Lifelong Immunity Deal Being Considered for Russian Presidents

lifelong immunity for Putin

Russian MPs came up with a bill weighing President Putin’s lifelong immunity from prosecution. The bill, if passed, will give him immunity even when he will not be the President.

According to the Moscow Times, Russia’s legislation protects the country’s President from prosecution during their service. Now a group of MPs of Russia wants to ensure that Putin gets immunity, which will protect him even after finish off his term.

Former Presidents of Russia will get lifelong immunity through this bill

Senator Andrei Klishas said that the bill contains such terms that would safeguard the ex-Presidents from prosecution after leaving the country’s presidential post. The MP group’s co-chair said that the former Presidents who are out of power get lifelong immunity from the bill’s terms.

This move permits Russia’s parliament to clear out the presidents’ immunity if he gets accusations of felonies, criminal activities, or any severe reasons. A two-third majority of power will be taken away within the following three months from been proven guilty.

Ex-Presidents to have a lifelong seat in the senate

Russian President Vladimir Putin came up with the bill in the parliament last week. This intends to reform the constitutional terms of the Presidents in the senate. The reform would provide ex-Presidents a seat for lifelong.

Kremlin names other countries providing a lifelong guarantee to their ex-Presidents

The Kremlin said to the press that many countries allowed their ex-Presidents immunity or guarantee for lifelong.

According to many political analysts, Putin is securing his luck. He is such a person who would instead voluntarily step down rather than lose a public mandate. The Guardian says that Putin is not taking any risk this time.

Putin intends to reforms constitutional amendments to secure his blurry next term

Russian President intends to reform the constitutional rights of the President. These reforms will allow him to be in the office till the age of 84. The immunity bill is included in Putin’s reform amendments.

Apart from Putin, the only other person who can make use of this benefit is Dmitry Medvedev. He was the President between 2008 and 2012, and let Putin take over thereafter.


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