Looking at Safe Online Payment Methods for Bingo


Once a game that people had started to view as stale and resistant to change, bingo has enjoyed a major revival since operators brought the game into the online space. A new, younger generation has found a passion for the game and are jumping online to play.

Convenience has been one reason the game has begun to experience a surge in popularity. Another has been the variety of games. Players don’t just have to play the traditional version of bingo when they log in. Instead of playing games based on standard bingo patterns, they can play variations that use more or fewer balls, are speedier, have different patterns, offer bonuses or possess other features that can boost player engagement, all as part of operators’ quest to increase their market share.

Below is a look at payment to pay bingo, discussing the importance of secure payment, different payment methods and why it’s good to ensure your money is always protected.

The importance of being able to pay safely online

Trust is a major issue when playing at an online casino.

Unfortunately for consumers, there are lots of shady operators out there who will pull tricks such as cancelling or confiscating players’ winnings, ignoring support requests, slow payment or non-payment of winnings or hidden terms.

Scams and tricks like this make consumers wary of online casino operators, whereas the more an operator can prove they’re trustworthy, the more confidence they’ll inspire in their customer. Offering secure ways to pay and implementing strong cybersecurity that protects the players’ financial information from cybercriminals earns the trust of potential new players and existing ones.

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Of course, taking part in online gaming means that players will be risking their money. On top of the natural riskiness this style of gaming involves, players don’t want to subject themselves to further risk by using payment methods that aren’t secure.

Payment methods you can use to play bingo online

A further reason bingo has become so popular is the flexibility operators create by placing more payment options at the disposal of players. Here are some of the options available when it comes to crediting an account to play online bingo:

Credit and debit cards

Paying by card is the most common way to make deposits in an online bingo account. It’s easy to make the payment and is very secure. Often, you can link a card to your account and just enter the details on the card to pay. A lot of operators will allow you to save the details so the next time you play, you can just enter the security number on the back of the card and complete one other verification to deposit the money into your account.

Digital wallets

Digital wallets are linked to your bank account and, rather than supply your details to the bingo operator, the player either tops up their account or receives charges to their card through the digital wallet.

This is a popular way to pay because the player doesn’t have to provide any financial information. The 888ladies paypal bingo payment option, offered by the 888 brand for their bingo, is one example of a digital wallet option for players, in this case ladies looking to play bingo online.

Examples of other digital wallet services you might use to pay for online bingo include Applepay, Google Pay and Trustly.


Paysafecard, as the name suggests, is a way to pay safely and involves simply purchasing a prepaid code so that you can then make a payment wherever you see the paysafecard logo. You can register for an account and pay using your login details or you can just purchase a code without an account and supply the code to make your payment online.

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Anyone using this method of payment should be aware there are certain upper limits per transaction. These are different depending on whether you have an account with paysafecard or not.

Benefits of enjoying the protection of your money

When you’re playing on the site of a trustworthy service provider, it’s more than likely that your transactions and the information relating to them will be safe. Here are some of the benefits that come from the protection of your money:

Protection of personal information

Responsible online operators are highly aware of the more unscrupulous operators out there and will do everything possible to protect their customers from hackers and other cyber wrong doers. This includes using sophisticated encryption technology that keeps the details of any transactions between the operator and the customer completely private. No one will be able to access your passwords or other data.

Playing with a reputable operator

When deciding where to play bingo online, you should always look for operators that provide various secure payment options. An operator that provides a single payment option won’t be as easy to trust as one that makes it possible to pay via a number of methods. A selection of secure payment methods is a sign that you’re playing on the site of a reputable operator. You’ll feel more comfortable playing on their website, knowing that not only do they accept these forms of payment, but that you’ll also be able to collect your winnings easier.

Secure payment for customers is so important in an industry in which operators see vast amounts of money flow in and out of their accounts each day. These options build trust and customers know the operator will be doing everything to protect them so that they can play safely on the operator’s site.


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