How would you like to live in “The Manor” in Los Angeles?

The Manor” in Los Angeles

Also known as “The Spelling Manor” or “Candyland”, The Manor is the largest house you’ll find in California. With its 123 rooms and 27 bathrooms, this is the kind of mansion that simply cannot live without household staff. It is a unique opportunity to work and live inside a real-life Cinderella house. “The Manor” in Los Angeles-

A Great Big House in Need of a Large Household Staff

A little less than a year ago, The Manor was sold for the second time of it history for a record price inside Los Angeles county of $119.75 million. The house was first build for the famous TV series producer Aaron Spelling, his wife and their children. The mansion shaped as a “W” is 56,500 square feet, which is 1,500 more than the White House. It is built on 4.7 acres in a location where Bing Crosby used to live and the Manor itself has more than one acre of living-space. In case you are trying to figure out what it represents, think of an American football field, from end to end.

Such a house cannot be properly held without a great number of household staff. They range from maids, to cook and from gardeners to a driver, all under the supervision of a butler. Just like in the 1920s movies. The difference being that today, some of these jobs are well sought after, providing a more than decent pay check and a great environment to work in. The Manor is not the only luxury mansion around the world in need of such professionals. Those interested should look at this household staffing agency for more information.

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The History of The Manor in Los Angeles

Built in 1991, it was sold for the first time in 2011 to Petra Ecclestone, the daughter of Formula 1 mogul, Bernie Ecclestone, for an amount of $85 million. When Aaron Spelling died, his widow, Candy Spelling, decided to move away from the house and listed it on the market. That’s how Mrs. Ecclestone was able to get her hands on the property. Now, eight years later, she made quite a nice profit by reselling it for $120 million.

While the spelling lived inside the Manor, people nicknamed the property Candyland, referring to Candy Speling’s first name as well as to the board game for kids. It was also known as the Spelling Manor. Inside it were more than 20 customized rooms which featured a barbershop, a flower-cutting room as well as a silver storage room. To these, Petra Ecclestone then added a lounge lined in black-striped marble, a large aquarium in the study and a nightclub in the basement.


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