Lil Baby Declares It’s ‘My Turn’ With New Album Artwork- Details inside


Lil Baby is starting the New Year with a new album.

He has been working with singles series, including Future Assistants “Out the Mud” and “Wow” for the project, which has so far received 167 million streams.

He will make his second appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Monday, January 6.

Lil Baby has officially revealed the cover art for their upcoming album My Turn. The rapper posted a picture of himself, a painting of Lil Babysitting on a joint over a light, surrounded by goats.

The words “My Turn” put the Dead Center in a yellow font, not visible with “Lil Baby”.
The album art is beautiful in a clear, rustic kind of way, and seeing Lil Baby’s self-deprecating symbol from nature to a higher level implies that the album has clarity.

Lil Baby Declares It's 'My Turn' With New Album Artwork- Details inside
Lil Baby Declares It’s ‘My Turn’ With New Album Artwork- Details inside

2019 is Lil Baby’s biggest year. He topped his first Grammy nomination for “Drip too Hard” with Gunna, which earned him a nod for Best Rap / Song Performance.

Lil Baby has announced that he will be dropping his sophomore album in the coming months of October, but he expects the project to be completed and released before the end of 2019.

Unfortunately, the album has been pushed back to 2020, but now that the New Year is upon us, it seems that Lil Baby is trying to get fans excited for the final release with this cover reveal.

After announcing the album’s delay, the rapper released a mixtape called the Lamborghini Boys – perhaps promising to wait.

During Instagram Live, Baby explained the reason behind her decision to name Turn album: “I call it my turn because everyone thinks there’s a turning point. Now it’s my turn. Everyone drop your mixes, you.”

He revealed that the album will have about 15 tracks, featuring artists such as Young Thug, Dabai, Gunna and Manibagh Yo.


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