Why Do You Need To Head Towards Licensed Money Lender Singapore

Licensed Money

There are some times in your life when you have to face the dreadful issue of monetary crises. It can be for any reason, whether you are trying to pay some bills or just focusing on medical payment scale. Most people would consider bank loan as the first priority, but that won’t work if you are suffering from a bad credit score for Licensed Money. 

While you ask bank for some financial help, it will ask for your credit score, income and employment history and total Debt Servicing Ratio. If any of that fails to match their required terms, then your loan will get rejected in no time. So, what will be the next step for you to take in? Well, a licensed Money Lender Singapore is the answer to all your problems.

From here, you will receive foreigner loans, personal loans, payday loans and even some of the business loans, which can get repaid within a short span of time. However, you need to work your way out for the licensed money lenders only. They are able to offer you with authorized help all the time with monetary issues and loans.

Help with the affordable interest rates:

Even though the market can easily scam you with some fake money lenders, you have to watch out for the licensed ones only. Unlicensed money lenders are likely to charge you abnormally high interest rates as they will act more like a monopoly. Illegitimate lenders are the ones to control the interest rates during such instances. This is not the right channel for getting loan as in long run, you will end up spending more than what you have anticipated.

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At this time, the licensed moneylenders are all registered under the current Registrar of the Moneylenders act. So, they are likely to follow the best interest rate in here. Reliable and licensed moneylenders will always adhere to this current rule as any form of violation will lead to some of the major consequences. So, securing loan from any licensed moneylender will work out for you. It will further help you to build the trust in the whole loan application procedure, along with the repayment sector too.

Advantages of getting money from the licensed money lender:

Now, Singapore houses so many lenders out there, making it difficult to choose the best one among the lot. But, once you have taken your time and done your bit of research, it becomes easier to catch up with the reliable and only licensed Money Lender Singapore by your side. Now, you must be wondering head towards licensed help? The advantages mentioned below will make you understand why.

  • You will enjoy effortless application from their sides. A reliable money lender is well aware of your urgent financial needs and will make the procedure and approval an effortless work. You can easily apply for the desired loan online.
  • You will only have to handle minimal documentation while applying for the loan. It is one great advantage of working with the licensed money lenders. Your minimum document will include the income tax statements, NRIC card and CPF statements. You can gather such information easily and present the same to the lenders.
  • If you want, you are most welcome to try out their customized loan plans. Whether you are willing to go for foreigner or payday loan, business or even personal loan, the licensed moneylender will have the right personalized package for that specified needs.
  • You will be enjoying that capped interest rate. The licensed lenders are here to compute and then disclose the Effective Interest Rate of the said loan, which is prior to the loan getting granted. At this time, the maximum interest rate will be somewhat around 4% every month. This cap is needed no matter whatever the income of the borrower is or whether the loans fall under unsecured or secured category.
  • There will be no income restriction while working with the licensed money lenders. Unlike the financial institutions like bank, these lenders will not need a higher income level from your side to get the loan approved. No matter whatever profession you are in, you can ask for a specified amount of money from their sides.
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Checking out these points will clearly state why you need help from reliable and licensed money lenders only. Make sure to log online and get interesting help from the professionals. They are always ready to serve you with the best services within pre-set rates for sure.


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