Let’s do a Budget-friendly Housewarming Party

How to decorate Party

When Sia said that she didn’t need Dollar bills to have fun tonight, it all hit us the same. Well, it’s a myth that you can only have fun when you have money. In this article, we intend to talk about one of the most cherished celebrations when you enter a new home – The Housewarming Party! If you need a sign for your party be sure to take a look at Apex Metal Signs.

Moving can be so stressful, right? You pack your belongings, box them up, move out, go to a new building, and then unbox your belongings. Such a stressful Job! And, it is expensive, too. On average, an American spends from $1,000 to $4,000 on intra-state and inter-state moving.

So, what should be an ideal stressbuster? An amazing Housewarming party, with friends, family, neighbors, and a lot of fun. However, often these parties end up being lame and a buzzkill, thanks to the limited budget. Are you planning to throw a Housewarming Party, too? If budget is your problem, you are reading the right article.

What’s the budget?

The first and foremost task in hand is to decide the budget. Since we want to keep it a little tight, let’s start with $100 to $600 and we can work our way around. We’ll discuss more on the other things.

Decorations or No Decorations?

You can go for balloons, confetti, and other mainstream decoration elements. However, personal recommendation, don’t use any. It is an unnecessary expense. Rather, I’d focus more on keeping it neat and tidy, maybe having the place lit up well with Table Lamps and of course adding a table and chair covers to make it look more elegant, and a good playlist would be a plus.

Let’s get the Party Started

Planning a perfect party is very important. Do you remember the times, when you were nervous on your first date with this amazing person, and you wanted everything to be perfect! The same should be with Your Housewarming Party, as the first impression’s your last impression!

Don’t try to go too fancy, and try to keep it simple as your budget is limited. However, simple does not mean less fun. It’s more like fun with a pinch of creativity.

Who’s on the Party Guest List?

The guest list has to be limited. At the same time, you must ensure that a handful in the group knows each other. These are the people you will rely on to get the conversations going and make it happen!

Remember, greater the guest list, greater the cost, but too tiny a guest list and it’s more like where’s the party. Only call people, whom you want at the party, and make sure you call some of your new neighbors, too!

Digital Party Invitations save a Lot

It is a true story, indeed. Old-school invitations and other paper media are nothing but off-putting. Have you tried any of the digital media to get an e-invite designed? You can go to sites like GreetingsIsland, design a house warming invitation in almost no time for free and send it over WhatsApp to the invitees.

You can also try forming a WhatsApp group, Facebook closed invitations, Text message. It is the digital era and all about being casual.

Food and Drinks need to be on point

No matter how much you can save on all the above, you can’t be cheap when it comes to food and definitely, alcohol. These two are the lifelines of the party. Have you ever been in a party and appreciated it if these two were basic? No, right!

Hence, it is all about playing smart. Signature Cocktails like Mojitos, Margaritas, LIITs, etc. if produced in large quantities, add to the decoration and can be cheap, too. Don’t keep a lot of options as it increases spending.

Alcohol’s sorted, let’s talk about the food. Well, you can have Pizza delivered, along with Fried Chicken and fries, that’s a crowd-pleaser. You can also decide on themes like a Potluck party where everyone brings in food. It looks classy and saves money, without it looking cheap, at all.

All other sundries

Make sure you go easy on all the other things. What’s the point of saving money somewhere and investing the same somewhere else? Try keeping everything within home – like utensils and cutlery, having good room fresheners, scented candles, and everything.

Also, focus more on the ambiance and the décor. A good playlist brings the party to life along with drinking games like beer pong, never have I ever, etc.

Now that you have read the holy grail of Budget House parties, why don’t you plan one and dazzle your friends to become the popular residents of the locality?


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