LG and Samsung New TV Technology Spat: Here’s all what you should know about it


In a recent argument between two of the best multinational conglomerates in all of America, LG and Samsung have gone head to head in order to determine whose TV is the best among the two.

With LG claims its new NanoCell 8K TV does real 8K as compared to Samsung’s disguised magnifying lens, the two companies have taken to the public platforms to fight for the best. Today, we bring you a closer look into LG and Samsung arguments about who is the best in order to let you decide for yourself. 

Who is arguably the best? 

With much talk of how LG’s position on the ‘realness’ of its 8K TVs is supported by the independent International Committee for Display Metrology (ICDM), the multinational organization has blatantly called out Samsung’s 8K television to not being what it claims it is.

Described by LG, the ICDM, is considered to be an industry standards organization which is backed up by scientists, engineers, corporate researchers and key members of the display industry. All of which can confirm its TV to be legitimate in its form. 

LG’s new NanoCell 8K TV

One slightly less than the other

Coming to Samsung’s new 8K television based on the VA-type LCD screens, it might actually be improving the viewing angles associated with it as compared to LG’s OLED and IPS-type LCD TVs that don’t, in fact, need to use any film/sub-pixel manipulation to deliver their wide and fairly wide viewing angles respectively.

It all comes down to this 

It all boils down to the decision of the 8K Association, of which Samsung is a founding member. According to the 8K Association, there seems to be no particular issue with the way Samsung’s 8K TVs deliver their resolution. In fact, it appears that Samsung’s 8K sets comfortably for the viewing pleasure of its audience. 

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