Logan Paul Height, Age, Body, Net Worth, Career Details, Girlfriend, Affairs, and More!

Logan Paul Height
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Logan Paul, the name is on the lips of every youtube user out there. Prominently known for his amazing vlogging videos, reaction videos, and exclusive content on YouTube, Logan Paul is declared one of the richest YouTubers in History. Today, he has upto 23.7 Million subscribers on the respective platform. But what else do we desire to know about Logan Paul? Fans are curious to know everything counting down from Logan Paul Height to his Net Worth. If you are also wondering the same, let’s begin this journey together —

Logan Paul Height
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To begin with, Logan Paul became famous all over the world in 2014. During this period, he had obtained over 3 Million subscribers on youtube and millions of followers on Facebook. He rose to fame at a global level thanks to his amazing videos. Surprisingly enough, he is also acknowledged as the brother of professional boxer Jake Paul. Jake Paul also has hardcore subscribers on youtube (20 million approximately) and large fan-following on social media. 

Today, we are going to share some inside details about the Paul brothers, especially focusing on Logan Paul. let’s get started: 

Who is Logan Paul?

For the most part, if you don’t know Logan Paul, then 100% you are missing out on high-end watched videos on the internet. Born on the 1st of April, 1995, 27 years old, Logan Paul is the 9th global ranking highest-paid YouTuber. After him, there are Dude Perfect, Ryan Kaji, Nastya, Markiplier, Mr.Beast, and Jake Paul. 

He originally belonged to Westlake in Ohio in the United States. In the past many years, he has also expanded his career in the fields of comedy, vlogging, social media influencing, and acting. Did you know? He has already appeared in various movies. To name some — The Thinning, The Shining — New World Order, Baywatch, Airplane Mode, The Space Between Us, Valley Girl, and so on. 

Logan Paul Height
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Without a doubt, fans do love Logan Paul for his daring content on youtube. In 2017-2018, Logan paul shared suicide content in his vlog to give you a gist. He indeed shot a suicide victim in his video, which raised global controversy. Sharing such insensitive content on the channel, youtube responded by removing the video from youtube. 

Yet, of course, this is not the alone time Logan Paul has stunned its fans with insensitive and rare content. We will talk about it ahead in this reading. 

Logan Paul’s middle name is Alexander. In 2022, he is exploring his career as a professional boxer. 

What is Logan Paul height? 

In the event that you have seen Logan Paul in all or several videos, you must be wondering, how tall is this man? Well! Logan Paul Height stands at Six Feet and Two Inches (6’2″). He is 190 centimeters tall. On the contrary, his much-more famous brother, Jake Paul, is only 5 ft and 11 inches (185 centimeters). 

What is Logan Paul’s Age and features? 

As your favorite YouTuber and Viner, you must be wondering, how old is this guy? Well! To your surprise, Logan Paul is now 27 years old. In 2007, when he kickstarted his career on Facebook as an influencer, he was only 12 years old and less famous. Fangirls love Logan Paul for his amazing smile, blonde hair color, green eyes, and amazing sense of humor. 

Logan Paul Height
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It is not a surprise to fans that Logan Paul is quite muscular. He has a fit body with six-pack abs. He is also a professional boxer. During one of his videos, Logan Paul shared that his secret to such a good body is a high protein diet and gym. 

For the most part, in the past, Logan Paul has encountered virtual attacks from other YouTubers. They spoke about the possibility of Logan Paul taking steroids for such a great body. However, Logan Paul has not confirmed or commented on such attacks. 

What is Logan Paul’s education? 

Born in Westlake, Ohio, in 1995, Logan Paul attended local Westlake High School. In his early years of youth, he also showcased a high-end interest in Football. In 2012, The Plain Dealer’s newspaper also snapped an article about Logan Paul being All-Star Linebacker. He was also awarded the championship in 2012. 

Yet, Logan’s interest was more in creating content online than Football. Only at the age of 10, he started creating vines for several media platforms. In 2014, he emerged on VINE App, a popular vlogging media platform. 

Logan Paul Height
Image credit: Logan Paul Height, Pinterest

After completing high school, Logan Paul joined Ohio University to major in Industrial Engineering. However, his interest in social media and potential for success was sufficient. As a result, in 2014, he dropped out of college. He created a youtube channel and kickstart his journey as a social media star. 

Further ahead, he also began to explore his career in Hollywood in 2015. Today, he has appeared in several tv series, guest shows, and movies. 

What is Logan Paul’s profession?

Since 2014, Logan Paul has labeled himself with several career lines and professional designations. For example, at the age of 10, he was a professional Vine creator with 300 million followers. Later on, he became a YouTuber. Today, he has 20.3 million subscribers. He is also an actor, presenting in several movies and tv series. Further ahead, he is also a football enthusiast and professional boxer like his brother Jake Paul.

Not only this, but he is also a professional gamer. Last but not least, he also runs a podcast called Impulsive. On his podcast, various controversial people on social media, including boxers, athletes, sportspeople, celebrities, influencers, etc., appear. The podcast has a large following on youtube. It has earned billions of views online. 

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Various other Instagrammers and YouTubers also promote Logan Paul by reacting to his controversial videos and other interesting content on the platform. 

Did you know? Logan Paul is also a singer. His famous songs such as The Fall of Jake Paul, The Rise Of The Pauls, GOING BROKE, and others are viewed at the international level. 

What is Logan Paul’s Net Worth? 

Logan Paul, height 6’2″ tall, also has a bundle of Net Worth. According to the official list of highest paid YouTubers in History, he ranks in 9th position. According to the inside details, Logan Paul’s Net Worth in 2022 stands at $45 Million. He is also ‘quoted/claimed’ as one of the richest Logan Brothers after Jake Paul. On the contrary, Jake Paul’s net worth is only $30 Million, according to sustainable sources. YouTube vlogs are a major source of income for Logan Paul. 

According to Forbes, Logan Paul also earns a high-end salary from WWE Fights. In 2019, he fought against WWE’s highest-paid boxers. In the match, he earned 150, 000 USD for a single fight. 

Not only this, but 2019 was a very productive year for Logan financially. He earned $10M alone in the given year. 

Both Jake Paul and Logan Paul (brothers) earned $63 million combined from boxing back in 2021. They are one of the richest people in Los Angeles, California, USA. 

Logan Paul Height
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Back in the day, Logan Paul also won a fight against Floyd Mayweather. Thanks to this victory, he earned 5.35 Million USD. Moreover, Logan Paul, elder brother of Jake Paul, also takes a high interest in real estate investment. Launched 9 months ago, Logan Paul sold merchandise for $40 Million, leaving him a label of a millionaire. 

Is Logan Paul in a relationship? 

Popular YouTuber Logan Paul is dating Josie Canseco according to the inside details. She comes from an MLB background, thanks to her father — Jose Canseco. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the couple declared their relationship and shared the fact that they were living together. She is 23 years old. The couple is embracing 4 years of the age gap. We do not know exactly when their relationship started!

In 2018, Logan Paul also dated Chloe Bennet for a few months. However, the couple did not work out. In 2017, he was also spotted with Alissa Violet, who was Jake Paul’s ex-girlfriend. But, no one confirmed the relationship. 

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In 2016, Logan Paul was hitched to Teala Dunn, an American Actress. To the reader’s surprise, before 2016, Amanda Cerney and Logan also dated. Last but not least, Logan Paul was in a long-term relationship with Jessica Sarfaty, an American Model. 

Fans loved Chloe Bennet the most among all Logan Paul’s romantic connections. According to the inside details, Logan Paul was put in a doubtful situation by Mijak, who called Chloe an imperfect match for him. 

Where does Logan Paul live? 

Like many fans out there, if you are also wondering where Logan Paul is living nowadays. We want to inform you that he is in Los Angeles. He owns houses in three locations — Los Angeles, Dorado, and West Lake. His Los Angeles mansion is worth $7.5 worth. He sold it to Machine Gun Kelly recently for approximately $9M. 

Now he has moved to his other house in Puerto Rico near Dorado Beach. It is a $13M mansion. He often visits his house in Westlake, which is small in comparison to other mansions. Yet, it is the most beautiful one. 

Logan Paul Controversies —

When it comes to controversies, American YouTuber Logan Paul is not so far from the claws of Critizers. One such controversy took its success in 2017. Logan Paul visited a controversial and mysterious location in America called the Suicide Forest. Soon enough, Logan Paul’s video caught the attention of celebrities, athletes, as well as big-time politicians. According to all of them, the vlog was insensitive and bad taste. 

According to the content of the video, it captured a picture of a corpse of a man who had enacted suicide in the forest by hanging. 

As a result, Logan Paul deleted the video, but it had already obtained millions of views online. A few months later, he unpacked a video apologizing to his fans and viewers of the video. Due to such a great controversy (bad-tasting video), Logan Paul suffered termination from films, tv series, and other opportunities as well. 

Is Logan Paul really color-blind? 

As mentioned before, because of Logan Paul’s big-time success in the world of YouTubers, he is often a target. Logan Paul told his fan-following during one of his videos that he is red-green color blind. This means he cannot see red-green colors as they are. Instead, he sees them in black or white. Later, he also uploaded a video when he tried red and green color blind correction spectacles for the first time. His reaction was immense. 

However, YouTubers yet again ended up calling Logan Paul’s health issues Fake. 

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During a podcast, Logan Paul also told their fans that he had had long-lasting brain damage since he was 9 years old. He suffered an injury during Football. He cannot feel emotions like empathy and human connection, which was unbelievable for fans at first. 

Apart from this, Logan Paul also confirmed that he has an injured testicle. 


So, this was everything you desire to know about the most controversial YouTuber in American History ever. Bookmark us today for more information on influential YouTubers, athletes, celebrities, Hollywood lawsuits, and others. Get new gossip every day. Thank you for having this journey with us. Good luck!

Logan Paul Biography (What is Logan Paul Height?)

Full Name Logan Alexander Paul
Online Name Logan Paul
Birthday 1st April 1995
Birthplace Westlake, Ohio, USA
Age 27 years old
Logan Paul Height 6’2’’ (190 centimeters)
Body Lean, well-built, muscled body
Special features Blonde Hair and Green Eyes
Education qualification 
  • Westlake High School 
  • Ohio University Industrial Engineering (Drop out)
  • Vine creator
  • Youtuber
  • Social media influencer
  • Singer
  • Content creator
  • Podcaster
  • Film Actor and Producer
  • Wrestler 
  • Professional Boxer
  • Footballer
Net Worth $45 Million
Relationship Status In a relationship
Past Girlfriends
  • Josie Canseco (current)
  • Chloe Bennet (2018)
  • Chantel Jefferys (2017, not confirmed)
  • Alissa Violet (2017, not confirmed)
  • Teale Dunn (2016)
  • Amanda Cerny (2016)
  • Jessica Serfaty (2014 – 2016)
Parents Gregory Allan Paul and Pamela Ann Stepnick
Siblings Jake Paul
Follow on — YouTube – Logan Paul and Impaulsive 

Instagram – @loganpaul

Logan Paul Movies list
  • The Thinning
  • The Thinning: New World Order
  • Valley Girl
  • The Space Between Us
  • Baywatch
  • Where’s The Money
  • Flat Earth: To the Edge and Back
  • Close Before Midnight
Total followers 20 Million
Total subscribers 23 Million +
Total income per year $10 Million (average)



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