Learn why it is Smart to Prefer Delta 9 THC Chewables to Their Delta 8 Analogs

Delta 9 THC

Hemp-derived products are pretty popular nowadays. They differ in doses, release forms, and tastes. The recommended dose depends on the active component and its percentage of the dry weight. Tasty hemp gummies like Delta 9 THC can consist of different ingredients. They can be:

  • organic and artificial, 
  • based on Delta 10, 9, or 8 THC,
  • classical and fruit,
  • quadrat, round, or bear-like,
  • colored naturally or not,
  • derived from hemp or marijuana,
  • with or without pesticides and chemicals.

If a person wants to get a safe product, it will be necessary to pay attention to these things and choose only natural gummies without any harmful substances. What to do if both products are safe but differ only in Delta versions? Let’s figure out the difference here.  

How Strong Are Delta 8, 9, and 10?

Today, most manufacturers use one of the three Delta variants – 8, 9, or 10. The most popular variant is Delta 9 because it does not demand much cost and effort to be extracted. However, Delta 8 and 10 are harder to get. Consequently, the price for such edibles is higher. 

  • Delta 9 is the cheapest but the most potent cannabinoid. The dosage is usually small because enormous amounts can lead to intoxication, hallucinations, and other adverse effects.
  • Delta 8 is weaker than the previous cannabinoid, though it is not so cheap. People need to take more significant doses to achieve the desired effect.
  • Delta 10 is the weakest cannabinoid with the mildest effect. It suits those who want to recreate but do not want to suffer side effects provided by marijuana and hemp.
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To conclude, 10 and 8 Delta variants require more financial expenses and time expenditure to be extracted because they are minor cannabinoids compared to their D9 variant.

What Dose of Each Delta Option to Take?


If we speak about the psychoactive influence of cannabinoids, Delta 9 is the substance that is regulated by the FDA and other health organizations. The main requirement for safe goods is their percentage of this extraction. It must be not more than 0.3% of dry mass. That is why it is hard to get gummies with more than 30 mg of this THC per item. The most chosen products are 10 mg edibles.

If we speak about minor cannabinoids, the dose should be increased. These are 10 to 60 mg per day for Delta 8 and 20 to 60 mg for Delta 10. They are milder, but the effect can be strong if a person takes too much or combines them with other CBD products. So, one should not start taking the drug without knowing that the organism will positively react to the chewable.


Most consumers buy CBD products for their “high effect”. If a person is a beginner, it will be better to start with the softer Delta 8 or 10 alternatives. Experienced consumers can take cheaper and safe products with Delta 9 to save but experience the required medical or recreational effects. The best option is to contact a health specialist who can observe a patient and correct the dose, if necessary.


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