“Legends of Tomorrow”: Jessica Jones to Join as Genghis Khan


Terry Chen has been roped in to play a time-displaced version of Genghis Khan on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Moving in the footsteps of The Flash, the superhero ensemble was the second direct spin-off from Arrow. Although the debut season proved largely underwhelming, Legends of Tomorrow found its footing in season 2 and eventually went on to become one of the Arrowverse’s most unique and respected shows.

In the previous season, The Legends were successful in beating the demon Neron and prevented Hell from being unleashed on Earth in the season finale. Their triumph didn’t come without a cost, however. Although it seemed as though Nate would have a price to pay, the band of misfits was able to revive him.

Instead, it was the team’s version of Zari that got erased from existence. As is very typical of a superhero team, by solving one problem they also appeared to create a whole new one – with a group of historically villain men set to be unleashed with the timeline in season 5.


According to TVLine, a famous has officially been cast. Chen will play Genghis Khan, who rose to domination after uniting various nomadic tribes of Northeast Asia. He eventually founded the Mongol Empire, which became the largest contiguous empire in history after his death.

Recently released from the Hell, Legends of Tomorrow’s version of Genghis Khan will find himself stranded in 1990s Hong Kong. He will, though, be no less determined on picking up where he left off and conquer the world. According to the outlet, Chen will appear in episode 5, “Mortal Khanbat”, which will also be actress Caity Lotz’s directorial debut.

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Chen gained stardom in Jessica Jones season 2, playing Pryce Cheng – a rival private eye that repeatedly plagued Krysten Ritter’s titular heroine. He also essayed recurring roles in other such cult, sci-fi favorites as The Expanse and Continuum.


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