Key factors can change your social media marketing strategy in 2021

Live streaming

If you have a business offer and not on social media yet, you are leaving money on the table. Let me tell you – we have been in the social media marketing space for a few years already and it’s the biggest marketing channel that humankind achieved to Live streaming. 

Live streaming: via social media, blog, etc.

Especially in Corona times, live streaming is a perfect way to stay in contact with your existing customers and answer all urgent questions about service, opening times, deliveries, etc. Any entrepreneur can also quickly produce videos with expert interviews, the launch of a new product, a look behind the scenes of a company or employee appraisals and post them directly on the internet. In contrast to pre-produced content, this appears more authentic, as the viewer is given the opportunity to be there directly, to give feedback and to ask questions.

With Facebook Live it is possible, for example, to define the target group of the live stream: You can stream in a group, on a page or in the timeline of your friends. Depending on the setting, the videos are still visible for 24 hours or remain online so that you can watch them later. Facebook videos and YouTube streams can also be embedded as content in your own blog or website. With Snapchat and Instagram, the videos can be sent to specific contacts. Live streaming basically offers local companies the opportunity to establish close proximity to their customers and thus create trust – not only in times of social distancing.

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Addressable TV: individually addressable as with online advertising

Addressable TV is a new form of digital advertising that will enjoy growing popularity, especially among small and medium-sized companies, in 2021. On TV sets connected to the Internet, digital advertising can be broadcast selectively in a linear program, data-controlled: whether nationally or according to target groups. Addressable TV combines the reach and credibility of the mass medium of television with the advantages of the online world, such as targeted targeting and the management of advertising pressure. It is no longer just the specific broadcast as the environment that is decisive, but also the actual contact with the target group, since the advertising can be played out geographically, chronologically, socio-demographic and thematically in a target group-oriented manner.

Sports enthusiasts can, for example, be targeted with fitness or health products when they watch TV, or the local heating and plumbing company can display their offer in the context of home improvement programs to the residents of the city. This selective TV advertising offers a great opportunity for small and medium-sized companies to reach their target group in the region with little wastage. With addressable TV, a local provider with a manageable budget and digital measurability can show presence and anchor themselves in the minds of the target group – especially since the consumption of television and streaming has increased as people restrict leisure activities and social contacts.


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