List of tips for creating, adding, and managing your company’s Facebook page and Instagram account


There are many intricacies in managing a company’s Facebook page and Instagram page that can make it easier or more difficult to add, manage, and collaborate with a marketing agency. I compiled a list of tips [infographer] based on frequently asked questions: grab tips for managing and maintaining your Facebook page and Instagram account!

To create and manage a Facebook page:

Any company, organization, brand or other entity can create a Facebook page for free . If you only manage one page and want to do Facebook advertising, you may be fine with these settings.

Facebook Business Manager is available for marketing agencies and users who manage multiple Facebook pages and advertising accounts. This tool allows you to centrally manage Facebook pages, advertising accounts, access to all pages, marketing partner rights, and give Business Manager users different levels of access depending on their role.

Facebook page user management:

Only grant access to the Facebook page or advertising account to the correct Facebook profiles and avoid creating “fake profiles” yourself. They usually cause difficulties, especially when you need to contact Facebook support. “Fake profiles” violate the terms of use.

Add a minimum of 2 users with full Admin privileges to manage users. Also, make sure that your account is never left without an administrator. If this happens, no one can add new users to Business Manager or maintain the page.

Users are added to Business Manager based on their “job role,” but the user to be added must also have a personal profile to verify access. The job role does not appear on the company’s page, but the page’s publications are always in the company’s name.

Facebook page permissions:

If you partner with a marketing agency or other service provider, you can give them access to a Facebook page or an advertising account you manage. There are several options for sharing permissions and it depends on whether the company and the marketing partner have a Business Manager.  

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Similarly, if your marketing partner has created a Facebook page or advertising account, make sure you have access and access to the accounts you create for your business. Even if you work with a service provider, the accounts are managed by the company and only access is granted to partners.

To connect your Instagram account to Facebook:

So, a Facebook page does not have its own “account” but all pages are always managed through its own profile. For this reason, for example, connecting to an Instagram account is done by logging in to a personal profile, and by default the first time you link to your own profile. You can change this setting and add a page you maintain to linked accounts.

Digital marketing tools

I, as a professional from Grizzly New Marketing, train in various digital marketing tools, and in connection with the most popular coaching themes (including various some channels, Google tools, analytics, and marketing measurement), there are often questions about other software and tools that facilitate my own work. I have listed in this blog post a few tools that I use and have found to be good for my work. Part for daily use and work management, part for solving an individual problem.

Facebook Debugger fixes updated link information for a Facebook publication

This is the number one tool! Have you posted an update to Facebook that includes a link to the website? And then you notice that the update has a completely wrong image or a typo that slipped into the caption. This typo has been fixed on the website and a new image has been uploaded, but Facebook will still show the old information when creating the post. Facebook Debugger solves the problem. Go to the tool, enter the website address and ask Facebook to reload the page information (“Scrape Again”).

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Social media image sizes – a tool for image cropping

Do you make content on multiple channels and are you suffering with different image sizes? Each social media channel often has its own image sizes and who will remember them. A handy way to get hold of all the image sizes is to have different infographers with the information compiled (Google, for example, Social Media Image Sizes 2019 and the web is bottled with this information). 

Facebook Business Manager

Do you manage multiple Facebook pages or advertising accounts? Or do you work in a large organization that needs to manage administrators, advertisers, and marketing partners? Facebook Business Manager is an enterprise platform that allows you to easily manage user rights, company pages, and advertising accounts from one place. In addition, you create the necessary Facebook pixel for marketing or find ideas for targeting through the “audience information” functionality.  

Wider visibility on the fly – find related hashtags

At, you’ll find ideas for other related hastags. In addition, the service tells the users who tweet the most about the topic in question. This service is primarily for finding Twitter topic tags, but I don’t see an obstacle to mapping and utilizing topic tags in other some services as well.

Google’s useful marketing tools

Google’s useful marketing tools are listed in your blog post, which includes Google My Business, Google Analytics, Google Ads Search Engine Advertising, Google Display Advertising and YouTube Advertising, Google Trends, Google Tag Manager, and the Google Search Console.

Ubersuggest – tips for website optimization and content production

The Ubersuggest tool allows you to analyse and evaluate the competitive situation for different keywords and search terms (CPC & PD = Paid Difficulty and SD = Search Difficulty) . At the same time, you can see which sites manage Google’s first search results. The tool also provides information about the best search engine sites for your website.


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