel Hat

Since 20th century, cartwheel hats are popular choices for women. With oversized brim, the hats have small and low crown which resembles a wheel cart. The hat wearers will style the brim on the sides of their heads, showing off the large silhouette. Formal events like wedding or horse racing events are popular with these hat wearers.

Cowboy Hat

No hats are as popular and iconic as cowboy hats. They have been originated 100 years before and still now equally popular. With flat and wide brims, the hats are generally deep in the center. Sometimes the upturned sides are also featured during riding for preventing the hat from falling down. Casual look needs to be featured with this type of hat where simple blue jeans and white t-shirt looks the best with them.


All the above mentioned types of hats are worn by women since many years and they are popular till now with modern outfits. You should know the style of the hats and your face shape for understanding which hats will be the most suitable for you. You should also be aware of your requirements whether you want to keep your head warm or want to keep your head protected from scorching heat. You should also tie the rope through your chin while riding so that the hats do not fall off.


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