Learning About Memory Cards and Its Types

Types of Memory Cards

From time to time, there are many types of memory cards that were highly developed. And it’s continuing to improve its performance, and the size of it is getting smaller. Usually, memory cards are used to add storage on your mobile devices. New mobile phones have internal storage. The larger the internal storage is, the higher the price.

Memory cards also have their types and different writing speed. And size matters. The smaller, the better. It has many uses. It stores your data like photos, documents, videos, movies, music, and more. It can be inserted on other devices such as cameras, TV, pc, and more on mobile phones.

Memory Card Needs Your Care Too

Although it’s a tiny device that stores electronic data, you should be aware that there’s always the end of all such things. You may notice that some cameras don’t read memory card if it’s not formatted, especially using digital cameras. Therefore even some on this camera will not do the same; you should format it first before using it, making the lifespan longer.

If you’re not using it, it should be kept in a case that fits it and makes sure not to expose it to a place that has a high heat temperature. And if it’s in the middle of saving or erasing data, make sure not to take it from the device as it may cause danger to the card. Handle it with care. Please don’t put it in a place where it will be dumped with heavy objects.

Types of Memory Cards

As mentioned above, memory cards have many types, shape, size, including lightness and thickness. When buying one, you should know the proper way to use it and make it last longer to be worth the price. Obviously, the bigger the storage, the higher the price. And some of these have different prices depending on types of memory cards, availability, and brands.

Secure Digital Card

Also known as SD card. The reason why your data is stable on this card is that the memory of it is non-volatile. Even if the power is lost to it, your data will not be in danger even without refreshing it periodically. This card can usually be used on DSLR cameras or simple cameras. And also MP3 players. Also, the laptop has an adapter to this card.

Mini Sd Card

Mini SD comes with the same kind of technology on the SD card. So that means all the good things that the card mentioned above can offer you are the same benefits as a mini sd card. If you got this card, but you want to use it in a device with an SD card slot only, you can buy an adapter with the same size on the SD card. Small tools can be used with this: mobile phones, mp3 players, digicam, gaming devices, and more. 

Micro SD Card

From the name itself, its size is smaller than the mini SD card. It is compatible with the new model of mobile phones today. Very lightweight so that you can insert it in a minimal space on your wallet. Other small laptops also have slots for this card. If you’re getting a problem using it on a PC without a place, you should buy USB adapters.


When you’re out of space on your memory card, make sure you have ample storage such as external hard drives or even on your pc with a considerable amount of space for you to keep a lot of data. And remember to format it when you insert it again on your device. If you delete images, better do it on pc, not on your camera; it’s more convenient since you can delete multiple files on pc once.


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